Pokemon X and Y – How to Catch Pikachu

By   /   2 years ago

Especially Pokemon fans and generally almost everyone knows about this electrical mouse known as Pikachu. Pikachu can widely be considered as one of the most famous characters in gaming industry.

Finding Pikachu in Pokemon games can be really annoying at times. However, in Pokemon X and Y, you can find it relatively easily.

You just need to reach Route #3 and look for it on a ground immediately after the jungle.

There is certainly no doubt that Pikachu is amazing and lovable. Along with its paralyzing STATUS effect, its Special Attacks and Speed give it an advantage over its opponents from the very beginning of the game and it is able to turn the tides in a heated battle.

You can refer to this Youtube Video for a more in-depth walkthrough as to where to find this tiny fella.

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  • Jad

    You guys left out an important detail: Pikachu lacks Defense and HP, so s/he’s an easy target to knock out unless you’re weak to Electric Types (like Tentacruel, Skarmory, and especially Gyarados). If you’re on the neutral ground (like Sableye, Relicanth, and Ludicolo are) then he’s half way easy to knock out. If you’re effective against him (like Steelix, Stunfisk, even the Flying-type Landorus because it’s a Ground-type) then Pikachu is an absolute Level 1 Weedle (except is can paralyze instead of poison)!