Payday 2 Easy/Fast Money and XP Farming Guide

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Payday 2 is an FPS with RPG elements, which means that it includes a Level and upgrade system. As such you need to amass a great deal of Money and Experience if you want to get to the higher levels.

Here are some easy ways to get loaded and to grind those levels.

The first method can be done as early as level one, though it takes about ten minutes for each try, but it pays out well, while the second can be repeated every 30-40 seconds but you need to be a bit higher in levels to attempt it.

For more help on Payday 2, read our Weapons, Equipment and Skill Tree guide.

Method #1 – Money and Experience Farming
You want to do the Nightclub job here. And remember to buy the Loot Truck from the assets menu. When the heist begins, walk up to the entrance of the club and have the bouncer look at you. The second he does, hide behind the corner.

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Repeat this a couple of times and he’ll step aside and let you though.

Enter the club and head over to the bar. You need to enter the kitchen behind the bar. There are three doorways you can go though to do these, and at least one of them will be unguarded.

From the kitchen you have several possible routes that can take you to the Management room, where there is a locked door to the managers office. The guards can be in different places each time, so you’ll have to use your own discretion here. The civilians won’t bother you (as long as you’re not wearing the mask).

I suggest you enter a room on the right side of the kitchen with a ‘Private’ sign above it. Here you should hide behind some crates and put on the mask. Enter through the other door in the room to find yourself in the back of the club and head towards the door to the left.

You’ll in the room with the locked door. There will probably be at least one guard here, and you need to take him out. Hopefully drops the keycard you need. If he doesnt been killing guards untill you find it.

If you have the ability to bag and carry corpses this section becomes a lot easier. Use the keycard to open the locked door and head up to the managers room. Start the drill on the safe and head back down to the other room.

If you can bag the bodies, do so and move them up to the managers room. Then just wait for the drilling to finish.

Otherwise, you will have to stay in the other room and kill anyone that enters to prevent them from seeing the bodies and calling the cops. As long as you have a silenced weapon they shouldnt hear the gunfire in the kitchen.

The drilling can take a long time, and the drill may stop unexpectedly so you will have to head back to the safe and restart it. After the safe is open, smash open the window next to it and wait.

When the truck shows up and the icon that says’ move the cash’ appears, throw all the moneybags out the window into the back of the truck. Now just make a run for the getaway van. Don’t worry about being detected as you sprint though the club, just run for the van and you’re done.

Method #2 – Money and Experience Farming
The second method is called ‘The Ukrainian Job’. For this you need to have a technician friend who’s got the Shaped Charges upgrade to help you or to have the upgrade yourself.

Pick guns and weapons with very high mobility, and start it up. Just walk across the street , put on the mask and enter through the front of the bulding. Don’t bother with shooting or stealth, just sprint straight into the back rooms to the right, then enter the room on the left.

Drop a shaped charge on the safe and go into the other room. There might be a guard here so shoot him and drop a shaped charge on the safe in here. Go back to the other safe and collect the cash from the blasted open box.

Once you have the money, just run out and dive into the van. It’s that simple. You can literally do this is under 60 seconds.

If you come across any other ways you can farm money and experience in Payday 2, let us know by commenting below!

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3 responses to “Payday 2 Easy/Fast Money and XP Farming Guide”

  1. Dallas Kempton says:

    A really good way at low levels, go to four stores on overkill, with a ghost and open a atm, just run into the conveinence store and put the mask on in the corner open the atm and the van will be there before the cops. while you wait if you have armor run around and open all the registers and pick up loose cash, before you get both jammers you make around 40k from that cash and on over kill you make about 70k per run and about 13k exp and i can do it in 2 mins. i started playing this, this past saturday and i was level 10 last night at 6pm and 8pm i was 34. easy way to get really easy exp and cash.

  2. MoFo says:

    well there is a way to go to MallCrasher and u will need tripmines so first go to the champagne shop and break 2 bottles from the center of the shelf and place the tripmine inside it and shoot it will explode do this to the 3 walls and thats 35 k if u have the shaped charge skill do the same thing in the pear store ^.^ in the end u can catch the van before it leaves oh yeah break the ferrari / lambourghni’s windows and other random windows if ur not done.

  3. DisableMe says:

    This is a useful guide pertinent to new players. However I think that by the time you have shaped charges available, farming for xp and money is fairly irrelevant considering you need over 40 skill points and a few million dollars in spending cash. The nightclub guide is actually useful mainly because I didn’t think of using the asset. Thanks.

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