Microsoft Talks about Xbox One’s Friends and Reputation System

The Xbox Live functionality of Xbox One is one of the hot topics these days. What with the Twitter-like following functionality of its friends application or the reputation system that will be based on what your fellow community members make of you; it’s a whole new world.

Two videos were shared by Microsoft to provide the lowdown on these features in detail. Larry Hyrb famously known as Major Nelson walks us through the friend list. For starters, the Xbox 360 friends will automatically be shifted to Xbox One and yes, the friends list is intact although a “following” feature has been added.

An Activity Feed will show yours and all your friends’ activity in the recent time – it’s more of a social media platform than it was before. Other than that you will be able to follow people you don’t want to add to your friends list and stay updated through their public posts. Oh and in this regard you can do the same that you do no Twitter or Facebook i.e. follow whoever you want even celebrities if you can find them.

Now the way I see this unfolding is, for example, if you are a highly popular Forza 5 driver you could be followed by thousands and thousands of people who are simply impressed by your driving skills.

Talking about how the reputation system will work you could simplify it by saying that you reap what you sow, if you are a fan of cheating and jerking your reputation bar will start turning shades and the world will see it. If your bar is green it means you are a good player, if its yellow you need improvement if it turns red it means you’re shouting out to the audience to avoid you.

The gaming world is going to change for the better folks!

You can read all about it here and about the friends feature here.

By Sarmad Lillah

Sarmad is one of the more refined and cultured among us. His favorite game is Mario, and he once had dreams of going to plumbing school. Now he's 25, a finance major and having the time of his life writing about videogames.

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    • Mrteapot

      I don’t see why your mad what some 13 yr old thinks by calling you a cheater lol
      Im pretty sure they won’t do a “180” that sounds likr Sony fanboy talk, alotta things like online fee to achievements to signing with a cable company sony might implement there own.
      But when it comes to Microsoft there xbox is for fps trolls its the hub. This is a positive thing
      as long as it isn’t easy to make false accusations to put innocent players in a virtual doghouse.

    • Mrteapot

      Lets the trolling begin!

      • Ray186

        That’s the first thing that came to mind for me. I can see it now. Come in first 2 matches in a row on COD, and you’re a dirty F-N cheater. And now thanks to MS players have been given me the tools to spread this info far and wide. whether it’s true or not remains to be seen.

        After it fails miserably they will just do a 180 and get rid of it. They do a lot of that lately.