Pokemon X and Y – How To Evolve Eevee To Sylveon

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Transforming Eevee to Sylveon is quite a difficult task in Pokemon X and Y. However, a way to do that has finally been found.

In order to evolve Sylveon from Eevee, you will have to learn a Fairy-Type Move while using Eevee.

Along with that, you will have to raise the different Stats of your Pokemon. Pokemon Amie allows you to increase the different attributes like Enjoyment, Fullness, and Affection. Refer to our Pokemon Amie Guide to know more about raising these attributes.

In order to carry out the transformation from Eevee to Sylveon, you will have to raise the above mentioned attributes to the maximum possible level.

Once you have done all these three things; simply learn a Fairy-Type move and you will turn into a Sylveon.

You can refer to TheOneIntegral’s video to know exactly what to do:

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  • eeveelish1

    omg im trying to evolve my sisters eevee
    it is super duper pooper scooper hard

  • seb

    took me 3 mins to get sylveon its soooo easy all you have to do is play the three games doesnt matter which, feed it the pokepuffs until its full and continue playing doesnt take long at all.

  • Jeremy Kingsley

    Getting full affection is quite easy actually, try this method; Complete the mini-game you’re good at on Hard Mode or Unlimited and win Poke-puffs, feed your Eevee said Poke-puffs, pet it till it no longer releases hearts and repeat from the mini-games.

  • missmeh

    I saw a sylveon visiting my pokemon amie thing without 5/5 hearts. My only theroy is that affection can decrease or it was a glitch. And it also needs to know a fairy type move.

  • bluelink121

    how do you ko=now how much affection your eevee has?

  • Michael

    u only need two hearts for affection to evolve it. Make sure it has a fairie move like baby doll eyes or charm

  • darkmaple

    you only need to get two hearts, play the games and give it treats

  • Your welcome

    To get affection, you only need to feed it till full, pet it till it’s bored, play with it until its ejoyment is full again and repeat. The process takes around 1 hour

  • Fierce Deity

    Actually getting affection in Pokemon Amie is SO HARD! I don’t know if it’s something with my face or what, but it refuses to acknowledge my “Kissy face” or “wide eyes” so it’s taking an insanely long time.

    • Brett Kozup

      Play header minigame, it took me all of 50 minutes in 1 sitting to get eevee to maximum. Just feed it 5 puffs, pet it on the ears (seems to be her favorite spot) until a musical note appears, then take her into head it, I recommend ultimate, as 1 sitting with more than 900 points will get you special food, feed her again (favorite is chocolate) pet her again and play.

      Repeat these steps and you will have a loving eevee in no time.

      On top of it; in battle, you will actually pet eevee, crits happen more often, and

      • Samantha C.

        hah, that’s funny, my Eevee hates his ears pet, he likes belly rubs. He frowns at me when i pull his ears

    • Brett Kozup

      And on top of it she can actually shrug off status effect changes.
      These apply to battles against other players as well.