FFXIV Online: ARR Leveling Up Guide – How To Level Up Fast

By   /   Aug 30, 2013

Depending upon the class that players choose to have in the game, they spawn in some particular locations. For a quick breakdown of these locations/classes system, read below:

  • Gridania: Archer, Conjurer, and Lancer
  • Limsa Lominsa: Arcanist and Marauder
  • Ul’Dah: Thaumaturged, Gladiator, and Pugilist

The locations I mentioned above are correlated with the class players choose, and this is where players will larn all the basic mechanism of the game but that only lasts until players have reached level 15.

We have compiled a list of some tips that will come in handy while considering to level up. It is very important to keep track of your weapons and armor quests so as to keep them nouveau.

Purchasing weapons and armor during the first 15 levels is not recommended at all. As I have afore mentioned, classes and starting locations are tied to each other, and players will not be able to leave their starting location, unless they have unlocked Airship quest.

Having food with you at all times is recommended.

FFXIV Online: ARR Leveling Up 1 – 15

Leveling up from level 1-5 is nothing but a bit of running and completing quests. It is during these levels when the players will get Class Guild and Aethernet Points. Hunting Log also unlocks at level 5. The Hunting Log requires you to kill certain enemies in order to gain XP.

All that is needed to level up from level 6 to 15 is keeping up with the campaign and keeping track of stories. Levequests and Guildhests are unlocked at level 10. Levequests also require players to do certain tasks but these are a lot more daunting than the Hunting Log. In Levequests, players can be asked to do a variety of things within a limited time frame.

Whereas, Guildhests are group activities, which supply great amount of XP and GIL to players. These can also be done repeatedly for some extra XP.

Note: Keeping track of your main campaign, completing F.A.T.E.s, Hunting Logs, and other side quests will help you level up fastly.

The F.A.T.E.s you’re expected to find in the areas at your disposal during these level are:

Western Thanalan
Scorpion Crossing will have 3 fates.

Central Thanalan
Southwest of Black Brush Station will have around 4 or 5 F.A.T.E.s.

Lower La Noscea
South of Red Rooster Stead will have 3 or 4 F.A.T.E.s.

Middle La Noscea
South of Summerford Farms will have around 3 or 4 F.A.T.E.s.

Central Shroud
Zone out of Gridania will have around 3 or 4 F.A.T.E.s.

North Shroud
Zone out of Gridania will have around 2 or 3 F.A.T.E.s.

FFXIV Online: ARR Leveling Up 16 – 20

I can’t stress more on the significance of keeping the track of Main Scenario. Players following their main quests will be able to move around the world by the end of level 15.

Note: Players can also opt for Alternative Classes. However, doing this will revert the player level to 1 and players will have to level up all over again.

The Main Scenario takes players to three different dungeons. Players are required to talk to the NPC standing at the gate of the dungeon to unlock it. And then there are Instances; which can be played repeatedly and will provide you with decent XP and drop rate.

Complete these Instances along with Main Scenario and Hunting Logs. Leveling up through the Main Scenario will unlock more playable instances around level 20.

Note: Dungeons are repeatable in terms of playing so make sure to get advantage of that while leveling up. In addition to that, completing Hunter Logs, Main Scenario, and F.A.T.E.s will help a ton.

The F.A.T.E.s you’re expected to find in the areas at your disposal during these level are:

Western Thanalan
West of Scorpion Crossing will have about 5 to 8 F.A.T.E.s.

Central Thanalan
Black Brush Station will have about 4 to 6 F.A.T.E.s.

Lower La Noscea
North of Red Rooster Stead will have about 4 to 5 F.A.T.E.s

Middle La Noscea
West of Summerford Farms will have around 4 to 6 F.A.T.E.s.

Central Shroud
Bannock will have about 4 to 5 F.A.T.E.s.

North Shroud
South of Hyrstmill will have about 4 to 6 F.A.T.E.s.

FFXIV Online: ARR Leveling Up 21 – 25

This is where players will be acquainted with the Grand Companies. There are a total of three and players will have to choose one. The best bet here is to read about them all before picking up one.

After you have chosen the Grand Company that suits your class the best; you will be presented with a number of new Hunting Logs and quests; precisely, more ways to level up.

Another thing you will receive during these levels is your very own Chocobo. With Chocobos at your side, you would be able to train them to fight alongside you, which come in very handy during tight situation, and they would also help you reach farthest areas in no time.

At the third phase of leveling up, there is only one instance that you will unlock and i.e. Thousand Maws Tot-Rak, which unlocks at level 23. And like afore mentioned, try to do as much F.A.T.E.s, Hunting Logs, and Main Scenario as you can to level up fast.

The F.A.T.E.s you’re expected to find in the areas at your disposal during these level are:

Western Thanalan
North of Vesper Bay will have around 5 F.A.T.E.s that you could complete.

Upper La Noscea
This zone has about 1 or 2 F.A.T.E.s.

East Shroud
North of Hawthorne Hut holds about 2 to 3 F.A.T.E.s that can be done.

South Shroud
East and West of Quarrymill will allow you to complete 6 to 8 F.A.T.E.s.

FFXIV Online: ARR Leveling Up 25 – 35

In my opinion, the best way to level up fast is by completing Main Scenario and picking up any Hunting Logs, Levequests, and other quests along the way. And it is on level 29 when you will be presented with your next Instance i.e. Haukke Manor.

Start it and you will instantaneously observe the level of difficulty it has to offer! However, the difficulty is totally worth it when it comes to XP and other items. A Job will also be available at level 30 but to get it, you will be required to level up in an Alternative Class.

The breakdown of these jobs is given below:

White Mage
Level 30 for Conjurer and Level 15 for Arcanist.

Level 30 for Arcanist and Level 15 for Conjurer.

Level 30 for Arcanist and Level 15 for Thaumaturge.

Level 30 for Archer and Level 15 for Conjurer.

Level 30 for Gladiator and Level 15 for Conjurer.

Level 30 for Lancer and Level 15 for Marauder.

Level 30 for Marauder and Level 15 for Gladiator.

Level 30 for Pugilist and Level 15 for Lancer.

Black Mage
Level 30 for Thaumaturge and Level 15 for Archer.

Leveling up to Level 32 will unlock another instance, i.e. Brayflox’s Longstop, which is good enough to take you to level 35 but all it asks for is good team play between you and other players. You will get loads of XP with some useful items.

As leveling up at these levels is quite a tedious task, there are some tips, which will definitely help you out!

This is the time when you should choose your F.A.T.E.s more with kid gloves. Try to have a cooperative group of at least eight people with you all the time. Furthermore, some F.A.T.E.s grant more XP than the others. So it is best to do a bit of research about them before taking on them.

You also don’t have to stick to a F.A.T.E. till the very end. Try maximizing the amount of XP you gain by completing a F.A.T.E. till 75% and then moving on to the next. The F.A.T.E.s you’re expected to find in the areas at your disposal during these level are:

Eastern Thanalan
Highbridge zone has total of 5 F.A.T.E.s.

Southern Thanalan
Little Ala Mhigo have a total of 6 F.A.T.E.s to gain XP and level up.

North Shroud
West of Fallgourd Float have about 4 F.A.T.E.s that can be completed.

South Shroud
3 to 5 F.A.T.E.s can be found in Quarrymill.

Work-in-progress! We will keep on adding more information about leveling up in the days to come. In the meanwhile, if you have any query, comment below and we will get back to you!

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