GTA 5 Property Missions Guide – Earn Money With Your Properties

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In GTA 5, buying property is a really great way to earn yourself money. However, any landlord would know that property management is no easy task, especially when it’s located in a harsh world like GTA’s, where everyone is trying to screw you from different directions.

For this reason, Property Management missions come into play. These are missions that you will need to accomplish if you want to maintain a stable state for the property you own. Keep ignoring them and you will end up losing weekly wages, and in some scenarios having your place overrun by mobs and gangsters.

For this reason, taking out time occasionally to address these issues is very important to maintain a constant revenue from your lands. You can find the property missions on the map with their designated symbol, a black “P”.

It can be a little difficult and also very frustrating to be called for these missions, especially when you are indulged in other activities or just looking to enjoy time. But with power comes lots of responsibilities, so as the owner of these properties you need to make sure your business is healthy and stable.

Most of the property management missions have variations in them, though they remain the same in general. This can make some missions very repetitive and annoying, but like I said before, it’s a compromise you have to make for your business.

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The Car Scrapyard
The Car Scrapyard will often be run over by motorcycle gangs, and you will be occasionally called over to defend your property. The terrain there allows for good sniping spots, and hopefully you’ve gotten some practice with sniping with Franklin, since he’s not as good as the ever-reliable Trevor.

Position yourself on top of the mountains for a good view, and take out enemies. It’s best to use height as an advantage, since there plenty of places to climb near the scrapyard.

Gang members will have already arrived when you make the scene. Shoot them around, and then quickly cover the eastern path, because more gang members will be arriving. A rocket launcher will work wonders to take them out while they are in their vehicles. This is a pretty easy fight and you should be used to such 1 vs. 20 skirmishes by now.

Smoke on the Water – Timed Delivery
For the Smoke on the Water property, there are various timed missions that you can participate in. These timed missions have three variations, and occur at three different locations.

Basically, you will be conducting deliveries of goods (usually weed) from one place to another within limited time. It’s strange to ask the owner to do such petty work, no?

Good thing that Franklin is the owner though, since he can utilize his driving skills to avoid the deliberately stupid kind of traffic you are likely to come across during the missions.

The first variation of the mission will have you taking a van from the Country Side to the Weed Shop in Vespucci Beach.

The second variation of the mission will require you to drive inside Los Santos, starting from somewhere in east Los Santos near the Mirror Park. The place is a house with a Wolf Real Estate sign on the front. The van is parked near the driveway of the garage. The route is pretty straightforward.

The third variation will have you driving from Vinewood Hills, on the south side of Kimble Hill Drive. The route here is a little complex and long, but you also have more time than the other variations.

Just make sure to utilize Franklin’s skill to avoid the dumb traffic, but also make sure you don’t overuse it in one place to find yourself with the meter empty when you need it next.

Smoke on the Water – Lose Cops
Lose Cops is also a timed delivery mission with two variations, but it has an annoying twist: yes, you will have cops chasing your tail.

There will be cops patrolling the route that you will be taking, so you can either sort of change the route to lose them, or you find some very unorthodox ways (such as driving through malls and stuff) to get them off your back.

Eventually, you will have to have the truck deliver its cargo to the Weed Shop. There is no time, so you just need to focus on remaining safe.

The first variation is with the van parked near the Chumash Plaza. Right when you get onto the road a two-star wanted level will appear.

Perfect. Try to take some different routes till you make it to the freeway. Then, just accelerate as much as you can while keeping an eye on the radar. Take the hill area routes on the freeway when you can to confuse the cops.

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  • Jackson

    i couldn’t complete my jobs in time so my weekly income said 0$ do I get another chance?

  • C3PL707

    I didn’t do the property missions early on and am now trying to but cant get called for any! How do I restart these side missions , like the cavb company.

    • Gonzalo Massa

      I have the same problem, I’m not receiving any calls to start those missions, anyone has the same issue?

      • Songojames

        Me too. I’d really like to be called for these missions. Any tips on how to?

  • MikeCinNZ

    I’ve only done one of these so far and it was the ‘cinema taking’ mission, so i’m glad to hear that it’s one of the toughest. It took me so many attempts but then I had a brainwave – instead of trying to ram the car off the road or get lucky with a pistol headshot, I changed the weapon I was firing from the car (using square) to the sticky bomb. Get up close, throw the sticky bomb at his car, then foot off the pedal and allow him to get some distance before blowing the sucker to pieces. Very satisfying!

  • melodicmizery

    correct, youll get a text form property management that says you got a payment. some propertys i think give you nothing unless you do tasks for them but i may be wrong on that one. you can search for other guides that have a table chart of it

    • rukstah

      You are right. The scrapyard property requires you to smash cars on the road to make a profit.

      • anonymousgammer740

        i got into gun fights with cops and destroyed there cars and escape in the rail train the end of the week i got 5k out of it after i took out 33 cars . lol .

  • cooluzz

    How can i collect the money off my properties in GTA V?

    • anonymousgammer740

      if u play as Franklin and destroy all cars as well as cop cars at the end of the week u will get money form the scrap yard .

  • Hadrian999

    every time I try the stolen van mission the van disappears as soon as i see it and i auto fail the mission, anyone else have this problem, this is starting to seem like a bethesda game rather than a rockstar one

    • Cucu-Freak

      Take a different route and meet the van head on. That’s how I was able to pass the mission.

      • jb

        confirmed ^^ alternate route they’ll run right into you