Disney Infinity Beginner’s Guide – How To Play

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Disney Infinity is sandbox title developed by Avalanche Software, which allows you to play with your favorite Disney characters in a world you would have never seen before.

The game revolves around battling enemies, getting over obstructions, solving puzzles, and completing different side-quests. Players will also be able to customize the world they are in along with unlocking virtual toys, characters, weapons and much more!

The following guides will cover all basic aspects of the game that might come in handy during your journey in the Disney World.

Disney Infinity Beginners Guide

Looking for Missions

Finding missions in Disney Infinity is quite straight forward as the mission givers for main missions and side-quests have a blue exclamation mark over their heads.

After starting the mission, the blue exclamation mark will turn into a question mark until the quest is completed. Along with these, there will be beacons that will determine the difficulty level of a quest i.e. yellow for easy, orange for medium and red for hard.

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Getting stray in the map is very rare as there is a constant green arrow on your screen telling you where to go next.

Things that can be destroyed will generate coins that you would be able to collect simply by running over them. Make sure to do a few of hard side-quests if you are running low on coins or find a place with a lot destroyable things.


There are a lot of playable characters in the game and lucky for you; they all have similar movements. Every character moves with left analogue stick and looks around with right analogue stick.

Besides, having their own attributes and abilities, every character has pretty much the same command for jumping, dodging, blocking. Some of the common movements are given below:

Double Jump
Just like in every other game out there, double jump not only allows you to move farther but also higher. It will allow you to cover large distances and move across buildings and ledges.

If you plan on playing Disney Infinity then prepare yourself to do a lot of climbing. However, you can’t climb unto every other ledge out there.

In this game, the ledge, ridge or any other platform that can be climbed will have a yellow hue around it indicating that you could climb that area. While hanging on a ledge, you will have plenty of options like dropping down the ledge, climbing up, jumping onto another platform or move along the edge.

Along with climbing edge and ledges, you would be able to climb some other objects like ropes and pipes. These objects do not have yellow hue around them but seeing them will give you an idea that you could actually climb them.

Rolling can be used to dodge enemy attacks or to move to a safe location. Dodging an attack is relatively easy and can be done merely by holding the block button and moving the left analogue stick in any direction you want to move.

Finishing Downed Enemies

Sometimes, you will encounter enemies that will fall down after taking some damage; that certainly doesn’t mean that they are dead. In fact, they are just downed and require you to finish them off.

Although it is a good idea to switch from enemy to enemy when you are surrounded by a lot of them but you should also consider finishing them off to reduce the burden.


Like movement, vehicles use triggers to accelerate and break, left analogue stick to steer, and right analogue stick to look around. Vehicles are able to execute drifting and turbo movements along with jumping.

How to Drift
Holding both acceleration and break during a corner or a circular path will allow you to do a drift. Drift allows you move around corners with your top speed and will fill up your turbo meter which gives you a speed boost.

How to Use Turbo
While driving a car, you will notice a bar just underneath your car which represents the turbo meter. Do stunts and drifts to fill up this meter and once it turn yellow, you would be able to use boost.

Activating turbo is very easy and can be done by a mere flick of your analogue stick. Using boost around corners is a bad idea as you might not be able to control your car properly during such high speed but having command on drifting will help you there.

Nonetheless, try to use turbo boost while driving straight on long roads.

How to Perform Stunts
Along with having high speeds and ability to drift, you would also be able to perform stunts with your cars. Performing stunts will award you with points and they can be done easily with a lot practice.

Moving your right analogue stick in any direction will allow you to perform a stunt such as back flips, barrel rolls, and spins. Stunts can also be performed in combos for double and triple trick for more points. To do this, you must execute a stunt one after the other.

Bikes are obviously slower than cars and don’t have turbo meter. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t perform turbo on them. Doing some specific tricks will leave a blue trail behind your bike indicating that it is moving on the top speed. However, bikes are less durable and can become useless if you don’t land perfectly after performing a stunt.

In Disney Infinity, you would also be able to ride on some animals especially in Lone Ranger. You will have horses, elephants, and other animals that you could ride.

They are a slow mean of transportation and you won’t be able to perform stunts on them – but that’s quite obvious. But while riding a horse, you would be able to shoot down enemies while moving with a fast speed.

As for elephants, they can charge directly onto the enemies and stomp them.

While playing the Pirate play set, you would be able to act like a real pirate and control your own ship loaded with a cannon to shoot down enemies in open seas. Ships can be customized in any way you want but the real beauty of them is the fire power these ships possess.

Disney Infinity allows you to control a few aircrafts too which is pretty exciting as it provides you with a chance to hover over the entire map and look down upon your enemies.

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