Sony Still Waiting to “Reintroduce” The Last Guardian

It’s always nice to see Sony assure us that ‘The Last Guardian’ is still alive and kicking. From time to time we tend to forget whether the title even existed in the first place.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Sony worldwide studios president Shuhei Yoshida was asked if fans should give up hope on the game ever coming out. Yoshida responded, “The team is still there in SCE Japan Studio, Ueda-san is still there, but we are still waiting for the time to reintroduce it.”

It’s been years and the title is supposedly still in development. When it seems that all hope is lost, Sony comes out with a little teaser of assurance and then disappears again. However, this time they have a new console to take into consideration. What are the chances that the development team decided on reintroducing the game on the PlayStation 4, rather than the PlayStation 3?

The Last Guardian was first reported to be in development back in 2007. The game is expected to feature stylistic and thematic gameplay elements similar to Ueda’s previously titles – Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Ueda however left Sony in 2011 but agreed to stay in order to see the game through to completion. Following that was a series of reports which found the project to be put on hold, only to be started again.

By Saqib Mansoor

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