Xbox One Allows You to Record “As Much or As Little” as You Want

In a recent demonstration of Xbox One’s gameplay recording feature, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison clarified that users can record “as much or as little as they want”.

Previously Microsoft had stated that the Xbox One allows users to record five minutes of gameplay in contrast to the PlayStation 4 which was said to offer a mighty 15 minutes of recording time. Once recorded, users can then edit and share the clip with their friends in quick time.

However, as pointed out by VG247, Harrison’s latest claims brings the Xbox One close to its competitor with an increased set of recording length. We still don’t know the exact figure on this but Harrison is pretty certain that Xbox One users will be pleased.

Further more he revealed that clips can also include separately recorded commentary, which will be recorded through the Kinect camera. Here’s how that will work:

First your record your gameplay clip. Then you record a separate video of yourself through the Kinect camera where you comment on the said clip. Finally you include that recording side-by-side in a picture-in-picture view and press share.

Recently Microsoft revealed that the sharing feature on launch would only be available for Xbox Live. They however will bring other platforms like YouTube and Facebook sometime next year. This year though, you can only share your clips across Xbox Live.

The Xbox One launches on November 22, 2013 in North America for $499.

Source VG247

By Saqib Mansoor

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