Payday 2 Skills Tree Guide – Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician and Ghost

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Payday 2 is one of those new unholy mutations that most people in the industry like to call ‘Action Games with RPG Elements’, which basically really means that it’s a FPS with a level and skills system.

For more help on Payday 2, read our Weapons, Equipment and Easy XP/Money Farming Guide.

PayDay 2 Skills

Each character has four skill trees they can invest points in called; Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician and Ghost. Mastermind is the game’s support class. They basically improve the stats and skills of the rest of the crew, and also act as medics.

Enforcer are the most straightforward class. All their skills have to do with killing and destruction and making those two tasks as quick and efficient as possible.

Technicians are responsible for interacting with various objects that can either aid or hinder you on your quest for riches. They can access security cameras, break into vaults and generally do other geeky things.

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Think of the Ghost as your typical stealthy assassin. He does mostof the long-range dirty work and can sneak around with the best of them. A ghost is actually capable of sloing a level.

Each skill here can be leveled up twice, oce to get the standard version, and another time to get the Ace version of the skill.

Mastermind Skill Tree

Basic Skill: Unlocking the Mastermind
Description. Gives you the Doctor Bag deployable item. Any members of your crew can pick up the Doctor Bag for healing.

Tier #1

Cable Guy (Standard)
Allows you to tie up hostages faster.

Cable Guy (Ace)
Increases your total supply of cables by a lot.

Combat Medic (Standard)
You get a damage boost for a short time after reviving an ally.

Combat Medic (Ace)
Now you can revive allies with more health.

Endurance (Standard)
Your stamina is increased.

Endurance (Ace)
The whole crew’s stamina is increased.

Tier One Bonus: Increases the interaction time of the Doctor Bag.

Tier #2

Inside Man (Standard)
Reduces the cost of assets in the job overview menu.

Inside Man (Ace)
Gain access to special assets that you otherwise can’t.

Fast Learner (Standard)
You will earn experience points faster than normal.

Fast Learner (Ace)
The whole crew earns experience points faster than normal.

Leadership (Standard)
The crew gets some recoil reduction with regards to pistols

Leadership (Ace)
The recoil reduction is expanded to cover all weapons.

Tier Two Bonus: The crew’s overall stamina is increased.

Tier #3

Smooth Talker (Standard)
Bluffing on a pager is now more effective.

Smooth Talker (Ace)
Special enemies that you mark take extra damage.

Equilibrium (Standard)
Increased accuracy with pistols and increases the speed with which you draw and holster pistols.

Equilibrium (Ace)
Increased rate of fire with pistols.

Dominator (Standard)
It becomes easier to dominate most enemies.

Dominator (Ace)
Strength and range of the intimidation is increased.

Tier Three Bonus: Increases the distance of your shout.

Tier #4

Stockholm Syndrome (Standard)
Nearby civilians might revive you if you talk to them.

Stockholm Syndrome (Ace)
After reviving you, civilians might give you some ammo.

Combat Doctor (Standard)
Allows you to lay down two doctor bags.

Combat Doctor (Ace)
Doctor Bags have additional charges.

Joker (Standard)
You can persuade an enemy that has surrendered to you to fight for you.

Joker (Ace)
Boosts the new ally’s health and damage.

Tier Four Bonus: Converted enemies have more health and do more damage.

Tier #5

Black Marketeer (Standard)
All purchases will cost less.

Black Marketeer (Ace)
Purchase costs are reduced further, and weapon resale values are higher.

Gunslinger (Standard)
Decreases pistol reload times.

Gunslinger (Ace)
Increased damage dealt with pistols.

Kilmer (Standard)
Decreases assault rifle reload times.

Kilmer (Ace)
Decreases assault rifle recoil.

Tier Five Bonus: It will now take less time to convert enemies to your side.

Tier #6

Control Freak (Standard)
Your noise intimidates civilians.

Control Freak (Ace)
Civilians intimidation duration is increased.

Pistol Messiah (Standard)
Killing an enemy with a pistol while downed revives you. One charge.

Pistol Messiah (Ace)
Gain two additional charges for Pistol Messiah.

Inspire (Standard)
You can revive allies faster.

Inspire (Ace)
You can revive allies simply by shouting at them.

Tier Six Bonus: Intimidation power through shouting increased. Assets cost less.

Enforcer Skill Tree

Basic Skill: Unlocking the Enforcer
Description. Gives you the Ammo Bag deployable item. Any members of your crew can pick up the Ammo Bag for ammunition.

Tier #1

Oppressor (Standard)
Your weapons suppress enemies more easily.

Oppressor (Ace)
Even easier to suppress foes with your weapons.

Bullet Storm (Standard)
Right after dropping an Ammo Bag your shots do not deplete ammo.

Bullet Storm (Ace)
The amount of time for which you don’t use up ammunition is increased.

Transporter (Standard)
You move faster than usual when carrying bags.

Transporter (Ace)
You can now throw bags further away.

Tier One Bonus: Enemies are more easily suppressed.

Tier #2

Die Hard (Standard)
You can use your primary weapon when you’re downed.

Die Hard (Ace)
Your armor recovers faster.

Underdog (Standard)
You deal bonus damage when outnumbered (surrounded by 3 foes or more)

Underdog (Ace)
You take reduced damage when outnumbered (surrounded by 3 foes or more)

Pumping Iron (Standard)
Non-special enemies take more damage from your melees.

Pumping Iron (Ace)
All enemies take more damage from your melees.

Tier Two Bonus: You get bonus health.

Tier #3

Shotgun Impact (Standard)
Shotgun recoil is reduced.

Shotgun Impact (Ace)
Shotgun damage is increased.

Stun Resistance (Standard)
Blind duration of flashbangs is reduced on you.

Stun Resistance (Ace)
Further reduces blind duration of flashbangs on you.

Tough Guy (Standard)
Camera shake upon taking damage is reduced.

Tough Guy (Ace)
You have more health during bleed out now.

Tier Three Bonus: It is now even more easier to suppress enemies.

Tier #4

Shotgun CQB (Standard)
You reload speed with shotguns increases.

Shotgun CQB (Ace)
Improves snap-to-zoom with shotguns.

Ammunition Specialist (Standard)
You can now drop two Ammo Bags.

Ammunition Specialist (Ace)
Additional charges on Ammo Bags.

Berserker (Standard)
You deal more melee damage the lower your health is.

Berserker (Ace)
Description. You deal more weapon damage the lower your health is.

Tier Four Bonus: Additionally gain more health.

Tier #5

Hard Boiled (Standard)
Firing shotgun from the hip is now more accurate.

Hard Boiled (Ace)
All weapons now fire more accurately when firing from thr hip.

Bandoliers (Standard)
Increases size of your weapon magazine.

Bandoliers (Ace)
Foes drop bonus ammo upon death.

Portable Saw (Standard)
You unlock the portable saw.

Portable Saw (Ace)
Increases durability of your sawblades.

Tier Five Bonus: Increases damage dealt with weapons and attacks.

Tier #6

Overkill (Standard)
After killing someone with a shotgun or the portable saw, you temporarily deal bonus damage.

Overkill (Ace)
Damage bonus now applies to all weapons.

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