Pikmin 3 Fruits Locations Guide – Where To Find

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In the world of Pikmin 3, there are a number of fruits scattered which the three captains will collect and bring them to their ship – S. S. Drake. The purpose of collecting the fruit is to make juice so as to provide the captains with the day’s food. All in all, the basic plot of Pikmin 3 revolves around collecting fruits.

With around thirty varieties of fruits; there are a total of sixty-six fruits available to be collected. This guide aims on helping you in finding all these fruits and make your Pikmin 3 journey a more enjoyable one.

Note: We have divided the fruits according to the exploration days during which they can be found so as to make this much more understandable by you.

Pikmin 3 Fruits Location Guide

Day #2

Face Wrinkler
Location: After freeing Rock Pikmin, use it to destroy the Crystal Wall outside the cave and free Brittany. After she is free, she will tell you how to collect the Face Wrinkler lying nearby.

Searing Acidshock
Location: It can be found on the southwest of the landing site in a Calcified Crushblat.

Sunseed Berry
Location: After the cut-scene revealing Brittany’s location, allot three Pikmin on a small ledge to the west of the Crystal Wall that need destroying in order to collect the Sunseed Berry or Strawberry.

Sunseed Berry
Location: After reaching the bridge, turn around and you will see the next Sunseed Berry on a ledge at the top of the ridge. Use three Pikmin to collect it.

Day #3

Firebreathing Feast
Location: After you kill the Armored Mawdad, it will rip into two things – the first one will be the Firebreathing Feast.

Zest Bomb
Location: Destroy the Dirt Wall and enter the area next. You will see the two tin hanging there with a rope. Assign 7 Pikmin on a tin and five Pikmin with a crew member at the other tin. When the other tin raises from ground level – you will see the Zest Bomb on a nearby ledge.

Day #4

Cupid’s Grenade
Location: After Dodge Whistle is transferred to the landing site, come back to the lower path and you will get the fruit on a snowman above the tunnel.

Sunseed Berry
Location: After destroying the Crystal Wall, enter that area and kill the Pyroclasmic Slooches. After dying, one the Pyroclasmic Slooch will split into a Sunseed Berry.

Velvety Dreamdrop
Location: After defeating Whiptongue Bulborb and clearing the area of any remaining enemies, you will see the Velvety Dreamdrop hanging from the branch of a tree.

Day #5

Citrus Lump
Location: Light the bulb to reveal Bloominous Stemples and you will come across the Citrus Lump on a ledge to your east.

Cupid’s Grenade
Location: It can be found on the northeast of the landing site – near an iron ball. Note that it will be half-buried.

Dusk Pustules
Location: You will find it on a ledge in a cave after getting off the Bloominous Stemples at the west side of Vehemoth Phosbat battling area. There will be a climbing stick near it.

Heroine’s Tear
Location: After killing Vehemoth Phosbat, it will smash into the Light Bulb allowing Heroine’s Tear to fall from the roof.

Day #6

Citrus Lump

Location: At the south of the Landing Site, it will be half-buried near the Bouncing Mushrooms.

Dapper Blob
Location: You will find it at the top of a tree stump, northeast of the landing site. You will need at least three Pikmin to get it back to the ship.

Dawn Pustules
Location: Climb onto the Paper Bag ramp that extends to vehemoth Phosbat’s cave and make your way to the very end of the ledge to find the bunch of Dawn Pustules there.

Disguised Delicacy
Location: You will find it on the north of the landing site in a large cave. Smash the Crystal Wall and you will see it lying there half-buried.

Zest Bomb
Location: After defeating the Arctic Connon Larva, shatter the large crystal to reveal the fruit.

Day #7

Dapper Blob
Location: After defeating the Swooping Snitchbug high atop hill, you will see a Dapper Blob lying nearby.

Delectable Bouquet
Location: You will find it hanging from a tree branch near the sleeping Bulborb. It will take eight Pikmin to make it fall.

Lesser Mock Bottom
Location: Near the hairpin turn, you will find several Pyroclasmic Slooches guarding the area. Kill them all and search the area for a Lesser Mock Bottom.

Pocked Airhead
Location: After making your way through the Dirt Wall, defeat the Whiptongue Bulborb and collect the fruit lying there.

Day #8

Crimson Banquet
Location: After defeating Sandbelching Meerslug, it will split into a Crimson Banquet which will further divide into several pieces.

Dawn Pustules
Location: Just as you pass the path’s hairpin turn, you will come across a reinforced wall with a bunch of Dawn Pustules lying nearby.

Day #9

Disguised Delicacy
Location: Defeat Shaggy Long Legs and it will split open into two halves of Disguised Delicacy. You will need five Pikmin to carry each halve of the fruit.

Face Wrinkler
Location: You will find it almost completely buried at the north edge of the map near the water. You might come across a Yellow Wollywog as you come near it.

Velvety Dreamdrop
Location: Armored Cannon Larva holds this. Defeat it and it will spue it out.

Day #10

Juicy Gaggle
Location: Defeat the Medusal Slurker lurking in a tree stump and it will drop it.

Scaly Custard
Location: You can collect this fruit near the north of the landing site on the large rock formation right across the Seesaw Block. You will need at least eight Pikmin to move it to the ship.

Stellar Extrusion
Location: Just where you found the Scaly Custard, you will also see a Stellar Extrusion hanging from a tree branch there.

Day #11

Dapper Blob
Location: You will get it at the northeast of the landing site near the water where you will encounter the Yellow Wollywog enclosed in a crystal.

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