LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Cheats, Secrets and Codes

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It seems there’s a new LEGO video game every single month. Only seems like yesterday that we were ripping out our heads trying to cover LEGO City Undercover and then they go and release this one. Oh well.

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes the player gets a chance to play as a member of the Avengers as they go about punching, kicking and shooting lasers and arrows at random bad guys.

The number of playable characters in the game is mind bogglingly huge.

Of course the best thing about it is that the game is narrated by Deadpool, which I believe is a close runner up for best narrator ever behind Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones.

Another great thing about the game is that it contains old school cheat codes.

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When was the last time you typed a string of random characters into a game and made something awesome happen? Nowadays developers seem to view cheats with disdain instead of as fun Easter egg opportunities. (Anyone remember ‘whosyourdaddy’ from Warcraft 3?)

Either way, there are four of these cheats included in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and here they are, along with their effects.

For more help on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, read our Characters Unlock, Minikits Locations and Stan Lee in Peril Locations guide.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Cheats, Secrets and Codes

How To Enter Cheat Codes
When you are in-game, press pause during the gameplay and select Extras from the main menu. You will find the option to Enter Code in Extras Menu. Enter any of the given codes to activate the cheat.

These cheats stay active for one session only. Next time you start the game, you will have to re-activate the cheat.

2X Stud Multiplier – UZFBG4
This is your standard 2x stud multiplier. Studs are the currency of LEGO games, and this cheat makes it much easier to obtain obscene amounts of the stuff.

Thor – H8CSE6
This cheat will unlock classic Thor for you to play around with, just in case you don’t like the new one.

Hydra Soldier – B7AA3K
This cheat will unlock Hydra Soldier for you to use as a playable character.

Iron Patriot – Q5X1J5
This cheat will unlock the Iron Patriot as a playable character.

Characters, Vehicles and Upgrades Unlock Cheat Codes

Characters, Vehicles and Upgrades Cheat Codes
Avenging Cycle 5T3CQU
Beetle KXFQ87
Black Cat P9OWL0
Captain America (Classic) 7HWU4L
Carnage AA0Z50
Classic Thor H8CSE6
Howard the Duck J58RSS
Hydra Soldier B7AA3K
Iron Man (Mark 17 “Heart Breaker”) 2NGSRZ
Iron Man (Mark 38 “Hulkbuster”) CK7SDS
Iron Patriot Q5X1J5
Pumkin Chopper 35E41W
SHIELD Staff Car D5B7O3
Spider Bike SH9MZQ
Spider-Man (Future Foundation) WFOZXQ
Studs x2 UZFBG4
War Machine TQ4C57
Wolverine (With Hood “Cowl”) OAW2LB

Work-in-Progress! We will add more cheats when they are discovered. Don’t forget to share with us in comments if you know any secret, cheat or code for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
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  • John Galt

    usually if you are in new york city, you can just stand on the road and ghost studs will lead you to your next mission! I hope this helps. Also if you find a point on the map that you would like to go, you can press select and set a destination; Deadpool will then guide you with red ghost studs.

  • Darkmyst

    Usually they release more cheats at the start. Oh well, Played through the first 2 levels last night. I love it, then again I have them all and love them all so they can’t do no wrong. I also like the many different moves per character. Great so far….Now if we could just get build fast and 10X multiplier, we’d be great!!!

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