Saints Row 4 Crashes, Errors, Tweaks, Controls and Fixes

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The saints are back and this time, they are running things officially for the United States. It makes my brain blow away when I think an organization like the Saints governing the state (yes, even in the video game). But again, if there is no craziness, we can’t call it a Saints Row game.

Saints Row 4 has just been released on PC along with the consoles so those of you who were anticipating this game shouldn’t waste any time and try it out.

Overall, the game does justice but there can be some users facing minor issues which can spoil the fun.

If you are looking for a solution related to some problem, look for workarounds in our troubleshooting guide that follows:

#1 Saints Row 4 Controller Fix
Some users have reported that they haven’t been able to make their controller work with the game as it somehow doesn’t recognize the buttons probably.

Xbox One PS4
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If that’s the case, I will first recommend that you unplug your controller and then plug it back in while the game is not running. If that doesn’t help, you should make sure that no additional controller (USB) or pad is connected with your PC.

If there are any other controllers, disconnect them and if it’s possible, uninstall any third party software associated with them. Simply disabling those controllers can also do the work but if it doesn’t, disable them to resolve the issue.

#2 Saints Row 4 Missing Executable File
The fix is simple – all you need to do is restart your Steam and you will be able to play it.

#3 Saints Row 4 Buy a Gun Mission Fix
If you are stuck on the “Buy a Gun” mission in Saints Row 4, you should make sure that after purchasing a gun, you customize it too. I am not sure whether this is a bug or it was intended that way.

Either way, weapon customization will get you through.

#4 Saints Row 4 Black Screen Fix
The issue is primarily related to GFX drivers. Usually, updating your drivers to the latest fixes the issue. If you are out of options, sometimes, rolling back a driver version can also help to stabilize the game’s performance.

#5 Saints Row 4 Inauguration Station Not Working Error
If you have come across this error, I will recommend you a driver update for your graphics card. If it still doesn’t help, you should verify your game’s cache and see if there were any bad files to be replaced.

You can delete the Inauguration Station manually and then run the cache check to fix the issue.

#6 Saints Row 4 – How to Import SR3 Character to Saints Row 4
If you aren’t sure about that, follow these simple steps to get it done:

  • First, export your character to the SR community site.
  • Log into the SR community site directly.
  • Add the uploaded character to your queue.
  • Go to Image as Designed/the creation menu, and then select download your character.
  • Select your character and you are good to go.

#7 Saints Row 4 – The Game Won’t Load
If you have been unable to run the game by any means and it keeps on shutting down, you should try running it in the windowed mode.

#8 Saints Row 4 Missing Sound Effects Fix
I am not sure that to what extent it can be useful but I think it’s worth of sharing. If you are experiencing sound problems, start a music track on a media player in the background and keep it paused.

#9 Saints Row 4 – The Save File Not Working
If you have been unable to save any game in SR4, I will recommend that you restart your PC and Steam. Also, try validating your game files to see if something is missing.

#10 Saints Row 4 – Radio Not Working
Some users have reported that either their in-game radio won’t start or it won’t shut down while driving. It can be a bug and if you want it to work properly, use the default keys to switch the radio on or off as the changing the keys seems to break the function.

Don’t forget to share your results or workarounds for any of these issues in the comments. If you are facing an issue that isn’t listed, just comment and we will try to help you out!

Being the managing editor, Ali manages a lot of the editorial duties as well as publishing stories for you. A long-time gamer, his favorite game series is the Gears of War but when he's not gaming he likes to kick back with a few popular animes like Naruto.

  • Georgie Rodrigues

    My whole game is just broken. I went to play it, and when I went into the ship, I was bald. When I went back in the Sim. I was naked. Then my character would get stuck and not move. Please help

  • jesus

    My game glitched out on my ps3 sr4 when I’m on the mission to save matt my much suit disappears in the beginning

  • Rizon

    when i play saints row 4. it works but at the ZERO COOL mission i can’t use the armor what should i do

  • Eric

    I have been trying to find away around this stupid, pointless infinite loading screen on my PS3. Every time I get so far in the game the save gets corrupted or something and when I go to load the game the $%*^ing piece of #$%@ goes into an infinite loading loop that can only be existed by leaving the game. Its a game killer all the way. I cannot find a solution and I might as well have a Frisbee if the fing piece of crap does not stop this annoying as hell infinite loading screen.

  • Crystal

    Hello i need help with something i’m and Xbox 360 user and i play saints row 4 alot and i’m doing the quest where you save Matt Miller from Zinzaks ship and and when i get myself and him safely on our own ship we both get on the guns to shoot the alien ships chasing us but after shooting down two of those ships our ship itself gets stuck it stops half way and doesn’t move can anyone help me figure out why or help me fix the problem because i want to finish the quest so i can do others but i can’t do that because the ship keeps stopping and doesn’t move thank you

  • nav

    restart ur pc and steam. wat does steam mean in computers?..

  • Leighton Lanzetta

    what about for ps3 i go to the The Broken Shillelagh and the cut seen flashs and stops and im still in front of the biuilding it wont go to the cut seen

  • Frederick Manuel

    Ok I have a problem in the main story line. In zero cool my mech disappears right when the mission starts. Anyways to fix this?

  • No Name

    I have a problem. In my zero cool mission, my mech disappears as soon as the mission starts. Is there any way to fix this?

  • VinRoo

    Hey, I’m an xbox 360 user and I’ve got a problem in the Side Quest Shaundi Loyalty Mission called Girls Night Out. You know; the one where she gets her super powers and becomes a Super Homie. The problem is that when I have to kill the real Veteran Child at the end of the mission, I have to use the Y button on the controller to finish him off but the Y button won’t respond. Even if I use another controller or shutdown the xbox and turn the xbox on again it still won’t work. This way I will never be able to reach a 100% because the loyalty missions, among other things are needed to complete the game and get a 100%.

  • AA

    The escape Fix: the gates close imediately, lower the resolutio it works

  • random

    i bought the game on steam and when i press play it just dosent do anything

  • SuperMarioStar

    On the PC, the first time I launched the game, everything worked fine. However, afterwards, games do not save or load, not even the autosaves. Whenever I tried to save, it would come with the “Saving” screen for a while, then it would stop and nothing would save. Any help would be gladly appreciated.

  • Khalen

    Pc user here, on the last mission when I have to protect the Key, for some reason I am controlling the truck, when in fact I am supposed to be protecting the key. Anyone know why this is happening?

  • rbf

    every time i go to image as designed, and select download character, it freezes

  • Usman Mughal

    I have a Problem in “Matt Miller’s” mission “ZERO COOL” :(

    the Game is stuck on ship defending plzzzzzz help any onw plzzzzzz

    • rattlesnake_906

      try the fix mentioned above related to Matt Miller.

  • Renee

    Xbox360 user here, when trying to rescue Matt miller from the ship, I land in my mech suit and then it disappears!? Can’t finish the mission without it!!!! Any ideas on this glitch??

    • robin

      Also xbox360 user here, same thing with me. i’m in the very next day mission. when I should start in my mech, i start as my character. I can’t complete as character because i need to make some big jumps. this really sucks. Tried the mission again over and over. By now all other side quests ETc. are done. I really want to continue the story but I can’t I have used 2 cheats. all unlockables and the cash cheat. anyone know what to do?

  • cole

    in the matt’s back mission my suit disappears.. help im using the xbox 360 version

  • LiquidxDIAMONDZ

    My game stops responding after the load screen.

  • simomares294

    PS3 user here.. I´m in “Matt´s back” and when i finally get picked up by kinzie in the ship and i have to shoot the turret, the ship suddenly stops and won’t move. I can however keep on playing (exiting the mission) and everything. But i can´t complete the mission due to this problem. Any help? please.

  • HHolmes

    I have only been playing for 2 days on the 360. The game freezes every time I use the jump button. Can’t even progress past tutorials. I have read mostly negative comments about the game constantly freezing. My suggestion…leave it in the store. I was a die hard Saints Row fan until this. Programmers are in such a rush to make a dollar that they didn’t bother to put in the work knowing that fans like my self would rush out and buy the game. A million sales in one week…yeah be proud of that, but they should be ashamed to put this game out knowing it was bugged to death.

  • rattlesnake_906

    What are your system specs? Are your drivers up to date?

  • rattlesnake_906

    I am not sure about the console issue as i haven’t been able to produce this issue on my end. Does anyone else has something on it?

  • Sino

    All unlocked weapons disappeared from friendly fire after completing the last mission, merica gun included! Help, please. :(

  • richi

    i did it too, but i had a crash when on save ben king mission, can anyone help me?

  • rattlesnake_906

    For those who are facing issues related to mat miller’s mission, give the workaround given by Libor Čech a shot.

  • Tommy 1

    I’m on xbox 360. After saving Ben King my game keeps freezing. This has happened 6 times already! I have to shut off the xbox and restart it but if I play the save Ben King mission it just freezes again! I pre ordered this game almost a year ago, picked it up the day it was released and spent 4 sleepless days playing it. You guys need to fix this already. Thank God GTA will be out soon!

  • Jessiie

    iv had a problem tryin to play the game one mission if i die i end up stuck in one place n cnt move wht cud i do

  • Jon

    My loading screen freezes after Roddy beats the crap out of Keith and asks where Kinzie is.

    • rattlesnake_906

      Your PC specs?

  • Guest

    I have been playing SR IV on my PS3 and it has been working fine until today when it keeps crashing. I then have to turn off my machine and start it again, it lets me get past the bit that it crashed on but then crashes again sometime later. It’s getting quite annoying, any suggestions?

  • Dandingo

    I’m playing Saints Row IV on my ps3 which was working well for a while and now it freezes randomly. I then have to turn my ps3 off and back on again and then it works again until I get further on and then freezes again, it’s getting quite annoying.

  • Libor Čech

    For fixing any bugs in Matt Miller mission or in entire game :
    1.Turn off internet connection
    2.Start game as administrator

    3.Vote if works

    • Red

      How about the Xbox 360? That’s what i am having trouble with.

  • helppp

    i have restarted my steam with ofline mode and loged out still dosnt work help please!!!

  • Jimmy

    In need help on my ps3 the radio for talking to people is broken i hear myself but everyone else is mute

  • Tudor

    When I launch it nothing happens!!!

    • random

      thats exactly what happens to me

  • Hair hawk

    We are frozen at the girl hates the fifty at the end when trying to load help

  • waldo

    Doing a girl that’s hates the 50s and when I enter the office I’m stuck at the loading screen

  • annoyed

    I got past this by lowering the resolution of my PC alot. it sucks but got me past it. Sadly now I have a new bug of I select a store to hack it, or return to the ship. *sigh*

    • ajbaj

      yes,i did that too and it worked thanks.Now i’m having a crash with Matt Miller mission.

  • rush2sk8

    Saints Row IV Stopped working after I have successfully saved Matt Miller. Can someone help? Also i tried verifing integrity. It did nothing . can someone please help. It just turns black and stops working.

  • Sinisterwheat

    Help D: i started up the game for the first time and when i clicked ”New game” it said: ”The Device you selected does not have enough space to save, i searched everywhere to find how to fix it untill i ended up here… plz help D:

  • Cwillll2024

    Ps3 user here. So I’m on the “girl who hates the 50’s” mission and I’m able to play the beginning stages of the mission up until the point of goin into an office to pursue Keith David. Anyone with a solution would be much appreciated.

    • Logan

      Hi I have that same issue on the Xbox have you figured your problem out yet

    • Hairhawk

      I am having problem on same board but after I pass the board it gets stuck in

    • TheFonesMassive

      I’m having that same problem on 360 just a constant loading screen :(

    • Juan

      Don’t use explosives!
      Use just guns in that mission, it will fix the problem!

  • coglione fanculo

    the game stop work at the matt miller’s quest!!! help!!!

    • rush2sk8

      this happened to me too!!

  • Iyah

    Saints Row IV Stopped working after I have successfully saved Matt Miller. Can someone help?

    • coglione fanculo


    • Michael

      Same here for me !
      Its something todo with the mechsuit, ive used the mechsuit cheat aswell and when i use the mechsuit when screwin arround in town and soon as i try to get out it crash the game!

    • rush2sk8

      this happened to me too . I think that part of the game i corrupt help!!

  • SonicNiGHT

    deleting the day 1 patch worked for buying a gun :)

  • SonicNiGHT

    Xbox 360 user here, stuck on the buy a gun, tried your advice, didn’t work. gunna try deleting the day 1 patch and restarting my game, will reply if it fixes.

    • Iyah

      You actually have to upgrade one of the guns to pass the mission. Don’t worry, it’s cheap.

  • ss413

    Issues on my end are mostly graphical, however the following weapons are for some reason not available for purchase in Friendly Fire: RPG (regular), Sniper Rifle, Stun Gun, baseball bat, and the miniguns that the death bots have. Any way I can fix this?

  • Chris

    I did the first two quests and now my game is stuck on the loading screen Note: I’m on Xbox not PC or PS3

  • daniel shaw

    not saving saints row 4 ?

  • omar

    my game isnot runing

    • random

      same here

  • dr3wfr4nk

    Buy a Gun mission is broken for me even when I customize a gun. This game is such a piece of shit. I think I’m going to return it. First time I’ve ever done that with a game.

  • rattlesnake_906

    Verify the integrity of game files?

  • jjyyuu

    I’m playing the “Real World” mission and my ship isn’t fast enough to actually get through the doors at the end of the spaceship portion.

    • thisshitsometimes

      Same here. :/ It’s really irritating. I’ve tried just about everything.

    • Curiousvalkyrie

      Me too, the weird thing about it is I tried watching a let’s play online to see what I was doing wrong, and THE NUMBER OF DOORS/PLACEMENT IS DIFFERENT. I’m wondering if it’s somehow involved with my pre-loading the game, so I’m trying to reinstall the game.

      • mrduckman23

        I passed it i just put in the fast forward cheat i i zoomed past the closing door i really worked try it

      • Fred

        Nah, just set to the slowest resolution and i bet you’ll pass it in a shot.

    • amal rajan

      try reducing your resolution or
      go to controlls and edit the key of space ship to right roll or left works 100%

  • hi

    zin ship problem… can’t seem to get past the doors, i’m too slow.

    • ajbaj

      Lower the resolution and video settings,that’ll fix it.

  • Colin

    What about the car audio? It doesn’t make any sound until I am in top gear, only to rev to the limit and cut off again…is there a fix to this?

    • Laue

      yep, there’s a quick fix
      load a video on youtube, put it on pause and enter the game
      don’t know why but it works

  • kenwolf

    some bug made it so it restarted to the first tutorial mission and made me lose my powers permanently.

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