The Wonderful 101 Items Crafting and Weapons Drop Guide – How To

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Like any good adventure game, The Wonderful 101 will reward you for discovering new items and killing enemies. The items you discover during your adventure in The Wonderful 101 can be used to craft very unique and rarely found items in the game. While killing enemies will drop unique weapons that you can wield to punish them even more.

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The Wonderful 101 Items Crafting

As you complete the operations you’ll find yourself coming across items such as Space Peppers, Space Carrots and Space Eggplants. These items are used as components in crafting and can be used to create items that you normally find very rarely. Here we’ve included a list of all these items.

Small Wonderful Noodle Soup To Go

  • Space Pepper x10

Wonderful Noodle Soup To Go

  • Space Pepper x20

Super Wonderful Noodle Soup To Go

  • Space Pepper x30

Small Wonderful Cake To Go

  • Space Carrot x10

Wonderful Cake To Go

  • Space Carrot x20

Super Wonderful Cake To Go

  • Space Carrot x30

Wonderful Steak

  • Space Pepper x30, Space Eggplant x10

Wonderful Parfait

  • Space Carrot x20, Space Eggplant x10

Fire Victory Torpedo

  • Space Pepper x10, Space Carrot x30, Space Eggplant x20

Thunder Victory Torpedo

  • Space Pepper x30, Space Carrot x10, Space Eggplant x20

Shocking Red

  • Space Pepper x10, Space Carrot x10, Space Eggplant x10

Wonderful Card

  • Space Pepper x30, Space Carrot x30, Space Eggplant x30

The Wonderful 101 Enemy Weapons

Enemy Weapons are dropped by some enemies and are rather powerful. However, they are limited and break after only a few uses. You can’t use the leaders unite morph while holding one of these but the others can.

Chew Dough-Goo Fists
Similar to the Unite Hand, these fists can deal quite a bit of damage, but are inferior to the full Unite Hand.

Dahkarts Tail
The Dahkarts Tail is similar to the Unite Whip, and very, very fast. Useful for engagements at range.

Hoedown Cannon
It’s a cannon that fires quite quickly. It’s armor piercing, although it cant break through the shell of the Gehdown and Gedie Dough-Goo.

Raydown Cannon
Unlike the Hoedown, this cannon fires a continuous laser beam that can cut through most targets. It is weaker than the Hoedown though.

Ankho Chainsword
Works similarly to the Unite Sword, but is slower. However, due to the serrated edges, it can deal havoc inside the enemy if it pierces them.

Doora Claws
A slow moving, one shot weapon that deals enormous damage if it hits.

Surey Doora Throwing Star
This is almost identical to the Doora Claws except for the fact that the star pierces through enemies and hits the ones standing behind them.

Gurry Doora Drills
This is the strongest Doora weapon available to you. It deals heavy damage and also ignores armor, making it an excellent and useful weapon.

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