GTA 5 Spaceship Parts Locations Map and Video Guide

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Spaceship Part #23
Location. Sitting in a nook between the dam and the support column in Lake Vinewood (dam).

Spaceship Part #24
Location. At the beach on the east coast; the part will be lying on the land right next to an opening to the large rock arch.

Spaceship Part #25
Location. Right behind a large tree at the drug recovery facility on Harlow Drive in Richman Glen. There will be pool and a tennis court nearby.

Spaceship Part #26
Location. At the rooftop of Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills. The area can be accessed by the stairs right next to the telescopes.

Spaceship Part #27
Location. In the back vicinity of a house in Banham Canyon Drive. The part will be on a telescope mat. There will also be pool right next to the part.

Spaceship Part #28
Location. It will be on the east side of a large cavern to the south of Wind Farm. You will have to jump into the water and retrieve the part located right next to a Letter Scrap.

Spaceship Part #29
Location. At the north of the Mount Haan Road in the Grand Senora Desert; the part can be found on the edge of a twisted road. It might take you a while to find it; like it did to us.

Spaceship Part #30
Location. In the fourth row of vine in the Marlowe Vineyard in Tongva Hills.

Spaceship Part #31
Location. Jump into the not-so-deep water below a waterfall in Zancudo Barranca in Tongva Valley to retrieve this part.

Spaceship Part #32
Location. In the backyard of alien obsessed house in the Grand Senora Desert. Right under the welcome notice.

Spaceship Part #33
Location. Under the porch of an empty house in Great Chaparral. There will also be a Letter Scrap in the close vicinity.

Spaceship Part #34
Location. Right next to a large boat in Harmony in the Grand Senora Desert. It will be near one of the supporters.

Spaceship part #35
Location. At the top of the satellite dish in the far west side of the Grand Senora Desert. There will be loads of dishes in the area and you need to look for the one located at the most-west.

Spaceship Part #36
Location. Underneath the east side of the sheltered wooden bridge near Lago Zancudo River.

Spaceship Part #37
Location. The north shore of the River Zancudo; right next to a train bridge.

Spaceship Part #38
Location. Near the large rocky formation in Sandy Shores. Shouldn’t be hard to find if you closely follow the map.

Spaceship part #39
Location. This one is easily the most difficult part to find. You will have to take a parachute to the designated position shown in our map and look for it at the edge of the Mount Josiah.

Spaceship Part #40
Location. At the rooftop of Beam Me Up park in Sandy Shores.

Spaceship Port #41
Location. Dive into the Alamo Sea and get to center of Sandy Shore bridge to find it. If you couldn’t find it in the first place. Re-surface and try again.

Spaceship Port #42
Location. Near the rock formation right under the Calafia Bridge adjacent to Cassidy Creek.

Spaceship Part #43
Location. It will be inside a shed at Cape Catfish in the San Chianski Mountain Range area.

Spaceship Part #44
Location. On a platform on Great Ocean Highway bridge. The only way you can get access to this area is with a parachute and that too; with pin-point accuracy.

Spaceship Part #45
Location. In the middle of a cow farm in Grapeseed. It is the same area from where Trevor often spawns.

Spaceship Part #46
Location. Right next to a tree on a small island as shown in the map.

Spaceship Part #47
Location. At a workshop in Mount Chiliad. Follow the map and it will lead you to the right direction. Isn’t tricky to find.

Spaceship Part #48
Location. Right next to a pipe in the Paleto Forest adjacent to Highway #1. Can be easily accessed by the map we have provided you with.

Spaceship Part #49
Location. On the third floor of Paleto Bay fire training building.

Spaceship Part #50
Location. On the Donkey Punch Family Farm in Paleto Bay; it will be on the ground just outside the gate of the farm.

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  • joe b

    i missed two besides the one on the bridge and have no idea what ones… fml

  • Otis Trackpants


  • rhizzle

    You missed the one in the park on dutch london street

  • FrustratedFranklin

    I cant find #46. Can someone offer a better description?

  • Adamd5281

    If, like me 😉 you are an ace chopper pilot, you can land a buzzard on the strut next to #44 and walk to it!

  • Bazz320

    thx for the map…very usefull !!
    Very disapointing of the result doh !

  • aaronimpact

    There’s a spaceship part on top of the medical centre (where the helicopters spawn) down the street from the towtruck company Franklin can buy. It isn’t on your map.

    • queenlatifah

      number 8 on their list

  • Monkius

    Thanks for the detailed map and great instructions. I was able to find them all easily within a few hours. I printed both the map and instructions, and despite what some wankers in the comments say, it was easy to follow out-of-order. A few notes, though:
    – For #8, you can access the roof via a couple of ladders, the first one being near one of the front corners of the building.
    – #23 IS UNDERWATER!!! It would have been nice if you had mentioned that, it took me a while to find that one… Lol.

  • dillon

    i cant find the part in the grand senora desert and cant find the twisted road can someone help me

  • jonathan

    #39 was not hard at all #44 is frustrating as fuck. Took me a million tries until I finally got it.

    • jonathan

      Some advice.. When you get a helicopter and fly to the bridge quick save it so you can easily load it right at the spot in case you miss it. This literally took my 15 tries… smh

  • jonathan

    Can someone please explain what is A and B?

    • jonathan

      Never mind. It’s the entrances to the train tunnel.

  • rattlesnake_906

    Check out the comment and the description in the video. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • rattlesnake_906

    Check out the comment and video description. Sorry for inconvenience.

    • Havens

      Where is number 3 from video. What number does it correspond with on map below. Missing number 3. Have 49/50

    • badgta5

      #3 from the image is #45 which i already picked up. so where is #3??

      • rattlesnake_906

        Did you check out the video description?

  • rattlesnake_906

    Yes, in the video, we have used the chopper.

  • Alex

    #38 and #40 are switched around, #40 arrow is pointed to #38 spot and vice versa

  • CRaZE

    is there any way to see which ones I havnt got ive found 49 and one is missing?

  • Shamus

    Have to take parachute to #39? Screw that! I drove up that damn mountain in my Beast-Mode Sandking XL. Damn I felt so super manly when I reached the summit!!!

  • jp

    You can get number 12 by jumping on a motorbike. theres one at Franklin’s new house just down the hill

  • DrGreen

    I missed one part i used the IGN map, there is no info for the ones labled A and B in your pic? and b is one i cannot see on the IGN map can you give info for A and B please

  • corey

    you got all the numbers wrong for the location description >.<

    • segmentnext

      Will fix it today. Thanks for the heads up!

      • segmentnext