Telltale Has High Expectation From ‘The Wolf Among Us’

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It should not come as a surprise that writer of Telltale games; Pierre Shorette, is working tirelessly on the forthcoming ‘The Wolf Among Us’. After the huge success of ‘The Walking Dead’, the expectations from this venture are high enough to make everyone at the studio feel pressurized. And that includes Shorette as well!

“When I started, we had a table that all of the Game of the Year awards arrived on, and it happened to be right next to my desk. Sometimes they’d show up on my desk — in front of my monitor. I’ve definitely felt this pressure. And it should be there, because Walking Dead was fantastic.”

‘The Wolf Among Us’ is based on a comic named Fables which launched a year before ‘The Walking Dead’. But the concept of taking ‘The Wolf Among Us’ TV and cinema petered out over the course of time. May be because the story is weird enough. I mean; introducing characters from a fairy-tale into the real world of New York City; no one is going to buy that. Still Shorette likes to think otherwise and his statement reflects that:

“I think that in a period where you have Once Upon a Time, Grimm, tons of fairy tale-related movies coming out, it feels like we’re hitting a pocket where we don’t have to explain as much as we would have had to 10 years ago.”

If you have had the chance of going through the comic; then you must know that it revolves around a mystery surrounding a murder and the game follows the exact same path.

“We base it around this detective story, which people can latch onto, and then you on-board the Fables element.”

The inclusion of one of the biggest highlight of the ‘The Walking Dead’ i.e. decision making will be featured in the game. The game will take your every choice into consideration and Shorette promises that the players will feel like they’re making those decisions in real life.

The story of ‘The Wolf Among Us’ revolves around a character named Bigby Wolf who is a lawman in a dominion of fairy-tale characters. And it’s totally up to players whether they would like to keep him as a law-abiding enforcer or unleash the beast inside him. Along with that, players will be able to interact with other characters in a number of ways.

From what we have heard is that the mechanics of the game closely resemble ‘The Walking Dead’. And as for battling and interacting with other characters; it has been made quite emphatic. The game still requires of you to find some hints and solve a puzzle but you would be mainly assisting the other characters in solving the puzzle rather than doing that yourself.

“We want it to feel organic. I don’t want you to feel like ‘This is story time, this is game time. I don’t think you can classify [The Wolf Among Us] as an adventure game. It’s almost a genre unto itself.”

So it all comes down to this; what makes ‘The Wolf Among Us’ unique and different from ‘The Walking Dead’ and how the fans will react to this!? For me, it would interesting to see how the same story narrating engine will work out on this new genre!? And with the second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ close at hand; you can always switch to it, in case ‘The Wolf Among Us’ turns out to be a disappointment for you.

‘The Wolf Among Us’ is scheduled to release either in late September or October for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, and Mac.

Arslan is a competitive Tekken and Call of Duty player and crushes pretty much everyone at the office in these games. He loves reading and writing about games and is deathly allergic to half-boiled potatoes.

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