Lost Planet 3 Crashes, Errors, Tweaks, Graphics and Performance Fixes

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The original Lost Planet was good and sequel didn’t do a bad job either. Now, we have Lost Planet 3 at our hands hoping to live up to the expectations of fans and critics alike.

It seems to be a polished product but there are some bugs that can annoy people a lot especially just after launch. So if you are looking for solutions or tweaks related to Lost Planet 3, you browse through the workarounds listed below:

#1 Lost Planet 3 Preload not Working
It happens most of the time when you try to pre-load a game without restarting Steam. So yes, all you need to do is restart Steam and your pre-load should just work fine.

#2 Lost Planet 3 Crashes on Startup
Users have reported that the game is being crashed on startup and something is wrong with the binkw32.dll file as shown by the windows activity log. You can go around this crash in the following manner:

  • First, you need to disable intro videos. You can take help from point #3 of this guide to do that.
  • After the intro videos are gone, you will be able to enter the menu screen without any crash. Don’t start a new game yet.
  • You should change your game’s interface to the windowed mode.
  • Start a new game now. If the game doesn’t crash, you can switch it back to the full screen by pressing Alt+Enter.

#3 Lost Planet 3 – How to Disable Intro Videos
In order to skip the intro videos, first you need to locate the file that can be found in Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Lost Planet 3\LostPlanetGame\Movies.

The Last Guardian
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In the folder, following files are needed to be deleted or renamed.


Next, you should go to MoviesPC folder and then delete or rename the following files:


Make sure to make backups of these files before changing anything so if something goes wrong, you can reverse it.

#4 Lost Planet 3 Low Quality Cutscenes?
For the time being the cutscenes by default render at 720p. However, a support member from Capcom has passed on a statement giving hope that the high resolution content can be expected via DLC or direct update. So, stay tuned.

#5 How to Adjust FOV in Lost Planet 3
If you aren’t contented with the default FOV value of Lost Planet 3, there is a way to customize it.

  • First, navigate to the config folder location (Documents\My Games\LostPlanetGame\LostPlanetGame\Config\).
  • Now open the file named KeyMappings.INI using notepad.
  • You need to enter the following command line at the end of this file:

=FOV xxx,yyy,,False,False,False,False

XXX are the letters you need to replace with the desired FOV value. yyy stand for the key you will use to activate it.

This customization however, may cause your game to crash so make sure that you make a backup of your original config file before making any changes.

#6 Lost Planet 3 How to Remove FPS Cap
The default FPS cap can also be removed by editing the config file named LostPlanetEngine.ini which can be found in \Documents\My Games\LostPlanetGame\LostPlanetGame\Config\.

  • Open the file using a text editor.
  • Find the line that says: bSmoothFrameRate=True.
  • You need to change the “True” value to False.
  • Save the changes and mark the file to “Read Only” to make it work.

If you come across any other issues, comment and we will try to help you out!

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