Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Boss Guide – Real and Dream World

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If your Mammoshka has a spiked helmet, avoid using Jump Attacks and use Hammer Attacks and other ground attack primarily. When done enough damage, Mammoshka will come out of its red shell and will make a dash from Mario and Luigi, all you need to do now is to press A or B when prompter and you will finish off this enemy in no time.

Note: You will encounter this enemy in Mount Pajamaja.

Although Grobot is one of the toughest bosses in the game, it can be damaged massively using 3D Red Shell and 3D Green Shell attacks. Make sure to use Syrup Jar from time to time in order to refill your BP to use your Special Attacks again. Special Attacks are the easiest way to defeat this boss.

Grobot has a few attacks at its disposal which can do a lot of damage to you. If he comes on charging at you, use your Hammer Attack to knock him back. It will also throw some small blue bubbles in your way, jump over them to avoid the damage.

In another attack, Grobot will come bearing down at you. Keep on jumping to evade this move and be done with this battle.
Note: You will come across this boss in Mushrise Park.

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Dreamy Bowser
Both of the arms of Dreamy Bowser can be separately attacked. However, it is always advised to pore your attention to its right arm first as it will use this arm to deflect your incoming attacks.

But don’t even think about targeting its right arm merely with Hammer Attacks or Jump Attacks. Use your special attacks like Luigi’s Sky Rocket and Mario’s Jet-Board Bash to do the maximum amount of damage. Once you have deprived this enemy of his right arm, use your Zee Egg to finish it off.

Note: You will come across this enemy in Neo Bowser Castle.

Dream World Bosses

Mario and Luigi will come across Antasma in Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle.

Just as the battle with this boss begins, brace yourself to attack this boss as it will make several dead ringers of itself. Try to avoid the purple energy ball that it will throw towards to you. Then use a powerful special attack such as Luiginary Wall or Luiginary Typhoon to do the maximum amount of damage to this enemy.

Antasma will also transform into several bats sometimes. Make sure to evade them as they come towards you. However, it is not necessary to jump evade every bat. Just evade those who come directly at you.

If you get hit by these bats, you will fall asleep and will be trapped into your dreams forever.

Big Massif
You will encounter Big Massif in Dreamy Wakeport.

Just like the name suggests, Big Massif has a lot of HP at its disposal and also damages in the similar fashion. While battling this enemy, always be ready to hammer down the large stone it will throw your way.

Using some special attacks like Luiginary Stack and Luiginary Ball will allow you to deal maximum damage to this enemy. Why I advise you to use special attacks instead of simple Jumping Attacks and Hammer Attacks is because special attacks do far more damage than normal attacks.

You should also have Syrup Jar if you plan on defeating this enemy with Luiginary Attacks to replenish your BP. Also note that Big Massif can form a stack of its own and hit you with it; use your Jump Moves to avoid that.

Mario and Luigi will come across this enemy in Dream’s Deep.

Your best bet when it comes to defeating this enemy is the usage of Luiginary Ball. Spam this move in order to do maximum damage on this enemy. And as you know, you can always use Syrup Jar if you run low on BP to replenish it.

Bowser will use its flame attacks on you which you can evade by jumping and use your Hammer Attack to do a little damage on this enemy. Don’t ever make a mistake of getting hit by these flames as these can do a lot of damage.

If you get hit by them twice, you will lose conscious allowing Bowser to run over you.

Dreamy Mario
Dreamy Mario – Mario will encounter his own dreamy version in Dreamy Pi’illo Castle. Dreamy Mario will multiply, so make sure to keep an eye out on the original and keep on attacking on it.

Successfully attacking the original Mario will make all clones disappear for a short period of time.

Later in the battle, a cloud comprising of coins, mushrooms and fireballs. Grab the coins and mushroom but evade fireballs by moving sideways or jumping. Also keep an eye out on Mario(s) charging towards you, you can’t move sideways to evade these attacks but can always jump to avoid being hit by them.

Time your jumps carefully so that you land on the Dreamy Mario to do the maximum damage and eventually defeat this enemy.

While in Dreamy Neo Bowser, Mario and Luigi will encounter Kamek three times. During the third encounter, Kamek will produce green, red, and white clones of himself. The first two battles are quite easy, especially if you have a decent amount of HP and BP.

When you’re imprisoned in a cell, make sure to jump when the rings expand to avoid taking damage. The red Kamek will launch a sweeping broom attack, use your circle pad to evade his attacks.

The blue Kamek will have the most HP out of all and that’s the sole reason you will finish him off after defeating every other. Just keep on spamming him with Luiginary Attacks and using Syrup Jar to get an easy win.

Elite Trio
You will come across Elite Trio in Dreamy Driftwood Shore.

The first thing you should do is to leap over Corporal Paraplonk when he charges at Mario. You would only be able to hit it with the flying attacks since he is immune to ground attacks.

The best way to defeat Private Goomp is by using Luiginary Attacks. You should also keep in mind to knock the three enemies at once as Private Goomp is resurrected quickly by his associates.

To defeat the Sergeant Guy, keep on hammering the battalion of Sub-Goompas charging at you.

Later in the battle, you will see him charging at you with a bomb. Jump to evade this incoming attack to let the bomb yield a lot of damage. And finally evade the Bullet Bill by rapidly pressing A to defeat the Elite Trio.

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