86000 Square Miles of Great Britain Recreated in Minecraft

In just a fortnight, a mapping agency has created the largest Minecraft real world by mapping 86000 square miles of actual Great Britain. Ordnance Survey, the national mapping authority of Great Britain’s internee Joseph Braybrook took it upon himself to make the 22 billion blocks big world.

This is the largest real-world rendition ever built in the history of the sandbox building game and official sources of Ordnance Survey; Innovation Labs were used. “We think we may have created the largest Minecraft world ever built based on real-world data,” said Manager Innovation Labs.

“The resulting map shows the massive potential not just for using Minecraft for computer technology and geography purposes in schools, but also the huge scope of applications for OS OpenData too” he added while talking to BBC.

For all of you who are interested in trying out real locations on such a massive level, all you’ve got to do is download the map to your Minecraft game and enter the world through Ordnance Survey’s head office in Southampton. Once done, everything from the Stonehenge to Hogwarts Castle will be your disposal!

Apart from getting to recreate the actual landmarks, buildings, and whatnot, players also get to build whatever they can imagine of over the reality-based terrain.

According to Ordnance Survey’s website, “Each block represents a ground area of 50 square meters.

The raw height data is stored in meters and must be scaled down to fit within the 256 block height limit in Minecraft. A maximum height of 2500 meters was chosen, which means Ben Nevis, appears just over 128 blocks high.”

You can download the 3.6GB map here; this includes coordinates for important landmarks too!

By Sarmad Lillah

Sarmad is one of the more refined and cultured among us. His favorite game is Mario, and he once had dreams of going to plumbing school. Now he's 25, a finance major and having the time of his life writing about videogames.

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