GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Missions Guide – Air and Ground

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Trevor is the owner of Trevor Enterprises, a company that deals in less-than-scrupulous business. However, despite being employed in such a high position, Trevor finds himself having to sometimes get his own hands dirty by acting as delivery man, driver and enforcer (the last one occurring many, many, many times.)

To become an Arms trafficker, you need to complete the ‘Nervous Ron’ mission first. The place where you end that mission is the McKenzie Field Hangar, which is a property that becomes available for purchase right after completion.

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GTA 5 Arms Trafficking

Buy the hanger to unlock the Arms Trafficking missions. You’ll find an airplane in the hangar and a dune buggy next to it, which are used for the air trafficking and ground trafficking missions respectively. After completing a mission, you must exit the vehicle and leave the area, then return and re-enter the vehicle to begin the next one.

Air Trafficking Missions

Get into the plane to start the first Air trafficking mission, whereupon Oscar will start talking to you and giving you instructions on what to do. Remember that these missions are repeatable, but they always follow the templates given below.

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Air Trafficking Mission #1
This one is pretty easy, as it should be since it’s basically a tutorial. There’s no restriction on how high you can fly. All you need to do is go to the two areas Oscar wants you to and drop off a package at each of them.

The normal payout for this mission is $7000, give or take some money for successfully completing the bonus objectives. The bonus objectives consist of completing the entire run within 4:10 and for not missing any of the drop zones. As you approach the drop zone, stay stead and slow down.

The bay doors will open automatically, and you can press ‘X’ (for PS3) or ‘A’ (for Xbox) to make the drop. Account for flight speed as you do so, as you get bonus points for the accuracy of the package.

For a better time, take off before Oscar is done talking to you.

Air Trafficking Mission #2
This is basically just the same as the last air trafficking mission, except that there is now an altitude restriction in effect. What this means is that if you fly too high you’ll fail the mission. Trevor has a really high flight skill though, so you should be alright.

It’s the same routine as before though, simply follow the blips on the map to get to the dropoff zones which are marked by smoke. Time the drop well and the package should land with a measure of accuracy. The time bonus for this mission is obtained by completing it in 5:00.

Air Trafficking Mission #3
This is where things start to get interesting. Oscar lets you know that you competition is trying to lure away your clientele, so it’s time to deal with them through Diplomacy and Reasonable Discourse, which are the names of two of the bombs you’re going to drop on their bases.

There’s four bases that you need to blow to Kingdom Come, and you have six bombs in your arsenal. However, if you miss one of the bombs you lose the accuracy bonus at the end of the mission. There’s no altitude restriction in effect on this mission, so you needn’t worry about that.

I recommend you head west first, going in a large circle that way, as it forms the most efficient route. Other things to take not of are that the rival arms dealers will shoot at you if you fly too low. Also, if you drop the bomb from a high altitude, you’ll enter ‘bomb view’, in which you can guide the explosive to a degree.

The requirement for the time bonus on this mission is 6:00

Air Trafficking Mission #4
This is almost identical to the last one, and there are only two targets to blow up. However the two targets are mobile; a boat and a train. Head south first to grab the train. Since it travels at a steady speed on tracks, you can pretty reliably predict where you need to release the bomb. Standard operating procedures apply.

After that, go for the boat to the west. There are actually a bunch of boats here, and you need to maximize the damage you do, so target the middle of the cluster. If you’re having trouble being accurate, try releasing the explosive from higher, and guiding it manually in Bomb View. There is no altitude restriction.

The requirement for the time bonus on this mission is 4:30

Air Trafficking Mission #5
The last air trafficking mission takes place on an airfield on the other side of the sea from Grapeseed. You need to carpet bomb your competitors to keep them out of the action. The plane you use is equipped with four cluster bombs but, one again, you lose points for using more than you have to.

There are three rows of airplanes on the runway you need to carpet-bomb. Angle in from the east and hit the northern-most targets first. Then circle around and get the other two in two quick series of bomb drops. If you do it right you won’t have to circle around a second time.

The requirement for the time bonus on this mission is 3:20.

Ground Trafficking Missions

Get into the buggy instead of plan to start ground trafficking missions.

Ground Trafficking Mission #1
Initiate this one by entering the dune buggy sitting next to the hangar. Ground Trafficking missions pay out $5000 give or take a couple hundred. For the first mission in the strand you need to beat a couple of arms dealers to a drop site.

Make sure to stay off the roads since if you travel on them for too long you’ll raise suspicion and get a wanted level. Get to the dropsite and get the package as quickly as you can. Drive as straight as you can for a better time, there’s not too many immovable obstacles in the way.

As soon as you pick up the package, you’ll be set upon by rival runners from four sides of the map. Outrun them or kill them, and head back to the hangar.

Ground Trafficking Mission #2
Similar to the last one, except this time it’s the competition that’s trying to steal one of your packages. They’re also quite a ways closer to the drop than you are, so you might consider heading right to them and taking them out first.

If you’ve got the driving skills, make a beeline for the package yourself.

If you can get to it first, grab it, loop around the barn and make your way back the hangar. If the rivals shoot you (Trevor specifically, not the buggy) you’ll drop the package and they pick it up, and you’ll have to take them down.

Ground Trafficking Mission #3
This third mission id easier and difficult at the same time. For this one you need to beat some more runners to a marijuana farm out in the hills. It’s not difficult to reach this farmhouse to the north before the runners, the difficulty is in outrunning them.

There will be three rival vehicles and they’ve got some decent weaponry on them. The best thing to do is not to engage in a car fight any way. After getting the package, head through the white fence near the back of the fields and down the mountainside.

Find a good place for a shootout and exit your vehicle. Wait for them to arrive and smoke them. Then you can proceed to the hangar in peace.

Ground Trafficking Mission #4
For the fourth mission in the strand, Oscar directs you to a rail station. As you go there, rival runners arrive and will most likely beat you to the drop. You need to chase after them and take them out so you can get the package.

The vehicle they use is pretty tough, so you’ll want to aim for the tires to slow them down.

If you can a sticky bomb then this process of re-acquiring the goods can be made much easier with a single accurate throw. After taking out the running, grab the package and book it for the hangar. You may or may not be chased by more runners.

Ground Trafficking Mission #5
For this mission you’re going to need to have many weapons on hand as you’ll be dealing with a big ambush. Oscar tells you that the next drop is in the Senora National Park and you only have about a minute and a half to get there or you fail the mission.

As soon as you enter the park, a small army of rival traffickers will descend upon your head. Exit your vehicle and get behind some boulders for cover. There’s not much I can offer here as help, you’ll just have to rely on your shooting skills to carry you through the section.

Once the enemies are dead you can proceed back to the hangar. However, a helicopter will appear during the drive and attack you. I suggest you focus it down quickly or at least take out the gunner so it can’t bother you anymore.

Don’t forget to share your own tips with us by commenting below!

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