Disney Infinity Beginner’s Guide – How To Play

By   /   Aug 20, 2013

A few of these aircrafts are also equipped with weapons and other firearms that can be used to bring about destruction in the world. Aircrafts are not the fastest mean of transportation but they are certainly fun to use.

Unique Vehicles
Like the name suggests, these vehicles are unique and are associated with some specific characters in the game and can vary from character to character.

Combat System

Combat is an integral part of the game and adds a lot of flavor to it. Combat can take place in three major areas of the game i.e. water, air and land. You should keep the following things in mind while engaging in a combat:

Land Combat
Most characters in the game have pretty much the same moves while it comes to land combat except for the characters from The Incredibles.

One of the most useful move to use in land combat is the ground slam where character jumps into the air and then slams on the ground dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Another important thing to keep in mind is blocking the enemy attacks as it will minimize the damage taken from enemy attacks and give you chance to perform counter moves.

Vehicular Combat
Vehicular combat is a very exciting feature in Disney Infinity. Some cars are equipped with built-in machine guns and launchers that can be used to shoot down enemy vehicles during a race or while moving around.

The weapon upgrades can also be purchased. And even if without these weapons, vehicles can be used to ram other vehicles to knock them off balance and lead yourself to victory.

You would be able to shoot both from the hip and by aiming down sights and hit the specific target you want. However, aiming down sights will give you more precision.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that once you have aimed down a target, you would be able to move while firing. You would also be able to use a single bullet to bring down other targets as it will bounce off the targets. Such ability comes with Lone Ranger toy-set.

Heavy Gunner
Players will also have heavy guns such as Gatling Guns and Cannons but using these will bring about first-person shooter perspective. These heavy guns can do a lot of damage and have large ammunition size but due their large sizes, these have very less mobility.

I would advise you to use these guns on giant and big targets so as to do maximum amount of damage.

Open Waters Combat
As mentioned earlier, the pirate play-set will allow you to have your very own ship that you would be able to control.

These ships will be equipped with cannons that can be used to take out enemy reinforcements. However, choosing which cannon to use while in a combat can be tricky at times owning to their different attributes.

Another important thing to keep in mind is whether you would fire from the helm or manually engage targets. All this depends upon your strategy and the amount of enemies you will be facing.

Along with these cannons, you will also have a few power-ups at your disposal that will have the ability to turn the tables in a battle. But you would be able to use only one power-up at a given time.


Every play set in the game has a good variety of missions to keep you going on. These mission include main storyline missions and side-quests.

You would also be able to re-play any mission if you want. And as I have said earlier that a blue exclamation mark on a character’s head will indicate that he/she has a mission for you.

Main Storyline Missions
These are the main storyline missions and are unique to each play set. Completing them from start till the end will add a lot of flavor to the game and tells you every unique story.

Side-quests can be done separately from the main storyline missions and along with being a lot of fun, these grant you with rewards that come in very handy. And just like main storyline missions, these are given by characters with blue exclamation mark on top of their heads.

Secret Missions
There will be a few missions in the game that will NOT be available in the mission log of the game. However, it is not like you can’t access and complete these missions as a message will pop-up on your screen each time a new secret mission is available.

Alert Missions
These missions are short missions that require you to do certain tasks that will appear at various locations in the game. These missions include taking out some enemies or towering a car.

Challenges Missions
Challenge missions are unlocked as you advance in the game by completing certain tasks and missions. These missions give out a yellow beacon but are specific to some characters.

If not using the character for whom a specific challenge mission is linked, it will appear as a circle with the character’s picture who is required to do it.

Although most of the missions are available to all the characters, some of them require some specific characters. These missions also have three difficulty levels and are good fun besides from the main storyline.

Packs and Tools

Except for the Cars play set, each play set has its very own set of tools and packs which a character can equip at the given time. These tools are held in your character’s hand which is why they are not available for the Cars play set while the packs on the back of your character.


Within every play set, you would be able to customize your buildings and NPCs to make them look like however you want. These are visual changes but add a lot of fun in how a city looks and feels.

How to Level Up

As your character will earn sparks, they will level up and would be awarded a Spin in the Toy Box vault. However, you should keep in mind that leveling up doesn’t affect your character’s attributes and abilities in anyway but only adds more Spins to earn more valuable toys from the Toy Box.


In Disney Infinity, each play set has red and green capsules that can unlock items in Toy Box and play set. There are also some vaults ad chests that can be opened by specific characters to unlock some specific character content.

How To Complete Each Play Set

In Disney Infinity, in order to fully complete a play set you will have to fulfill certain goals that includes:

  • Completing Main Missions and Side-quests
  • All challenges completed on all difficulties
  • All red collectibles collected
  • All Green collectibles collected
  • All Gold Star missions completed
  • All Toy Store toys unlocked and purchased
  • All chests and vaults found and opened

In case we have missed out anything or you would like to add something? Do let us know by commenting below!

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