Rockstar Confirms GTA 5 Microtransactions, Multiplayer Further Detailed

So it’s not something that came out of the blue but a confirmation is still a confirmation. Just as we reported the existence of microtransactions recently, thanks to the in-game cash cards finding; Rockstar has also confirmed that real money could be used to pace up your progress.

A detailed post by Rockstar has enlisted a number of changes and updates that we could expect from GTA Online.

The first thing that has been confirmed is that a total of 16 players will be able to join together once the online version launches. The list of features shared is impressive and goes on from Jobs to Heists, Crime to Reputation and Races to Sports –juicy isn’t it?

In the open world of crime you and your friends will be able to knock out other gangs for reputation or money, rob trucks or convenience stores for the same and even go to movies or mountain biking together.

The long list of Jobs will cover missions for you alone as well as group criminal activities; the more the merrier! Of course you wager against your friends or strangers in a game of tennis or golf too if you feel like exploiting other ways of earning money.

GTA Online is of course a lot more than a crime based open world, you get to race with your mates in off road tracks and street competitions, test your skill son road, in waters and even skies – yes, there will be races in all three of them. A new race type, Rally, will allow a driver and a co-pilot to work together on underhanded tracks.

The aforementioned Reputation will be of great value to you. Your exploits will help you rank up and thereon unlock new features, weapons, and contacts. Along with Reputation you will be earning Cash which can be used on items of your choice.

Earning cash could involve anything from taking over armored cars, winning races, heists, and robbing but that’s not it – you can buy denominations of GTA 5 through the Store too. So there you go, the confirmation.

Even then, Rockstar insists that it is not all about the in-game transactions and that no paywall will disrupt your gameplay. You don’t have to spend real money if you don’t want to and it will just be a faster way of getting to things instead of the usual earned money process.

All this is pretty slick but they have clearly warned that there would be bugs and glitches in the initial weeks; don’t get wary of them as they will surely be fixed based on your feedback, says Rockstar:

“The first couple of weeks we expect to be heavily focused on tuning the experience as it goes from internal testing to the reality of being played by tons of people in the real world so that all the usual teething problems for an online game are overcome.”

You can provide your insights through and GTA Online Forums at Social Club.

Lastly, we now know four different updates that have been confirmed. The Content Creator will allow you to publish death matches and races through tools. The Beach Bum Pack will give you over 300 items of leisure wear, 4 beach fun vehicles and nowhere in line with them; 2 new weapons.

Capture the Flag is an all new mode for the Grand Theft Auto series which comes with default items as well as a n option of creating new ones through the Content Creator. Lastly, but the most impressive, Heists will be introduced through an update this will include co-operative and intricately detailed missions as well as a Heist Planning Board for your home.

Oh, and all this is going to come for free!

So, ignore that no next gen related announcement has been made so far; and tell us how good this is?

By Sarmad Lillah

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