Path of Exile Crashes, Errors, Tweaks, Lag, Launcher and Fixes

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Path of Exile managed to gather a descent community during its beta and now after its official launch, the user-base of the action RPG is increasing at a fast pace.

The developer was hard at work during the lengthy beta phase to give fans a balanced and smooth experience, and I think that they did a pretty good job.

However, being a PC RPG, there can always be issues that hamper you from playing ore starting the game normally. These issues sometimes can be fixed by following simple work around methods.

If you are experiencing any issue related to Path of Exile, you can refer to the following workarounds.

#1 Path of Exile – The Game Won’t Start
If you haven’t been able to get past the initial launch screen, you should quit Steam and restart. There must be an update and after the update is complete, the game will launch normally. Just make sure that your security softwares like firewall/antivirus aren’t blocking the game.

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#2 Path of Exile – The Game Crashes on Launch
First thing you should check that whether you are using a “creative” sound card or not. If you are using one, try adding the following command into the launch options of the game.


Try launching the game as admin.

#3 Path of Exile – Game Crashes after the Patch
If you have just downloaded the patch, I will recommend that you verify the integrity of game files. If you are not using Steam, try repairing the launcher.

#4 Path of Exile – Game Doesn’t Patch
Due to game’s launch, Servers are crowded so the downloads can be real slow. So be patient but if it’s stuck like forever, try restarting Steam/client. It usually happens with the client based RPGs and restart the application serves the purpose.

#5 Path of Exile – Long Loading Screen
Many users have reported in that they are experiencing unusually long loading screens. There is no fix for the time being so you will have to wait I guess. If you have a SSD, try running the game on it as it will drastically reduce the loading times.

Sometimes, behind the loading screen, there is an error which we aren’t able to see due to the game’s window up front. If your loading screen is stuck, try minimizing the game (Alt+Tab) to see if there is any error in the background.

#6 Path of Exile – “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package” Error
The error can occur due to a faulty program that might be interfering with the game’s normal progress. You can read the fix here in detail.

#7 Path of Exile – “Timed out waiting for patching process to exit”
If you are experiencing this issue or anything related to launcher, you can try out the following workaround:

  • First, go into your Path of Exile folder, and find the file named Client.tmp.
  • You need to remove Client.exe file in that folder.
  • Next time you try to launch the game, the problem will be resolved.

If the problem persists, make sure that your antivirus/firewall isn’t blocking the game.

#8 Path of Exile – The Patcher freezes and crashes every time
If you aren’t using Steam version, you can use Pack Check to repair the files. If that doesn’t help, you need to delete your content.ggpk in game’s folder and try a fresh install.

Still, if you problem doesn’t go away, you can try downloading the game on any other PC and then copy the files to your system. That can be your last resort till these small issues are fixed by the developer.

#9 Path of Exile – OUT OF MEMORY Crash Fix
As you the message says, the crash occurring due to the fact that you are running low on memory. You can encounter this error occasionally if you are using a RAM less than 4GB.

The crash is also frequent on 32-bit OS. You can minimize the crash by using the following command in your launch options:

-gc 2

You should also try to reduce texture to medium.

#10 Path of Exile – BSOD Fix
Path of Exile can’t cause BSOD on its own. However, it can trigger something on your hardware that can result into BSOD. Creative Sound card users are experiencing this issue.

Least you can do is that you try to update the drivers for your hardware. You can also try the fix mentioned in #2.

#11 Path of Exile – Graphical Glitch Fix
If you are experiencing strange glitches related to graphics, you should make sure that your GPU isn’t overheating. If it is, you should try enabling Vsync while lowering down other graphics a bit.

#12 Path of Exile – Connection Issues
Some ISP can be a real pain leading towards bad online experience. If you are experiencing horrible lags and frequent disconnections, I will recommend that you try a VPN to connect to Path of Exile’s servers.

You can read this thread here for detailed method.

#13 Path of Exile – How to Fix Graphical Latency Spikes
If your game isn’t running smoothly and you are experiencing graphical spikes/lags, you should enable V-sync in graphics options to make it smoother.

#14 Path of Exile Error – Could not initialize Direct3D
First off, make sure that your drivers are up to date and your directx files aren’t corrupted. Some users have reported that rolling back to old AMD drivers can fix the issue but I won’t recommend that.

You can also try Disabling any D3D Injection Overlays (Steam/Mumble/Origin overlay) you have on to resolve the issue.

#15 Path of Exile Crash – The Game has Stopped Working
It’s quite a generic error and it can be due multiple reasons. You need to use your Event Logs to pinpoint the problem. Anyway, generally, you can fix the issue by installing the pending windows updates and getting latest drivers for your hardware.

You can also try running the game as admin. Also make sure that your firewall or antivirus isn’t blocking the game.

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