Call of Duty Ghosts FPS, FOV, Ram, Lag, Tweaks, Crashes, Freezes, Stuttering, Errors, and Fixes

Call of Duty games didn’t have the best of PC launches ever, and Infinity Ward made sure that doesn’t change with the launch of Call of Duty Ghosts.

At the time of writing, every other player in the game is experiencing bizarre memory leak resulting in performance-related issues leading to sub-par performance even on the best of gaming machines.

I am sure Infinity Ward would fix some of these issues with the upcoming patches, but if you can’t wait that long and want to get into the game as soon as possible, your only option is to roll with the community suggested workarounds that I have listed below:

#1 – Call of Duty Ghosts 6GB RAM Fix
Minimum requirements of the game explicitly ask you to have 6GB of Ram and 64bit OS. If you do not meet the requirements, you can use Steam006’s game fix that removes the RAM limitation from the game and allows you to play the game even if you do not meet the minimum requirements.

You can download ‘Call of Duty Ghosts Ram Fix by Steam006′ and start playing. Exploit was developed by member of the Russian underground hacking group ‘CS.RIN.RU’. Use it at your own risk.

It’s basically a game fix, not a crack. It allows your system to use all the RAM that is available. It may or may not work for you but is worth a try since it has worked for majority.

#2 Call of Duty Ghosts FOV Fix – How To Change
You might be surprised seeing how the game doesn’t offer any option to set FOV of your choice. I initially suggested using the community developed tool Fovely to change the FOV as you desire but since the reports of people getting banned, I would advise staying away from that.

If you are feeling brave, you can download it from here. Download link is in the comments!

I will look for any other work around and If I come across one, I will share it here. If you know any other way, do let us know in the comments.

#3 – Call of Duty Ghosts Stuttering Fix
Applications with in-game overlay are known to cause stuttering in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Disable Fraps (If you have it installed) and Steam in-game overlay. Make sure you are not trying to play the game on settings your monitor can’t handle.

You can set the process priority to normal to fix the issue. By default, priority is set to high, which may be the reason for all the stuttering in game.

Setting Texture Filtering to automatic has also helped some users.

#4 – Call of Duty Ghosts Flickering Fix
If you are running the game on SLI or crossfire config, you might experience certain parts of your weapons (Attachments – silencer, scope) flicker a bit. To fix that issue, you will have to run the game on single card settings.

Alternatively, you set the SLI rendering mode to single card to resolve the issue instead of turning off SLI. This way you can play at max setting without any issue.

#5 – Call of Duty Ghosts Random Freezes – How To Fix
If you are experiencing random freezes while playing Ghosts, you should download the latest 331.65 Game Ready WHQL drivers from Nvidia to resolve the issue. They are optimized for Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts so they should solve any performance-related issues you might experience.

#6 – Mouse Sensitivity/Acceleration Fix
Games that do not use raw input experience mouse sensitivity issues on Windows 8.1. What you can do is work with the following workarounds until an official fix resolves the issue.

  • Make sure that ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ is not set to ‘ON’ in Control Panel > Mouse.
  • Make sure that your mouse software doesn’t have ‘Acceleration’ set to ‘ON’.
  • If things don’t work out, try reducing the ‘Polling Rate’ of your mouse using its software. Reduce the polling rate to 250Hz or 125Hz to fix the issue.

#7 – Failed to Start Game Unknown Error
Make sure you are running the game at 64 bit OS with 8GB Ram installed. If you try to run the game on 32 bit system, you may encounter this error.

#8 – Call of Duty Ghosts Performance Fixes
If you are performance related issues while playing Ghosts, you can try the following workarounds:

  • Turn off Terrain Detail (Basically turns off Tesselation resulting in performance boost).
  • Turn off Depth of Field and Motion Blur

If above two doesn’t help much, you can try running the game windowed with no borders from the options menu. Or open the task manager and find iw6sp64_ship and right click on it to change the priority from high to normal. For multiplayer, the file you need to set priority for is iw6mp_ship.

#9 – Fixing Steam in-Game Overlay
If you have Fraps installed, you may have to uninstall it if you want to use Steam in-game community overlay.

#10 – Improve Graphics on Better Rigs
If you have a good enough rig that can presumably play Call of Duty Ghosts at max settings, you shouldn’t allow the game to set the options automatically as it up-scales the graphics from a lower resolution to achieve 60 FPS.

You can easily fix it by playing around in graphics settings. For example setting the image quality to extra and changing aspect ratio from auto to aspect ratio of your monitor drastically increases the graphics quality in these cases.

By doing so, you will be able to get rid of the blurriness.

#11 – Call of Duty Ghosts Lag Fix
If your lag is not related to your internet connection, setting priority to normal may do wonders for you. If your game is not running smoothly you should open your task manager, go to the ghosts process and right click on it to set priority to normal.

#12 – Call of Duty Ghosts Crashes – How To Fix
If you are experiencing random crashes while playing Ghosts, you should download the latest 331.65 Game Ready WHQL drivers from nVidia to resolve the issue.

Update to latest AMD beta drivers might somewhat fix this issue for those running the game on AMD cards.

#13 – Call of Duty Ghosts Low FPS Fix
Currently the game is experiencing a bizzare memory leak which for one reason or another is causing random freezes, stuttering, FPS drop and other performance related issues. Workarounds to somewhat fix it are:

  • Closing all background applications like Fraps/Dxtory.
  • Running the game processes on normal priority.

#14 – Game Has Stopped Working, Menu Contents Not Available
If you come across these two issues, you should verify the game cache. If you experience the same issue after verifying the cache, make sure you do not have Fraps or Dxtory running in the background. Those two programs seem to have a beef with the game and may result in random issues like this.

If close these background applications doesn’t resolve the issue for you, you can go to C:\Program Files\Steam and delete the ‘appcache’ folder. Restar the steam and run it in safe mode. It should fix the issue for you.

Furthermore, downloading 331.65 Game Ready WHQL drivers seem to fix it for Nvidia users. For menu content not available, changing the language to your native country where you bought the game has worked for some.

#15 – Memory Leak, Freezes, Stuttering, Lag
Call of Duty Ghosts is currently plagued by a serious memory leak that may cause random crashes, freezes and stuttering for even the high-end PCs.

Best is to use the optimized drivers from nVidia/AMD and wait for the developers to fix the issue. You can do try to improve the experience by running the game process at normal priority.

#16 – Menu Freezes / Multiplayer Menu Freezing
If you have more than 50 friends in your friends list, you may experience random menu freezing when you access multiplayer. Temporary fix to make yourself offline in your status option.

To do that, view friends list and open the drop down menu and set your status to offline. Your friends will not be able to see you online but it will fix the random menu freezes you are experiencing for now.

#17 – DirectX Has Encountered Unrecoverable Error
Installing the DirectX from Call of Duty: Ghosts installation directory folder ‘CommonRedist’ may fix the issue for you.

#18 – Audio Stuttering Fix
Download the latest graphics card drivers suggested above in the article seem to fix the issue. AMD users can also disable AMD HDMI audio from device manager to fix it.

#19 – Random Multiplayer Crashes and Freezes Fix
One thing that has worked for a lot of people is updating the windows and graphics card drivers. If that doesn’t work for you, open the task manager and find iw6sp64_ship and right click on it to change the priority from high to normal.

For multiplayer, the file you need to set priority for is iw6mp_ship.

If you come across any other issue in the game, comment and we will try to help you out!

#20 – Fixing Lag by Lowering Matchmaking Ping
Developer has set a default ping of 800 for multiplayer matches which is completely unacceptable. To change that, you will need to tweak your CFG. Open the folder \Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Ghosts\players2\ and open the MP configuration file. Look for the line:

seta cl_maxPing “800”

Change it to the ping you want to play the game. It may take a bit of time to find a multiplayer game but it won’t be lagfest.

By Zawad Iftikhar

Zawad is the lead editor of SegmentNext. He primarily manages what gets published on the site. He is a finance student and PC games enthusiast.

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    • PWNYluv

      Too many lags, too many hackerbot. Also no dedicated server. At least that would fix lags.

    • patriot

      many thanks!
      fixes worked great for me!

    • Mat

      first time for me yesterday and just problem…when cod ghosts loads new map multiplayer mode sometimes it stops and freeze with the video of the map it’s loading…. driver Nidia

      331.82 WHQL

    • TheCheeseWeel

      i have a graphical error, the guns have weird model errors that cover the screen. cant fix it at all. i have a HD 7850 GPU. any help, and yes i have the newest drivers

    • Spibmeister

      ugh. now the game just keeps crashing though instead. this f-ing game…

    • simo

      step 20 resolved most of my laggs issues ty very much

    • Tho

      Help, u can fix it. thank
      My PC:
      Core i5 3g
      Ram 8gb
      VGA GT210 1G

    • Budes Iulian

      i have this error how can i play it on 32 bit ? :((((( pls tell me i whant to play it :(((

    • Tristan

      my game runs fine but when I’m playing multiplayer the screen goes a yellow blue red fuzziness when i move around it comes and goes quiet rapidly and I don’t know how to fix it help!!!

    • Spibmeister

      where is this “rendering mode: single card” setting? everyone says this is some separate setting from just disabling sli, but I don’t see it anywhere in the game or my video control panel.

    • izaha

      how i can fix that ??!! PLEASEEEEEEEEE HELP ME……

    • izaha

      how i can fix that ??!! PLEASEEEEEEE HELP ME……

    • Mal

      Whenever I try to start the game this message keeps popping up

      Error during initialization:

      configure.csv: EXE_ERR_COULDNT_CONFIGURE “NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+”

    • Christiaan

      finally i found someone with the same problem i have

    • Todd Meade aka Rooster

      People wanting to disable the music that plays in the lobby between games in Call of Duty Ghosts can do this by altering 2 files: StartComputerC:Program files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonCall of Duty Ghostsright click files listed as From: below and on drop down menu select rename for both files files and add an underline space _ so that thy look like the ones listed as Into: below x out and restart game sometimes you may have to redo this if you get an update for the game or you verify the integrity of your game cache and no more music in lobby.

      From: soundfile1.pak Into: _soundfile1.pak

      From: soundfile59.pak Into: _soundfile59.pak

    • koolies

      i managed to download the ram fix and i am able to get to the main menu and play the campaign straight. However, as soon as I click multiplayer, the whole game crashes and exits. I’ve lowered all the priorities to normal.

    • segmentnext


    • segmentnext

      Sound > Playback Devices > Speakers ‘Properties > Advanced > 16bit 44100 Hz or 16bit 48000 hz. Try both and one should fix the issue.

      • Christiaan

        where do i enter those options? i have the steam version of the game. Dont know if that matters.

      • christiaan

        unfortunately it still doesnt work afer trying this

    • segmentnext

      Installing DirectX from the installation directory should fix the issue.

    • segmentnext

      You might have to delete user settings file and restart the game. What it will do is reset all the settings to default. Not sure about the location of file though ^

    • Benjamin Svantessorz

      I don’t use aimbots to cheat, I use it to put less strain on my mouse arm! Crybaby.

      • Miguel Lopez

        Actually I use aimbots due to the fact that I am missing my right hand (not really) but an FOV slider should be mandatory

    • Benjamin Svantessorz

      Good, because increasing your field of view is considered an advantage cheat.

      • Miguel Lopez

        So if there was an FOV slider what would you set it to?

        • Benjamin Svantessorz

          65, easier to focus on what’s ahead of you.

          • Miguel Lopez

            And most everyone would set there’s to max. So how would this be cheating? Simply because they added a slider versus playing at what you consider a comfortable level. I deleted all my music files so now all I hear is combat sounds but I guess that is cheating as well?

            • Benjamin Svantessorz

              Simply because you get a much larger field of view, you can see more to the sides than other players, and that gives you an advantage. In this case, an unfair advantage because there’s no FOV slider ingame.. I’m glad that IW is banning people who use FoV changer.

              • Miguel Lopez

                So if IW releases a slide its ok then? let’s say they (IW) actually hid the feature deep in the menus, this way only a select few would know about it. Is it still an unfair advantage?

              • Benjamin Svantessorz

                There’s no way to “hide” a feature “deep” in menus, it’s located in “Options > Video > Advanced” if anything. And that would make it ok, because it’s available to everyone without the need of a third-party software.

              • Miguel Lopez

                haha, so now you’re going to tell me that day one dlc is found on the disc. If the community can provide a fix that is made available to everyone then why get mad at all. Were you denied the right to use the FOV fix? No, not until Activision/IW broke the fix. Now people are going to mod their files and not release the fix. Now you are going to be at a disadvantage. Now you can complain. So thank you Activision/IW for re breaking something the community fixed for you.

              • FluXuate

                IW isn’t banning for the use of AgenRev’s FOV changer, in fact it’s been endorsed as safe by an IW dev.

              • Zach Loop

                Yet, as you said, you still prefer 65 fov because it helps you focus(lol). So even if there was a slider, like there is in basically every FPS game on the PC, you’d still sit at a disgustingly shit 65 fov. Even in comp FPS there is almost always a range of FOV you are allowed to choose from, and there’s usually never an option to go as low as 65 fov. It’s not a cheat, it should have been implemented in the first place, it’s been officially approved by the Devs and nobody has been banned for it. If you get banned you’re either hacking or blatantly changing your LB stats. It’s not our fault you’re too lazy to download the software…that’s been officially approved, but you wouldn’t use it anyway because you enjoy playing at 65 fov to help you “focus”.

              • Benjamin Svantessorz

                I’m the top 100 player in Ghosts TDM HC, and the top 15000 player in the world, in BO2. In both games, I use a fov of 65, and I’m often called a hacker. low FoV, technically speaking, WILL increase your accuracy, becase you’ll be aiming at a deeper pixel level. When you increase your fov to 100, or even more, pixels gets squeezed together to increase your Field of View, which gives you a larger field of view, but also much worse accuracy when aiming, and trying to keep your recoil controlled.

                I hope you learned something, if you even bothered to read that.

              • Preacher

                Best dive into the world of optics before you make statements like this. The larger area is in the peripheral view part of your eyes so you have no advantage. Especially if you take into consideration that the FOV of 65 is something that should not even be IN the pc game in the first place since that is a view optimized for playing with a console.

              • Benjamin Svantessorz

                You just went full retard. *claps*

    • ChronoTiger

      #17 I installed DirectX over 5 times and i still get that error. Can someone tell me what else can i do?

      p.s. Also i tried installing the newest version from internet.

      • segmentnext

        Not sure. Updating drivers, updating directX and running the game on 64bit operating system (Windows 8) should fix the issue.

    • Pe4a

      “#7 – Failed to Start Game Unknown Error
      Make sure you are running the game at 64 bit OS with 8GB Ram installed. If you try to run the game on 32 bit system, you may encounter this error.”

      I HAVE 64bit OS, but I still can’t run the game!!!!!


      • segmentnext

        Do you meet all other minimum requirements? 8 GB RAM and such?

    • Rahman Alasadi

      how i can fix that ??!!

    • iHylle

      Hi there!
      I’ve got this really annoying problem like everyone else.
      My problem is that when I launch Ghosts it workds fine.
      But when I’m trying to get into an MP server it stops working all the f*cking time..
      Anyone got the solution for that? (: (And yes I’ve updated my nVidia driver till that 331)

    • fitch

      can i run it
      dual core 2.8
      ram 3gb
      vga gforce 430gt 2gb ddr3
      os wnidows 7 32 bit
      hdd 500gb

    • ChronoTiger

      #17 I installed DirectX over 5 times and i still get that error. Can someone tell me what else can i do?

      p.s. Also i tried installing the newest version from internet.

    • Abhishek Jain

      frag on

    • Devon Pierce

      I have a gtx 760 4gb and i turned the resolution settings at maximum but the game STILL looks like total crap. The game is super fuzzy looking and i optimized every aspect and still get terrible graphics. Anyone know how to solve this issue?

    • xApocalypse1994x

      I have tried everything you have listed and no difference i click to launch the game my status goes from online to in game COD Ghosts Multiplayer and then in less than a second back to just online. I can’t figure it out.
      Steam name TRD_xApoc1994x


      yes pls patch cod ghost :(

    • Soulreaver

      Well i am still getting a game freeze in single player and extinction even with the newest invidea driver.

      i dont know what the fuck is going on but it’s really starting to piss me off so far this doesnt happen as much in MP but it still happens.

      I have tried to install the new driven 2 times now and nothing got fixed isnt there any other work arounds untill Infinity ward actually gets off their ass and start working on optimizing the game properly ?

    • Palle Pop

      Agree – the game is coll and the graphics would be so nice if properly optimized.

    • Franz Hempel

      Hi, as has been reported before I experience a serious freeze in in the multiplayer menu after a few seconds. After some minutes it flows again smooth, until I return from desktop or a finished match. Then the whole issue starts again, so I can’t even join a second match. I tried disabling the steam overlay and offsetting my status in the friends menu of steam, but it did not help. I’ve got no fraps or other overlay program running in the background and can play singleplayer with almost maxed settings on 1440*900 resolution on a pc using amd phenom x4, 8gb ram and Radeon 5780. if anyone knows a fix or has some suggestions for possible causes of the freeze ( I was thinking about a memory leak) I would be very glad.

    • Mikael Hansson

      Here we go again! 6GB ram requirement when the game only uses 2GB. Once again they are punishing people that do the right thing and buys the game. People that download it the illegal way usually have the knowledge to workaround these limitation. But there will be a lot of people angry that been buying a game that they can’t play.

      Did they do a dirty deal with one of the RAM manufactures so they would force people to go and buy more ram?

    • PaniniEx

      when i try to open COD the game crahes and i have the nvidia drivers updated and the ramfix
      i have a intel dualcore e5200, nvidia geforce 9400gt and 4gb ram
      can somebody help?

    • David

      Please help me, I posted question earlier, but I can’t find it now… How to solve TEXTURE problem (always on ‘normal’ in options)?? My rig is i7, 8gb ram, HD 7970, win 8… Please help, thnx.

    • Jerome

      Can I get banned for changing ping, I’m already using fov changer so yea

    • Joe

      How do I access the files to change my ping what do I do

    • Jacky Liang

      Proof or GTFO.

    • LegendSeeker

      Can I refund this game? I have above minimum requirements AMD Phenom II X4 965, 12 gigs of RAM, AMD Radeon 7770. Set everything to low (not using these fixes) and as soon as I get into a multiplayer match, it crashes no more than 5 seconds in. Shoulda just bought it for PS3 I guess.

    • Reyko

      RAM fix doesnt work for multiplyer.. I’m gonna cry now

    • Roy

      This is bull, I cant play just because my PC has 4 gigs of ram and win 7 32 bit.

      I hope there will be a patch for this because I dont think it actually requires that much ram.

      • segmentnext

        You should have consulted the minimum requirements :/

    • narco3220

      oh thank god for you #20

    • Kabukiman NYPD

      WTf? Gimme don`t need 3 Titans. =D

    • thinkillstayawayfromcod

      How about a fix for ‘Fatal error: MENU_CONTENT_NOT_AVAILABLE’ when I try to start the game? :s

      • Yevgen

        Change lung ro english, update, play. Its localisation bug.

    • dellers

      Indeed. I literally never get headaches – unless playing games with low FOV. Happened with Ghosts yesterday already; I got a headache, heated up and got nauseated. Doesn’t happen in games where there is a FOV slider.

    • segmentnext

      Updated: Added more workarounds and few tweaks.

    • segmentnext

      Link to forums for FOV added. Download link at forums has been removed due to legal suit threats by Activision or so they say.

      You might have to search a bit. FOVELY is the name of the tool but since Activision and Infinity Ward aren’t taking it lightly, I would advise staying away from that tool for time being.

    • segmentnext

      But I do know the download link has been taken down from the forums I initially linked due to a legal threat by Activision.

    • segmentnext

      I wouldn’t be sure. He is the only one who has said that so far. I haven’t found anyone getting banned by that.

      • Jacky Liang

        He’s trying to troll you guys. And unless he provides proof – he’s trolling.

        • Benjamin Svantessorz

          It’s considered an advantage cheat as there is no slider ingame to adjust FOV, and it mods game files to achieve this anyways.. Hack. I hope all of the crybabies who used it gets banned.

    • David Corsalini

      Related to #14: I have checked the cache, I don’t have Fraps or anything like it, still can’t open the game due to the menu_content_not_available at startup. Any other suggestion?

      • Yevgen

        Its localisation bug. Change lang to english/

    • FluXuate

      That’s extremely odd considering a dev tweeted you shouldn’t get banned for using it and they have never banned for FOV changers in the past….

      • Benjamin Svantessorz

        Any and all third party software that interacts with the game is bannable.
        This includes FOV changer and FPS Unlocker. People have been banned for both.

        • FluXuate

          Technically speaking, you’re correct. But for both MW3 and now Ghosts an FOV changer made by AgentRev has been officially endorsed as safe to use by an IW dev. More than likely FOVely wasn’t officially endorsed thanks to Activision’s relationship with 4D1 and also the fact that it went up to 180 FOV and wasn’t capped at 90 like AgentRev’s tool.

          • Revell

            Do you know how steam works? -.-‘
            It hasnt got anything to do with Activision or IW, its just Valve and VAC!

    • Ben Pham

      good fgt!

    • Dennis

      Really all I want to do is play this game i BOUGHT!!!

    • Dennis

      I run this on windows 7 8gb RAM i7 processor, but i keeps on freezing after main menu

      • segmentnext

        Reduce the number of friends you have added.

        • segmentnext

          or appear offline to them.

    • Ben Pham

      Will the latest NVIDIA Driver 331.65 version help at all?

      • segmentnext

        Yes, they will. They are optimized for Ghosts and Battlefield 4. They will improve the performance.

    • Dennis

      Just found this:
      “^JG”, Working in ATVI Support just confirmed that they are looking into it, and will provide an update whenever that timemay come.

      Picture of his post:


    • Dennis

      Hey guys, just wanted to share my problem with COD GHOSTS, for PC (steam)

      When I open the game, it opens fine, and smooth. But once loaded, every ~30secs the screen freezes, only graphics, not audio.
      Same goes for ingame, but then after the freeze, the game usually goes black screen, and stops working.

      Not sure what this freeze bug is, tried everything above. Can anyone help?


      I HAVE 32-BIT windows /.. and the ram fix says you must have 64-bit

      • segmentnext

        Game needs 64-bit OS to run. It’s minimum requirement among other things.

    • Texxa

      RAM: 16 gig
      Gtx 780
      blablabla still no smoothness like i had in Black ops 2.

    • Slay

      Only found on ps4

    • Tyler

      SO in less than 24 hours, the PC gaming community has fixed 15 bugs that eluded an entire team of people at IW. (including a RAM fix that allows users to fall well below minimum RAM spec). WTF?

    • segmentnext

      Solve what?

    • segmentnext

      It may or may not.

    • segmentnext

      Why would I?

    • JohnJohn

      How do i install the RAM fix?

    • thomasvlie1

      for me everything works also ingame but the only prob is the fcking menu of multiplayer where you see the li lstones passing by the animation also to make your class …. it laggsl ike hell cant even make a class i verrified cache downloaded the beta driver for my amd radeon HD6800 and still nothing changed i played with the graphics around still … nope
      i also have 16 gigs of ram and a 6 core processor …. anyone knows how to fix the problem? itl ike freezes then it like is normale for a few secs then it freezes again

    • Defiler

      My game keeps crashing saying “Call of Duty: Ghosts has stopped working”. I have installed new drivers and reduced graphics and verified game cache ad set priority to normal. Any help would be appreciated

      • segmentnext

        Make sure your operating system is 64bit and you meet minimum requirements set by the developer.

    • Mou5ie

      That Ram fix by Steam006 is bullshit. None of the files I’ve been downloading are working

      • segmentnext

        There is a edited version that works. Search Call of Duty Ghosts Ram Fix.

    • wim

      my error is call of duty ghost doesn’t work anymore..

      can someone help me plz ! i will play this game :(

      • segmentnext

        Be more specific about it.

    • Matt

      It’s those damn space terrorists…

      • segmentnext


    • wim

      i can start cod ghost ,the error is call of duty ghost doesn’t work anymore can someone help me ?

      • segmentnext

        Check that you meet minimum requirements. Start the game in compatibility mode.

    • segmentnext

      You can use the auto update tool to be sure about it. Link added. Other than that, there is nothing sadly.

      Did you try running the process at normal priority and disabling Fraps/Dxtory if you have them installed? Or disabling all the applications running in the background for that matter?

    • Donte FusroDah Dillon

      This game so terribly optimized. I have a gtx 770/3570k 4.5ghz and still get ridiculous fps drops…

      • beansmasher

        I have i7 2820qm 2.3ghz, radeon 6970m 2gb gddr5 and it’s always smooth

    • Colin Tosh

      It seems every year there is a version of CoD getting attention for being appalling.

    • Björn

      “331.65 Game Ready WHQL drivers from Nvidia”

      But im not using a nvidia card? can i still go install these?

      • segmentnext

        AMD also released beta drivers to increase performance on Ghosts. You need to use those.

    • Scrapiron

      Really? I have to downgrade my system to get the game to play right?(no SLI) Surely this will be fixed soon…?

      • segmentnext

        Hopefully in the coming patches.

    • logat890

      roundabt way to get people to upgrade their shit! watta joke , the game runs on xbox360 and Ps3! people need to wise-up!

    • Emil

      • 2 hours ago

      is it legally ok to use the ram fix? i have already purchased ghosts through steam and i have 4gb ram (bummer). i wanna play the multiplayer, is it ok?

      The same question can ?

      • kharmavirus

        Did you even read?

        Yes, if the devs say it’s okay then it’s legal.

        • onrey

          ummm that post is from MW3. Several players on the COD forums for Ghosts, other forums and even this comment thread have said they have been BANNED ALREADY for using the FOV “fix” on Ghosts. It alters the local game files, it essentially changes the game screen and thusly the viewable assets and the game balance (unless available to all to use) so it is currently being banned. They can EASILY use steam to scan your memory (its in the terms) for anything out of the ordinary and I guarantee you they already added this “fix” to their sh**list.

      • Neal_K

        There’s no way they could even find out. You’re not messing with the multiplayer side of the server. It’s like the FOV fix, it’s local so they can’t even tell. Even if they spectate you they’ll just use their FOV.

    • Pav

      I have Windows8 64bit 8gb ram i7 and Geforce GTS360m

      I get a msg : ( Call of duty: Ghosts has stopped working) before the game even launches !!!
      Pls help

      • segmentnext

        Did you verify the game cache?

        • Dave

          I actually have the same issue, exact specs only running dual nvidia 260’s. I have verified game cache and still

          • Sentaye

            Same problem here, verified game cache, now downloading 331.65 Game Ready WHQL driver, hopefully that helps.

    • xerx

      is it legally ok to use the ram fix? i have already purchased ghosts through steam and i have 4gb ram (bummer). i wanna play the multiplayer, is it ok?

      • Donte FusroDah Dillon

        Who gives a F***. Mod the shit out of this game.

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