PayDay 2 Crashes, Errors, Tweaks, Freezes and Fixes

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It’s Payday! It can’t get better for the shooting fans who also love Bank Heists. Payday 2, the sequel to the Payday: The Heist has been released to masses after a successful closed beta run.

If you have played the original game, you will immediately get the feel of being a badass while for the new users, it won’t take long to get used to the exhilarating action the game has to offer.

Although Overkill Studios has done a good job with the sequel but like most other PC games, you can encounter issues hampering smooth experience or not letting you start the game properly.

If you have landed on this page, you most probably are looking for a solution or fix for a certain problem. Well, if that’s the case, following troubleshooting guide can help you fix the problem.

#1 Payday 2 Doesn’t Appear in My Steam Library
If you can’t see the game in your library, you should restart your Steam. If that doesn’t work, go to c:\program files\steam and delete the file named clientregistry.blob there. Restart Steam and the game should pop-up.

#2 Payday 2 – Can’t Download The Game
If you are have trouble in downloading the game then try changing the region for your download (Steam/Settings/Downloads). Also make sure that your antivirus or firewall isn’t blocking the installation process.

#3 Payday 2 – Where is my Beta Progress?
Those who pre-ordered the game had a chance to participate in the beta of the game.

If you were playing the beta and expecting the progress to transfer over with the full release then that’s not the case. All stats will be reset on the release so it’s a bug and is intentional so that noone has an unfair advantage after the release.

#4 Payday 2 Doesn’t Run on My Intel HD Card
The game doesn’t support Intel HD graphics by default.

If you are using one then you should not get your hopes high. However, there are some hacks that can force the game to run but those methods aren’t reliable and aren’t recommended. If you are desperate, try them at your own risk.

#5 Payday 2 Crash Fix
If your game is being crashed continuously, you should try disabling “Steam Overlay”

#6 Payday 2 – Black Screen Issue Fix
If you are experiencing black screen on launching the game while the music is still playing the background or you are totally unable to start the game, the following fix may solve the issue for you:

  • First, you need to find the file named “renderer_setting.xml” in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\PAYDAY 2.
  • You can open this file using any text editor.
  • After opening the file, you need to find the following section:

<d3d_device adapter_index = “0”
resolution = “1920 1080”
windowed = “false”
refresh_rate = “60”

These settings should match your local parameters. For instance, if your desktop resolution is 1200*800, you should choose the same resolution here. Refresh rate should also match as it also create problems sometimes.

You can also choose to run the game in windowed mode first and then change the settings afterwards. In order to run the game in windowed mode, change the value “false” to “true”.

#7 Payday 2 – Steam Overlay is Not Working
To fix the issue, you need to run the game in compatibility mode. How? Read on.
Go to C:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\payday2.
Now click properties on of payday2.exe.
Go to the “Compatibility” tab and Check “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
Set to “Windows XP Service Pack 3”.

#8 Payday 2 – For Laptop Users
Laptops usually have two graphics chips and only one of them is dedicated for gaming. If you are using one, make sure that your system is using the dedicated memory. Otherwise, the game will crash or may not even start. And needless to say, you should keep your GFX drivers up to date.

If you come across any other issue that isn’t listed here, comment and we will try to help you out!

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  • Emil Lerum Bruheim

    my level was 37, suddenly the whole thing crashed and i was in level 0..

  • Dartagnan01

    When I start up the game it says “steam must be running to play this game. what do I do!?

    • segmentnext

      Is your Steam running? Do you have a Steam version?

  • Skibbidy-Bop

    My game crashes when I get into a heist, it was previously having keyboard/mouse delays but now that I have fixed that issue this one starts.

  • Camsaur

    I can’t even launch the game and all of my drivers are up to date. I have a great laptop that can run just about every game. I can’t seem to run this though. :/ $30 for less hard drive space pretty much. -_-

    • rattlesnake_906

      what are you system specs and which are you using?

    • lurkingskull

      same if u get a solution contact me please steam lurkingskull

  • keyonkim

    hey guys i need help my com has intel graphics 4000 which is ok for payday 2 and the payday 2 was officially installed and my firewall allowed it but when i press play on steam, they tell me that the game cannot start as app is already running and it keep crashing. anyone noes how to fix this? tks

    • rattlesnake_906

      Intel HD cards aren’t recommended for games. What is your driver version? Have you tried the fixes mentioned above?

  • fuckingfixpayday2

    The beta was more reliable than the full game as well. What a crock of shit.

  • fuckingfixpayday2

    I didnt pay $30 for a game that would crash every 2 fucking seconds, jesus christ, fix this shit.