GTA 5 Gun Range Challenges Guide – Get Weapons at Discount

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Completing Gun Challenges in GTA 5 is a must! The different attributes of your characters add a lot towards how they perform in a particular mission.

And by completing these challenges, your character will not only perform better while shooting but you will also unlock a wide range of weapons and will receive 25% off on all weapons.

Note: You will have to aim for Gold if you wish to get these discounted prices on AmmuNation stores.

GTA 5 Gun Range Challenges

The unlocking system of the weapons work in a different manner. After unlocking a particular weapon on the Gun Range, the weapon will not be available on the AmmuNation stores until you progress enough through the game to unlock them.

Finding Gun Ranges in Los Santos is quite easy. You can open up your mini-map and look for .9mm Pistol icon. One Gun Range is to the South-East of the Franklin’s home and the other one is to the North of Franklin’s home.

After approaching the Gun Range, press ‘right’ to enter and pay a fee of $14. This is the only fee you will be paying as the ammo and weapons are completely free of cost. For trying out the challenges, that is!

In order to complete a challenge, you will be required to hit the given targets with maximum accuracy. Doing this will also build up your score multiplier. However, if you miss a target, the score multiplier will get to zero and you will have to build it up again.

Note: There are some challenges which are a whole forgiving then the other ones. For instance, Assault Rifle challenge’s score multiplier doesn’t reset if you make one mistake.

Each challenge you undertake requires to hit the color-coded circles. The point and color distribution of each area is:

  • Black +10 Points
  • Blue +25 Points
  • Red +50 Points
  • Yellow +100 Points

The score multiplier has a maximum range of 3x which means that you can earn up to 300 points for each accurately hit target.

Each challenge consist of three stages and you must meet the targeted score in each of these areas. Some of the areas require you to shoot static targets and some of them will have moving ones.

As for unlocking the weapons in the game, the challenges are quite self-explanatory as to how to unlock more weapons.

Note: Heavy Gun challenges will unlock only after you have acquired Bronze medal in all other challenges.

All the gun challenges are pretty easy except Pistol challenge# 3 and Shotgun challenge# 1. At least for me! I would advise you to move along the targets during the Pistol challenge# 3 which will certainly help.

As for the Shotgun challenge# 1, you will be required to hit maximum number of targets at the same time. Once again, move along the targets until you almost align them and then shoot.

Have any tip regarding the Gun Challenges in GTA V? Let us know by commenting below!

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  • Obi John Kanobi

    I have found that when you go to the gun range….which is easy to find on the map by the way lol ….. As Michael with your special bar full, you can then use his special during any of the test which makes getting gold medals easier in some cases, I haven’t tried trevor yet, also if your working on michaels special bar doing the above will full it in about 10minutes or so. Hope this is helpful and not a cheat way of getting to the top.

  • Terence

    I finished the game and when i go to the store to get guns, there still a full wall with no guns…. only 1 how do i get the rest if the guns?? or are there even anymore to get??

    • Sebas

      The left wall contains normal weapons, the right wall has all the ‘special’ weapons. The first one is availeble after connecting to Social Club. The next three are availeble when u add your Special Edition Pack.
      I think the other slots will be filled in time by GTA Online or may come with DLC’s/Expansion Packs.
      note: The Special Edition Pack is only availeble after purchasing the special edition version of the game.

  • Joe

    i have looked at almost all the locations and honestly cant find the one with the shooting range again.

  • PHug

    @ Kyle

    only a few of the stores have a range attached. look on the map it is easy to tell the difference

  • Kyle

    It wont give me the option to enter the gun range?
    please help