Rumor: An “Unprecedented” Pokemon Game Might be in Development

Pokemon X & Y came out only 10 days ago, could Game Freak be developing yet another game in the insanely popular series? Well, that is the hunch but let’s go over the speculations that are being made, the supposed leaks there have been and the apparent hints from representatives if any.

So here goes, according to VGLeaks, based on a NeoGAF posting, has revealed that Tsunekazu Ishihara the president of the Pokémon Company will be participating in an interview on Japans NHK channel to make an announcement regarding the next Pokemon game on October 28.

The post also reads that the upcoming announcement is going be about an “unprecedented” Pokemon game as hinted by Ishihara in a preview to the interview that surfaced recently.

You can check out the preview clip of the interview here.

As of now, if there is any truthfulness in the news, the “unprecedented” aspect in the game could be a major change to Pikachu. Apparently, the company is even worried how the fans will react to the change and if it will have a positive or a negative impact on Pikachu’s popularity.

Also, if you remember a mysterious Pokemon teaser clip was also apparently let loose at August’s Pokemon Game Show in Japan. The short clip showed Lucario and Blaziken only for a moment. Could that image have something to do with this unannounced project?

Among the speculations that are currently in the air, one is suggesting that the main character of the game could be Mega Pikachu i.e. the Mega Evolution of Pikachu. Others propose that the new game could be compatible with Pokemon X & Y in a way that the new Pikachu would be playable on both the games.

Do you have any guesses of your own? Let us know.

By Sarmad Lillah

Sarmad is one of the more refined and cultured among us. His favorite game is Mario, and he once had dreams of going to plumbing school. Now he's 25, a finance major and having the time of his life writing about videogames.

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    • MZ

      I wish. I sincerely wish to God that this would happen. Although, for it to work, they’d need to raise the level cap substantially to cope with the longer gameplay, also, I don’t believe something that massive could fit on a 3ds card, so put it on wii u please Nintendo!

    • Arceus

      Maybe they will make a game that has completely new pokemon or pre-evolutions of lucario and blaziken.

    • Muhammad Adil

      I don’t think it’s going to be a Mega evolved form of Pikachu.
      Mainly because, so far, only fully evolved (the ‘regular’ final stage) Pokemon can Mega Evolve i.e Raichu in this case.

      I would love to see something like Pokemon Battle Revolution for Wii U, may be its sequel or a completely different game for the said platform.