Skylanders Swap Force Soul Gems Locations Guide – Unlock Super Power

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In the latest iteration of the Skylanders franchise, there are a number of collectibles to collect. One of these collectibles is Soul Gems for each of your character.

These Soul Gems basically allow you to receive a Super Power for your characters, which can be unlocked via Power Pod. Read on to know the locations of these Soul Gems.

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Skylanders Swap Force Soul Gems Locations

Blast Zone
Location. In Fantasm Forest, you will obtain some Water Balloons near the very beginning of the mission. Bring one of these to the Burning Gate and you will get the Soul Gem.

Location. This Soul Gem can be accessed by going to Cascade Glade and just before the wooden gate leading to Luau Lagoon, hop-up a ledge on your left.

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Boom Jet
Location. This Soul Gem can be accessed in Motleyville before you grind mine carts.

Bumble Blast
Location. Take out the Evilized Boghog in Mudwater Hollow and take the nearby walkway to get straight to the Gem.

Doom Stone
Location. For this one, you need to get to the Glob Lobber Gangway in Kaos’ Fortress and head over to the staircase to your left. The Soul Gem will be at the very end of the platforms.

Dune Bug
Location. While in Paleo Pass, you will come across some platforms with a few rocks to push; these rocks will then make way for you to reach the Soul Gem on the nearby ledge.

Fire Kraken
Location. You need to destroy a few crates in Underground Lake (Twisty Tunnels) near the exit which will reveal a Bouncing Mat leading you to the next Gem.

Free Ranger
Location. You need to get inside the Jug Jamboree Inn in Mudwater Hollow and clear out the detritus in the building to get this Soul Gem.

Freeze Blade
Location. This is pretty easy to find and you just need to reach the Flaming Gate in Birchberg and hop onto a few platforms to get the next Gem.

Location. Reach the Typhoon Train (Frostfest Mountains) and drop down on a small ledge leading you in a cave. Just keep on following the path to get to the Soul Gem.

Grilla Drilla
Location. A Bouncing Mat will appear after you take out Chompy Pod in Iron Jaw Gulch (Okey-Dokey Correl) which will lead you to the Soul Gem.

Grim Creeper
Location. Get to Sun Smoked Strand in Iron Jaw Gulch to find a Swap Zone near a Bouncing Mat which will lead you straight to the Soul Gem.

Hoot Loop
Location. This can be found in Woodburrow after you make your way through staircase made of mushrooms; near the trunk of the tree.

Magna Charge
Location. You need to get to Mount Cloudbreak and take out your first Chompy Pod. After you have done that, get below to find a hidden area; Honey Trove.

Night Shift
Location. You need to get to the Soggy Fields near the Crane Hooks where you would be able to hop onto a ledge (near the tires) to get the Soul Gem.

Pop Thorn
Location. While in the Mount Cloudbreak, get to Old Treetop Terrace where you will need to move in a few blocks before reaching the Soul Gem.

Punk Shock
Location. After receiving the Sheep Disguise, ascend the stairs nearby and collect the next Soul Gem.

Rattle Shake
Location. Complete the Blocks Puzzle in Cascade Glide to earn this Soul Gem.Z

Rip Tide
Location. You will come across some small pools in Guardian Gangway (Twisty Tunnels). One of these pools will take you to a secret area to get the Soul Gem.

Roller Brawl
Location. Head to Rampant Ruins and open the gate in Western Watch to get to the Soul Gem by a bouncing mat.

Rubble Rouser
Location. In the Diamond Docks, head to the area of Eastern Snowman and climb onto a few platforms to get the Soul Gem.

Location. Head to Motleyville and just as you cross the Stack O’ Trains, hop onto a ledge to your right to find the next Soul Gem.

Location. While you are in Forest Path (Fantasm Forest), get on the Flame Jet to reach the next Soul Gem.

Slobber Tooth
Location. While in the Cascade Glade, move to the Gobblepod Sanctuary and head towards your left from the crossway. From here, enter a secret passage and descend downwards and get out to receive the Soul Gem.

Location. This one is also found in Woodburrow for which you will need to reach The Under-Hollow followed by using the correct Skylanders to open up Elemental Gates.

Spy Rise
Location. This can be reached by heading to Gift Boat Row in Boney Islands and making your way to your left to reach some platforms leading to the next Soul Gem.

Star Strike
Location. This one is also located in Rampant Ruins at Monkey’s Monk Path; which you will have to cross to get the Gem.

Stink Bomb
Location. For this one, you need to head to The Frozen Curtain and climb the platforms on your left. Once you are up; find a wheel to power up the platforms leading you to the Soul Gem.

Trap Shadow
Location. Reach Ice Break Atolls and before reaching the gates, look for a small hidden pathway between some trees to get the Soul Gem at the very end of this path.

Wash Buckler
Location. While you are on Hazardous Highway in Twisty Tunnels, head to your left to find this.

Wind Up
Location. Head to the first bridge in Iron Jaw Gulch and get on a ledge to your down-right to find a set of platforms which will lead you to the Soul Gem.

Zoo Lou
Location. Get to Mudwater Hollow and solve the Shed Puzzle in Broken Bog Bay to reach the Soul Gem.

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