NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team Guide – Everything You Need To Know

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Do you have what it takes to build the Ultimate Team for yourself!? Gather players from different schools scattered throughout the country, make the best possible squad & then put them to the ultimate test by challenging teams across the nation both in offline & online modes.

This guide aims on helping you out there starting to build your Ultimate Team. So let’s get started! For more help on NCAA Football 14, Dynasty Recruiting and Achievements/Trophies Guide.

First Things First
Getting your NCAA Football 14 Ultimate Team started is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is to enter the Ultimate Team from your main menu, select a school & choose your free starter pack. This will provide you everything from uniforms, players to playbooks & stadiums. You will be able to play either offline or online or in a seasonal tournament.

Align your Squad
Before directly jumping into a match, take out a few seconds to analyze your squad. You can always choose the Best Squad Line-up & the CPU will do the job for you! After you have successfully done that; jump right into the matches & start gaining coins.

Note: Coins are the currency of NCCA Football 14 & it can also be purchased from in-game Store.

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Solo Challenges
You can always take-on a CPU for a solo challenge. Doing this will earn you coins and other exciting rewards. These rewards will allow you to complete your collections.

Note: Completing collections is a great way to earn a few extra coins.

Every week, a new set of solo challenges are posted; therefore, you will always have a new challenge waiting for you.

Seasons are basically a 10-game schedules against other random NFUT players. Winning enough games will not only ensure you victory and advancement to the next level but also earn you a number of rewards & coins.

Seasons are a great way to improve your skill level & earn bunch of bonuses. And since there is no time limit, you can always complete a season whenever you feel like.

There are more than 1,400 players to choose from in NCAA Football 14. All these players have an overall rating (OVR), their preferred position, their injuries & some other attributes that would affect their performance on the playground.

Consumables are available in almost all NFUT packs & serve as a mean of keeping your players going on! Each player has a limited number of games in NFUT & they can also get wounded. And that is where these items come in handy.

Team Items
Just like Consumables, you will also find uniforms, playbooks & stadiums in most of the packs in NFUT. These will ensure the maximum customization that you can do on your team. When you change the Home uniform of your team, your favorite team is also changed.

Note: You can also go to Settings & change the name of your Ultimate Team.

Collectables also hold significant value in NFUT. Collectables can also be found in packs & are mostly used for completing collection for coins or other rewards. Sometimes, you will come across a collectable that you would be able to sell for over 1,000 coins. Profit?

Note: Collectables include your favorite team’s Mascot & Nickname.

What a store does is pretty straight forward; just like in other games. You can always visit store to buy new packs or items for your team. While in the store, you will come across different packs having various items at different prices. This will also allow you stumble upon legendary or elite players.

Note: Head to store a more often to get benefit from limited time promotions.

Auction Block
As the name suggests, Auction Block allows you to buy/sell items with different players. You can search for an item in a number of ways like by item name, tier, position, team, etc.

In order to have one of your item on Auction Block; send it to your roster & set the duration, starting price & other options.

In my opinion, collection are an amazing way of earning a few extra coins & gaining rewards that are not in your current lineup. Make sure to go through Collections regularly & find out the items required to complete the collection.

In order to add an item to a Collection, simply move it to your current roster & then add it to Pending Collections. Keep on adding the items until the Collection is complete & you will automatically earn your reward.

Keep on checking the Collection from time to time as more are added each week.

Note: Your Collection bin is able to hold 10 items at a given period of time.

Have we missed out on anything? Do let us know in the Comment Section below! For more guides on NCAA Football 14, stay tuned to SegmentNext!

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