Payday 2 Framing Frame Heist Walkthrough Guide – Pro, Stealth and Overkill

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One of the more entertaining (and lengthy) heists in Payday 2 is ‘Framing Frame’.

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Payday 2 Framing Frame Heist Walkthrough

What makes this heist so cool is that it has heavy emphasis on team work and stealth. It is possible to execute the heist without stealth, but the consequences are immediately noticeable in the second and third day of the heist.

Basically, contractor Elephant wants you to do two jobs in one go, starting with stealing some pricey paints from an art gallery. Now, let’s have a look at Day 1, when you’re set on doing exactly that.

Day #1

So, you start off on the gallery.

There are multiple ways to enter the place, of which the most commonly preferred is through the toilet windows. However, the best place to actually enter is the main entrance itself, because you have a much better shot at remaining undetected once you take the guard at the front desk hostage.

Once you manage to do that, it’s time to do a clean sweep of the entire area. The gallery will probably have three or four more guards. Have a couple of guys clear them out with silencers. Make sure that it’s clean and quiet, and done before they notice your presence.

Remember to answer the Pager. Here, the Mastermind’s Smooth Talker skill can really come in super-handy because of the large amount of guards there are.

Be careful of the cameras. Just about every part of the gallery and every red-marked painting (which are the ones you need to steal) has a camera.

Don’t kill guards within the camera’s field of view. You can use your ECM Jammer, but the best thing to do is to hit the camera (not shoot) to disable it. Do this only after you have taken out all the guards!

Once that is done, it’s all down to collecting paintings. Make sure you collect more than six, and make sure you weren’t detected. Now, it’s time for Day 2.

Day #2

Day 2 is fairly simple, especially if you were successful at being stealthy and managed to collect six paintings. Answer the phone, put the paintings on the table, and throw the bags on the roof.

Now, it’s time to leave. You’ll have to go through an abandoned warehouse.

If you screwed things up on Day 1, there is a very high chance that the FBI or SWAT will ambush you. This can also happen if you collected less than six paintings.

Day #3

Day 3 is pretty complex.

If you have the Mastermind’s Smooth Talker skill, then you will probably have a lot of advantage. You can start off in the same manner as in Day 1, by taking one guard as hostage.

Next, take out the remaining guards in the entire area. Since this place has multiple levels, guards directly above or below you can often even hear silenced shots. Thus, try to take them out with melee attacks while being undetected.

The best place to dispose of the bodies is where you started the mission i.e. on the rooftop area. Guards do tend to come to the rooftop, but they’ll often overlook the upper part of the roof, which should be the place to pile up bodies.

Now, for the items that you need to find.

The reason I recommend sweeping the place and eliminating all guards is because the key items can be scattered anywhere in map. You’ll have to search every nook and corner for the five items. Make sure the search is thorough.

Check the cameras on the roof if you’re having problems finding a certain item; perhaps you’ll spot it there.

Once you have the items, go to the roof and gain access to the camera for the safe area. It’s located behind a movable bookshelf. The problem is that there are multiple bookshelves, and right bookshelf is completely random.

Once again, you’ll have go around the entire place and search for it.

Once you find the bookshelf (and hence the safe), you will need to transport coke down to it. Often there is gold there also, but it is protected by laser trip alarms. If you’re playing with a team, have one of your characters go back up to the computers and turn off the laser trip (it turns off only for short durations, so you can’t do this during a solo run).

Once all this is done, it’s time to say goodbye and enjoy the rewards. Don’t forget to share your tips and strategies with us by commenting below!

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  • helacious

    This mission can be stealthed solo, with patience (and a silenced weapon). Its worth the time. It can be done on VH or Overkill without seeing a single cop from as low as level 21-22, and even if your level’s in the 40s, you’ll go up at least one level every time. Not to mention get loads of cash.

    From the Mastermind tree, you must own Smooth Talker, and owning/acing Dominator helps. From the Ghost tree, you must ace Cleaner. Owning Chameleon is pretty helpful, but not necessary, and owing/acing Shinobi is convenient, but not at all necessary.

    Day 1: Take the spiral stairs on the right of the building up to the roof and look through the skylights into Hall E to find the camera – this knowledge helps later. Go back down the stairs and pick the bathroom door lock. Be ready to shoot, because guards frequently check the bathroom.

    There is one guard at the front desk who doesn’t walk around, and typically four guards patrolling the galleries (Halls A-E). There are cameras in every Hall, and one randomly placed in either the two connector hallways to the lobby or the lobby itself. This means that sneaking through the Halls killing guards is difficult, because you have to take the time to eliminate a camera first, then kill the guard, then answer his pager, all without having another guard come across you while you’re busy. Its not impossible, but you risk having to restart a few times.

    A much easier way (and sometimes much slower, hence the patience) is to wait for the guards to check the bathroom where you entered. They walk all the way in, so you can shoot them, answer the pager, bag and dispose of the body without worrying about cameras or other guards seeing you from the open doorways in the art Halls. Even if another guard walks in on you, you’ll have a better chance to off him unseen in the bathroom than in the open spaces of the Halls.

    Once you’ve killed two or three roaming guards this way, you can move into Hall E, quickly shoot the camera that you found earlier, and lay in wait for the remaining guard(s). More aggressively, you can move into Hall D and beyond to force the hunt – just watch out for cameras and be aware that you’ll eventually be stopped by a doorway protected by laser alarm. I usually play it safe and cap the last guard in Hall E, then go back to the roof to take out the cameras in every other Hall through the skylights (or you can just shoot them as you enter the Halls, if you’re quick).

    For the last guard in the lobby, it helps to know where the camera is before you Dominate him. If its in the connector hallway that leads from the bathroom, then your job is easy. Take out the camera on your way out of Hall E and head right at the lobby guard, yelling at him to get down. With the Dominator skill, he should readily submit. You can’t shoot him because you can only answer four pagers, which you used up on the roaming guards.

    If you don’t see the camera, go around to the front of the museum, pick the door lock and scout around the lobby. If there’s still no camera to be found, its likely in the connector hallway opposite the one that leads from the bathroom. You can just walk thru the lobby to the guard desk and quickly spot and shoot the camera while dominating the guard, or you take it safe by dropping in to Hall A or B from a roof skylight (there’s usually something to land on, like a partition or statue; also, you can’t just walk all the way thru from Hall E b/c of the laser alarm) and easily locate and take out the camera on your way into the lobby from the hallway.

    Once all that is done, the rest is just finding and moving paintings.

    Day 2: The only wrinkle is that once you’ve received the cash, run through the warehouse to the street on the other side. There will be three civilians there – dominate and zip tie/kill them quickly before they call the police. Then you can safely move the cash.

    Day 3: Like the museum, you have to deal with the five guard and camera combo again, only this time, they’re much less predictable. Soloing this is a bit challenging, but with some luck (and maybe a few restarts) you can pull it off. You start out on the upper roof – the lower roof is accessed by three doors. You can watch the lower roof from the stairs leading from upper to lower, or snip holes in the chainlink fence on the right side of the upper roof and watch/drop down from there. Guards will come up and patrol the lower roof, giving you an opportunity to take them out one by one. Sometimes another guard will show up while you’re busy answering a pager or moving a body – getting out of this situation is challenging – but most of the time they show up individually.

    Kill at least three this way and then you can move into the house to get the remaining. The office is a good entry point, just check your painting camara to see if there are any security cameras in the office first – sometimes there’s one just inside the roof door. Once you’ve killed/dominated the last guards and shot out the cameras (usually in stairway halls or above doorways), you’re in the clear.

    The only drawback to soloing, besides the guard waiting game, is that the safe is frequently located be on the lower floor, making it very difficult to turn off the lasers, get in to the safe and get a bag of gold out by yourself before the laser alarm comes back on. Still, even without the gold, the cash and xp is quite good.