Company of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Build Orders Strategy Guide

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Before jumping into the multiplayer mode of the game, we will highly advise you to go through single-player campaign and Theater of War missions at least once so that you get familiar with the game.

Multiplayer matches and community tournaments always use Victory Point mode and standard resources but this guide can also be applied to Annihilation and High Resources.

Company of Heroes 2 Multiplayer

High Resources is most playable game mode in the multiplayer mode of the Company of Heroes 2. All you have to do is gain most Victory Points on the map so that you drain your enemy points to zero or you can also destroy enemy buildings and units to win the game.

However, Annihilation does not work in the same fashion. As its name suggests, in Annihilation, you need to destroy all enemy buildings in order to win the game. It is definitely a fun mode to play but sometimes it feels quite unbalanced so Victory Points is the way to go!

Selecting Bulletins

Just before you start the game, you will be asked to select three bulletins that will give some of your units in the game a bonus. It is a good idea to create sets of different bulletins so that you can choose one depending upon your strategy and Commander you intend to choose.

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However, bulletins that increase the different attributes of your units like accuracy, speed, damage, etc. are far better than decreased cost of an upgrade or build time.

The reason for this being; you should select those bulletins which affect units, you will be using more during the game.

Multiplayer Starter Strategy

You don’t have to start aggressively just as the game starts; attacking enemy base or whatever. Besides, take this time to gather your resources and then plan your strategy whether you want to play in a more defensive manner or more aggressively.

If you plan on taking on your enemy in the very beginning of the game then try taking enemy cut-off points and make your enemy take decisions which will turn out to be in your advantage.

However, if you plan on played in a more secure and defensive manner then I would advise you to gather your units and build construction sites and harass the enemy at the same from different locations so that your enemy does not do the same strategy on you, I mentioned above.

Not even having almost half of the map will turn out to be in your disadvantage most of the times as you will be encountering stronger enemies. However, it is not always necessary to hold ½ of the map.

There can be some things which will require you to hold a specific area rather than rest of the map. For instance, if you position two or more Fuel Caches near your base, then it must be your priority to defend that area until you are ready to gain control of the map.

You may also want to restrict your enemy from gaining resources more than gaining them yourself. In this way, you should hold most of the resources yourself along with some of the enemy’s cut-off points. Doing this will get you a huge advantage over your enemy.

After gathering your resources, you should divert your attention to using them either to get vehicles or to get anti-vehicle weapons. Getting vehicles will consume your Fuel while getting anti-vehicle weapons will drain you off Manpower or Munitions.

AT guns will only use Manpower whereas Panzerschrecks, Panzerfausts and AT grenades will also use Munitions. This time of the game is the best time to get your troops ready and add more variety of squads like Snipers and Mortars.

The last part of the game features tanks and artillery. This is the most crucial part of the game which will require your attention at more than one point. Keeping an eye on your vehicles and other squads along with replenishing your resources is definitely a daunting task.

Continuously getting resources is very important as you will be able to get your infantry and will keep on building units that you have lost to the war. Having a variety of units that assist each other is, Victory Points and using your Commander abilities will mark your success.

Company of Heroes 2 Units

For in-depth guide on units, read our Soviet, German, Units Control & Movement and Units Counter Guide.

Unit Roles

This includes Half-tracks, Engineer/Pioneer, Artillery Field Officer, etc. and their purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of other squads.

This includes Grenadiers and Conscripts and they can perform in any condition and will adapt to any play style you choose.

This includes Panzergrenadiers, Shock Troops, Scout Cars, etc. and they provide high mobility rate but are short-ranged.

This includes Engineers/Pioneers with Flamethrowers, Conscripts with Molotov’s, etc. and they work really well against enemy units residing in buildings.

This includes Conscripts with AT Grenades, Grenadiers, Panzerfausts, etc. and are fatal to enemy vehicles.

This includes Snipers, Mortars, AT guns, etc. and are really effective from long-range but are less mobile.

Having and organizing these units in such a way that they complement each other should be an integral part of your strategy. Do this and you are guaranteed success.

Unit Versatility
A versatile unit can be defined as a unit which has the ability to work alone against all kind of enemies. Most of the units in this game possess this ability.

Infantry units like Conscripts, Grenadiers, Panzergrenadiers, etc. have the ability to engage any enemy that comes across them provided that they have necessary upgrades equipped. For example, AT Grenades for Conscripts and Panzerschrecks for Panzergrenadiers, etc.

There are also some versatile vehicles that are known for not requiring any kind of Fire-support unit with them. For example, tanks with mounted turrets can engage different types of enemies effectively without having any other unit backing them up.

These vehicles can use different movement types like circle strafing, kiting and blocking other units to make their way through difficult situations.

When analyzed side by side, versatile units come inferior to specialized units but it is a good idea to invest in versatile units because it allows you to fill in all necessary roles with less resources and units consumed.

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