Pokemon X and Y – How to Raise Pokemon

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Training a Pokemon has always been an integral part of Pokemon franchise. Raising a Pokemon can either be very easy or really frustrating depending upon your skills.

And this is where you guide will come to your assistance. Read on to know more about how to raise your Pokemon in an effective manner. You can also check out our Pokemon X and Y Amie Guide to know how to raise Affection, Fullness, and Enjoyment.

For more help on Pokemon X and Y, read our Starter Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon and Mega Stones Locations Guide.

Choosing the Appropriate Pokemon
Before you go in to choose your Pokemon, the first thing you want to see is its Abilities Stats and Nature. Pokemon vary in these Stats and it will greatly affect their performance when it comes to important tasks i.e. taking out the Gym Leaders.

But you can catch six Pokemon at a time which will then be transferred to Pokemon Center. Bet you already knew this. Anyway, I’ll talk about Pokemon Center in a while.

Keeping an Eye on Stats
After selecting a Pokemon, you will then have to choose a move-set for them. Choosing a move-set for your Pokemon is no different from choosing the Pokemon itself.

For those of you who are new to the game; always keep an eye on the Stats! You don’t want to assign Special Attacks to a Pokemon with bad Special Attack Stat. Similarly, it is bad idea to assign Attack Moves to a Pokemon with great Defensive Abilities.

Instead, it will be better if you assign them Defensive Moves so that they could induce Status Conditions in your opponents.

All this raising and assigning appropriate move-set is solely for one purpose only and i.e. fighting other Pokemon.

Fighting other Pokemon will grant you with Pokemon EXP which is a must for leveling up your Pokemon. However, if you think that your Pokemon is not ready to take on any other Pokemon in a battle, you can use EXP Share and go to the start of the battle and switch to another Pokemon.

Another way of earning some EXP is by taking out Wild Pokemon. However, the amount of EXP generated by fighting Wild Pokemon is quite less. So, it is advised that you battle Trained Pokemon.

Pokemon Center
Accidents happen during a battle! And in case you Pokemon gets injured, you can always it take it to Pokemon Center where all the attributes like HP, Status Conditions, and PP of your team will be cured without spending in a dime.

You will also find a PC in Pokemon Center which you can use to trading Pokemon with your buddies.

Along with that, you will also find various merchants in Pokemon Center who will provide you with different items for your Pokemon.

You would be able to pick up Stat Increasing Items and Healing Potions for your Pokemon to help you during the battle.

Evolution means the transformation of your Pokemon into their stronger forms. However, you will have to reach a certain level before you Pokemon undergo the process of Evolution.

The idea of evolving your Pokemon may or may not work to your advantage depending upon the type of your Pokemon. Some Pokemon tend to learn thing much quicker if you don’t evolve them.

While some of the Pokemon learn some abilities only when you evolve them. So you will have to put in a lot of thought before evolving your Pokemon. We would advise you to do that before taking on some of daunting challenges in the game.

Note: Some of the Pokemon need to consume some items, reach to a particular area, level up during a certain time of the day, hold an item, or trade with a buddy in order to undergo the process of Evolution.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the Comment Section below!

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