The Last of US Alternate Ending Video is Hilarious

The alternate ending video that was initially shown only to the PAX Prime, but it has appeared online on the Internet for our amusement. One thing that this video confirms is that the actors of The Last of US are highly talented and great improvisers.

I say that because most of the sequences in the video have had no directions from creative director Neil Druckmann, in fact, it was the actors who came up with all the ideas aside from a one liner from Druckmann.

Before you go into this hilarious musical of an ending for one of the seasons highly acclaimed games, be warned of spoilers. We would advise that you go ahead only if you have finished the game once so that you don’t spoil the real fun in the game’s story.

It seems that the developers grew awry of the violence, gore and the bloodshed that the game had in its storyline, so they decided to lighten things up, have a laugh and create a musical out of one of the proposed endings.

What actually happens is Merle Dandridge the actress who played Marlene sings through her lines while Troy Baker, who played Joel tags along to play his part in the musical.

Of course, the video was made at the time of PAX Prime, but it is now that the general public will get to have a look at it.

Have a look and let us know what would you feel if this was the real ending?

By Sarmad Lillah

Sarmad is one of the more refined and cultured among us. His favorite game is Mario, and he once had dreams of going to plumbing school. Now he's 25, a finance major and having the time of his life writing about videogames.

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    • Charles

      Does everyone realize this is the beginning of The Last of Us opera right?

    • cguest

      How was this hilarious? It was incredibly moving.

    • Anthony Birken

      LOLOLOLOL, amazing! I’d die to be a part of that crew~

    • Geomar Galangco

      They had fun :))

      • pscrimger

        Loved it!!! When is the stage musical production going to debut??

    • Shanghaidilly

      I thought it was fantastic. The ability to improvise, especially on Troy Baker’s part, is priceless considering he had no idea “Marlene” was going to do that.

    • 666

      so much cringe. but it was great

    • tay