State of Decay Zombies Survival Strategy Guide

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State of Decay is an open-world sandbox title which takes your decisions and the choices you make into consideration the most. It is up to you whether you would like to set up a camp somewhere with a few survivors and a handful supplies against a great zombie threat or go out and fight your way through. The game is ever evolving and would test your ultimate survival skills.

Home Base
Your journal will be your sole source of organizing and controlling your home base. Moreover, it will also provide you with comprehensive information regarding the other survivors including their special abilities, stamina, strength, introduction, etc. And once you develop a strong relationship with them, you will be able to play with them as well.

Finding resources, other survivors and miscellaneous goods will enable you to survive for a long period of time.

Each home base you will come across during the game will have its own unique facilities and you will also be able to build some on your own. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the morale of your community. Keep the resources in good shape and you will have nothing to worry about otherwise low supplies can always ruin your community.

For more help on building and unlock Home Bases in State of Decay, read our Bases and Facilities Guide.

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Exploring the World

Interact with any object ranging from broken windows, climbing barriers, etc. by pressing A.

Pressing B will toggle crouch mode which is a great way to remain undetected by unwanted zombies. Pressing it again will toggle standing posture.

Pressing Y will enable you to interact with various objects like opening doors, searching containers, etc. You can also express your current feelings by holding the RT and then pressing either A, B, X or Y. This is something funny!

Note that these are only for Xbox 360 version of the game. For more help on State of Decay, read our Outposts and Resources Farming Guide.

Combat System
Like I said earlier, every character in this game has his/her unique set of abilities and they greatly affect the combat system of a particular character. Level up with your character and choose from a wide variety of skills for your character.

There are also some finishers which a character can perform while an enemy is in prone stance. Finishing moves can be triggered by pressing LB+Y.

Using cars will also be a source of traveling around the world but you should know that just like every other thing out there, cars are also limited. Keep them safe and free from damage. Otherwise it will be gone for good.

Your map and your radio will be your only source of getting new missions. Missions themselves vary a lot from supply running for your community to helping out other community fighting off a zombie massacre.

All these tedious tasks make you wary and you might run low on stamina or strength at a time. In that case, take another character and make your previous character rest for a bit.

Begin the game and you will realize that there is no currency/money present in the game. Instead, there is influence which you have on other people. Help them by doing them favors and they will help you back in ways like giving you ammo, medicine, etc.

The more missions you complete, the more influence you will earn. However, you must note that you will eventually lose your influence if your community loses its morale. So make sure to keep those supplies up-to-date.

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