EA Claims Battlefield 4 Is “The Best FPS Out There, Period”

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It looks like Electronic Arts doesn’t mind a little friendly competition, claiming Battlefield 4 is “the best FPS out there, period.” It released an image with a ton of positive review scores from several notable outlets. Scores include a staggering 9.5/10 from Gametrailers, 8.75/10 from GameInformer and 8.5/10 from IGN, which is one of the leading gaming sites.

Naturally, this image cherry-picks favorable critiques to bolster its appeal. It leaves out less, but still decent, scores from other huge outlets like Gamespot, which gives it an 8/10. Some go even lower, like the 7/10 from Edge or 7.5/10 from Polygon, who recently has been known for a strict rating schedule.

Many critics address Battlefield 4’s rocky singleplayer campaign’s iffy state. This is a recurring event from Battlefield 3, when EA decided to implement an impactful singleplayer event in the multiplayer title.

Still, Battlefield 4 does offer some impressive multiplayer experiences. With its new destructible environment, its giant maps transform from reflecting buildings to gigantic piles of rubble. Some locations hold up to 64 players going to war, which makes for quite the hectic environment. With elevators and aircrafts, gameplay also takes multiple levels.

Multiplayer is where the action is in Battlefield 4, that’s certain.

With the image, EA takes a jab at its competitor Call of Duty: Ghosts. Activision’s prize pony received a few harsher judgments. The prime concern was that the series has become stagnant, despite additions like dynamic maps and underwater action.

Metacritic Battlefield 4

From a purely technical standpoint, EA is right to say it has acquired better scores, since the Metacritic scores that pool all reviews together place Battlefield 4 higher than Call of Duty: Ghosts. Whether it follows this up commercially isn’t certain yet, as Activision already boasted $1 billion in sales on its shooter’s first day of release.

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  • Kyle Jackson

    I haven’t even bought Battlefield 4 yet, never buying a AAA game on day one ever again. I will get it in the new year with premium.

  • cubs223425

    Yeah, really tough crown to win when the only alternative is Call of Duty. Then again, why don’t they shut up and get to making the game playable online? I don’t even care for Sony (or EA, for that matter), but Killzone looks a lot better than Battlefield, in my opinion.

    Oh, and the only reason Battlefield rates more-highly than Cod is because it’s only on installment #2 of this franchise, really. If they were on the 10th game, their ratings would drop over sameness as well.

    • Glock Lover

      Actually BF franchise have more than 20 installments, not 2. The reason Battlefield is getting higher rates than cod is because people are realizing that IW and Activision are just getting more money by doing less work, they keep the copy and paste strategy (im not saying that i will blame them for that) but people are just tired of getting ripped off. Killzone may look a little better than Battlefield because it doesnt have half of the content that BF have, helicopters, jets, tanks, jeeps, boats, avs, jetskis, destruction, 64 players online, interactive maps, levolution etc etc. still they managed to make the best war fps experience out there, and it looks amazing.

    • travelguy2k

      Technically Battlefield 4 is the 3rd game on consoles, bad company does count. Unless you count Ghosts as a new franchise the Bad company would be included.