Pokemon X and Y Legendary Pokemon Guide

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In Pokemon X and Y, you will often hear certain characters speaking about some special and uncommon Pokemon. These Pokemon are known as Legendary Pokemon and can be found while playing the game.

However, getting hold of these Pokemon is a very daunting task. Therefore, we have compiled some tips on how to catch these special Pokemon without much effort.

Along with that, there are a bunch of things you should keep in mind before you set out on your quest to find them all.

Be Careful With Your Starter
Just as the game begins, you will be asked to pick up Fire-Type (Fennekin), Water-Type (Froakie), and Grass-Type (Chespin).

These also undergo a second affinity during the third and final evolution phase:

  • Fenniken – Psychic
  • Froakie – Dark
  • Chespin – Fighting

Taking on the First Gym
For more information on Gym and Gym Leaders, read our Gyms and Gyms Leaders Guide.

The first Gym Leader is the Bug-Type mixed up with some Water-Type Move, so you may want to avoid Fenniken there. Alternatively, make the necessary precautions before getting into the fray.

For more help on Pokemon X and Y, read our Mega Stones and Mega Evolutions Guide.

Pokemon X and Y Legendary Pokemon

Following are the legendary Pokemon you can find in Pokemon X and Y:

  • Xerneas
  • Yveltal
  • Mewtwo
  • Zygrade

Xerneas is the Fairy-Type Pokemon which has Fairy Aura Ability at its disposal. The Fairy Aura Ability will allow you to increase the strength of Fairy-Type Attacks of all Pokemon. Owning to this reason, this Pokemon is also known as Life Pokemon.

Yveltal is the Dark-Type Pokemon which has the Dark Aura Ability at its disposal. The Dark Aura Ability is known to increase the power of all Dark-Type Attacks during the fight.

Yvetal is also called as Destruction Pokemon and is quite taller than Xerneas.

Based on your version of the game, Mewtwo can either turn itself into Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y; an ability which most of the Mega Pokemon don’t possess.

Both Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y has different abilities.

If Mega Mewtwo X is able to become a Psychic Fighter with increased Attack Power then Mega Mewtwo Y has the ability to remain Psychic with enhanced Special Attack Stats.

You will not have to find him as you will encounter it head-on. This Pokemon is Level 70 and you may want to Master Ball and Ultra Ball to defeat it.

This Legendary Pokemon can only be found after you have beaten the Elite Four at least once. After taking them out, you can go to Terminus Cave to find it there.

Zygrade is the Dragon/Ground Type Pokemon which is said to possess Aura Break Ability. The Aura Break Ability can turn the effects of Aura Attacks during a battle.

Just like Mewtwo, Zygrade is also a Level 70 Pokemon and using Master Ball will definitely make things easier.

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  • robby lamb

    I’m finished with both

  • robby lamb

    I have alpha y and x getting ruby

  • robby lamb

    Im Robby I have traded a shiny yveltal to wonder trade and got a shiny garchomp

  • Synn23

    Look at your pokedex it will show you where it is. after it runs 12 times, it’ll be in the Sea Spirit Den

  • Synn23

    I beat it in 24:01 hours. was hoping to get under one day. :(

  • Synn23

    I did the EXACT same thing. Just re-beat the elite four.

  • ack04

    I caught Mewtwo and Zygarde in the same day!

  • Kevin Lee

    zapdos,articuno,and moltres

  • Billy

    You can also catch the three legendary birds, now I’m not sure if you can only catch one depending on your starter or if you can catch all 3

    • Synn23

      depends on starter. You can only get one. Or trade for it.

  • macii

    After I defeated Mewtwo he fainted and disappeared. Does he come back to the cave or what? Area unknown in pokedex…

  • macii

    I defeated Mewtwo but wasnt able to throw a pokeball, now he is gone?! does he come back to the cave? Are unknown in pokedex…

    • Synn23

      If you kill a legendary, you have to re-beat the elite four and go back.

  • Zackkkk

    I caught Yveltal with one quick ball

    • robby lamb


  • Aaron Hacker

    Mewtwo is in the Pokemon Village in a cave. You will need Surf to reach him.

  • Some Guy

    I have a suggestion. When playing X and/or Y, NEVER USE THE MASTER BALL. EVER. I caught Yveltal with 8 Poke Balls, Zygarde with 5, and Mewtwo with one. ONE. All regular, ordinary Poke Balls.

    • mrdude

      Then when would you ever use the master ball? Its a waste not to use it at all.

      • Tanios Corvid

        on a shiny that can flee?

  • Legoman2341

    I found Articuno but idk where to find it again becase it fled. Also where is mewtwo?

    • Synn23

      Mewtwo is in the pokemon village. You’ll need cut and surf with you. Go to the pokemon village, go to the far left, I THINK there’s a tree you cut, and then you surf up, and there’s a cave. He’s in the cave. He knows a protect-like move thats not protect (I forgot the name) Psychic, Recover, and Aura Sphere. Just take Timer/Quick Balls

  • Noah

    Can you find Xerneas in Pokemon Y somehow?

    • Jwittz

      no only in x can you get xerneas unless you get him through trade

  • Matthew

    So? Almost everyone beat the game the day after it was released.

  • Samuel

    How about the legendary birds? I encountered zapdos

    • Synn23

      Track him with your pokedex. After he flees 12 times, go to sea spirit den.

  • cheesehippo47

    you can get the legendary birds depending on which starter you choose. arcticuno for chespin, zapdos for fenniken, or moltres for froakie. they will be roaming but the way it happens is different. the way you can find them is the same. however, they will flee immediately from battle before you throw a pokeball or select a move. after you run into them a couple of times, you will be able to battle them at the sea spirit’s den.

  • ethan

    took me like 10minutes to catch but i did it just then!

  • ethan

    im trying to catch Zygarde right now. and its a pain in the butt!

    • Aaron Hacker

      It was super easy for m. Only took 5 Ultra Balls.

  • ethan

    i found Zapdos!

  • Fierce Deity

    It’s Zygarde, not Zegrade.