State of Decay Survivors Guide – How To Recruit and Gain Trust

By   /   Jun 10, 2013

In the world of State of Decay, survivors can be regarded as few of the remaining alive people in the game. Throughout the game, players will come across many survivors who will show no reluctance whatsoever in joining your cause. They might show a little resistance at some point but eventually give in.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that none of these survivors impose any kind of threat on players.

Each survivor in the game has its own set of abilities, skills, etc., and it is wise to assign them duties accordingly. If not done so correctly, it can even lead to their deaths.

Players might also come across a bunch of people – survivors – who will not join them at any case but that certainly doesn’t mean that they won’t help you. Of course, they will but at a price.

At the beginning of the game, you will have a few survivors with you but as you, progress through game, you will meet many new people who will be willing to help you and will join your community. There will be some survivors who will be un-miss-able, and you will definitely encounter them at one point or another but there will be a few which you will have to find yourself via various side missions.

The survivors present in the game not only differ from each other in terms of skills, attributes, etc. but also in age. At some point, you may have a feeling like some of your survivors are getting old, which isn’t true. They do show some signs of aging, but they don’t age.

Along with assigning them with tasks and stuff, players can actually play with survivors once they have gained their friendship. Another interesting thing is that you can’t kill a survivor no matter how hard you strive to do so.

At least not through a direct approach, however, you can do so through various ways. For example, by deciding not to help them when they are being attacked by zombies, etc.

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State of Decay Survivors

These are some of the survivors you can recruit with their brief details:

Maya Torres
Maya Torres is the first survivor you will come across in the game. She can be found near the ranger station at the river. Maya can also be regarded as one of the best fighters in the game in terms of intelligence, shooting skills and melee combat.

Marcus Campbell
As soon as you start playing with Marcus, you will realize that besides being a great leader, he has above average in every skill. He can be regarded as one of the best characters in the whole game.

Ed Jones
Ed is a miss-able survivor in the game. To unlock Ed, you will have to complete “The Old Farmstead” side mission within a specific amount of time. If not done correctly, you will find Ed dead.

The Wilkinson’s
Wilkinson’s can be regarded as crooks in the world of State of Decay. Wilkinson’s are a group of criminals comprising
of 6 members which will supply you with ammunition.

Survivor Skills

As I have said earlier that each individual survivor has his/her own unique set of abilities, skills, characteristics, etc. that you can put to use. However, you should be careful when assigning a particular task to a survivor. A survivor with a medical background will obviously be not good with ammo and weaponry.

The survivors which you encounter during the main story-line will tend to have more skills that will help you progress through the game more easily. However, the survivors which you will come across through side missions will have random abilities.

Survivors become a part of your community as you make your way through the game. Your community members will help you in building various facilities in your home base that will allow you to achieve higher influence points and keep the morale of your community at an exalted level.

However, you will have to choose the right person for that work! A person, who does not have any particular experience of repairing and making new things, e.g. a doctor, can’t work in a workshop. The game makes it somewhat easy for you by allowing survivors to work on their own if you have not already assigned a survivor to work at that place.

Moods of the Survivors

The survivors you will come across in the game will have their specific mood swings depending upon the morale of the community. The morale of the community is something of grave importance in this game. The community morale keeps on fluctuating throughout the game.

It is up to a player’s skill to keep the community’s morale at a higher level so as to avoid these random mood swings of the players. Keeping a player’s morale high is easy enough. Just make sure that you provide them with food and other resources in plenty and keep them safe.

Following are the few moods a survivor can exhibit in State of Decay:

Survivors are capable of exhibiting the emotion of anger if the community morale is low.

Survivors will feel contended and calm if they have enough of everything. This is a positive emotion.

As the name suggest, survivors would feel fearful when they is an eminent zombie apocalypse threat or when the supply run is low.

Keep the morale of your community at peak and your survivors will begin to show the emotion of hope of getting out and living their lives like they once used to.

Players will also come across many survivors displaying a behavior which will be full of pride and arrogance.

Survivors in the game are also capable of becoming sad over the course of time. This is also a negative emotion related with the low morale.

If done anything wrongly, your survivors will become ashamed of their doings and so will exhibit the emotion of shame and remorse.

Survivor Abilities

Abilities also hold great importance in this game. But know that these abilities don’t develop overnight. Practice makes the man perfect! Keep on using a melee weapon or a firearm and your ability to use that weapon will be enhanced.

Some survivors in this game have their in-born skills which are only available to them. As for the basic abilities, they are total four in number.

The abilities of a particular survivor are rated in stars ranging from 1 to 7.

These abilities come in very handy throughout the game. For example, a survivor who has good wits will search areas quicker. As a survivor gains experience in a particular ability, he/she then will have option to choose a specialization for that ability.

Basic Abilities
Following are the basic abilities that every survivor in the game will have:

Stamina is very important if you want to survive the ultimate zombie threat. Stamina makes you run for a long time and evade the zombies rather than getting killed.

You can improve your ability of stamina by practicing running and walking for a long time.

Intelligence is another basic ability that every survivor will have! Intelligence will allow your survivors to search and scavenge items quickly. And when reached level 4, you will unlock the ability to search without making any noise hence avoiding any zombies lurking around.

Players can learn and improve this ability by searching more areas.

Another basic skill your survivor will have is hand-to-hand combat ability. This ability will allow your players to live longer. This ability can obviously be improved by fighting off more and more zombies.

As the name suggests, this is a survivor’s ability to carry firearms and ammunition. Advancing through this ability will enable your survivors to improve their accuracy and have less recoil on their weapons.

Moreover, players can have specialized heavy firearms when they level up enough.

Individual Abilities
As mentioned above, there are some abilities present in the game which are related to a specific person/survivor. Each survivor has his/her own set of these abilities and these abilities can’t be developed by other survivors at will.

Following are those individual abilities:

  • Acrobatics, Arts and Crafts, Bludgeoning, Bruiser, Chemistry, Construction, Counseling, Gossip, Hack and Slash, Hoarding, Leadership, Medicine, Powerhouse, Reality, Research, etc.

Survivor Special Skills

When a survivor improves certain abilities then some special skills for that particular ability get unlocked.

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