Metal Gear Solid V Torture Scene Will Be Non-playable

Video games can express some powerful emotions through their cutscenes and gameplay, a talent for which the Metal Gear Solid series has always been noted for.

In the upcoming installment, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will probably be no different, especially when you think about the somewhat controversial torture scene that will be implemented.

It’s a subject that has cropped up before in Metal Gear games, but now as we get closer and closer to complete photo-realism in our video games, do we really want to see such graphic violence?

The scene which will feature the reprehensible act is to be non-playable, meaning the player will have no interaction with the game at this time. They can watch the scene, or leave it to play out by itself whilst they go off and do something else with their time.

The reason it’s sticking in the game, despite controversy, is because Hideo Kojima believes that “It’s something that needs to be done”.

As the expressiveness of video games goes up, if you want to go beyond that it’s not something you can avoid. Of course not all video games have to do this, and in my case it’s not something that I want to go through. If the violence will give new emotions that are important to the game, I want to put it in there, especially with this game where one of the main topics is revenge. I don’t want to walk around that.

Kojima didn’t want to give the player over control of the scene as he felt that would be too much interaction with torture in such a realistic environment.

I didn’t want to go as far as having playable torture. The part of Metal Gear Solid 5 that has torture is non-playable.

Of course, this won’t be the first time that Snake has been subjected to torture as part of the plot of a Metal Gear Solid game. Both Metal Gear Solid and MGS3: Snake Eater featured notable torture scenes.

Source: Gamespot

By Liam Stanway

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    • lorettajohnson

      You means theres a part of a Metal Gear game that you cant actually play?
      you kidding me

    • Andrew Arnold

      What is this nonsense? There was a playable torture scene in Metal Gear Solid almost 15 years ago… what’s the big deal?

      • Berg

        you obviously didn’t read the article at all… At the time, games looked so unrealistic that it didn’t matter. Having a graphical torture scene shown in current gen graphics is a completely different thing, Hence not forcing the player to be in the room if they don’t want to be.