Neverwinter Free, For Sale and Zen Market Companions Guide

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Like many other MMOs, Neverwinter also gives players the option to carry companions with them. Once you get to level 16, you will be able to choose your first companion. How you ask? You will receive a quest at level 16 and on its completion, you will be rewarded with a companion character.

Selection is important as your companion will play as partner, and it should suit your play-style. Although, you can also buy/trade these companions, the importance of freebies cannot be neglected because a companion will cost you a lot if you choose to buy or trade.

The companions sold by the merchant will have different price tags in the form of different currencies. Zen market, on the other hand, will trade with you in one currency.

Before moving on to various types of companions, let’s discuss the role and behavior of different pets serving you in the battlefield. These creatures follow you throughout your adventure and as a result gain experience and learn additional skills. You can also choose to train, which requires a particular duration.

Initially, the training will be of few seconds, but as the level increases the time duration will keep on piling up. While you pet is away for training, you won’t be able to use them. So, it’s wise to have at least to companions at a time so that if one is not available, you can make use of the other one.

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Now, if you are wondering that what companion, you should choose at level 16, then the following information on each of the freebie companions in Neverwinter can make the selection task easier for you.

Neverwinter – Level 16 Free Companion Quest

Like i said earlier, you will receive a quest as soon as you hit level 16 concerned with companion selection. As on objective, you will be asked to speak to Bael An Ashrock at the Grand Emporium. Ashrock will ask you to choose from the following 4 companions:

This companion is basically a tank. Not as good as a Guardian Fighter but if you are using a character that cannot afford to deal a lot of damage, it’s a recommendation for you. Clerics and Wizards will get along well with this human.

Cleric Disciple
If you like someone to be a healer or a buffer at your side, this disciple can be a good choice. Being a Guardian Fighter or a Weapon Fighter, this female companion can play a great supportive role which enable you absorb and deal extra damage on the battlefield.

Wayward Wizard
Wizards are known for their AoE attacks and CC. So if you are playing something like the Trickster Rogue or a Devoted Cleric, the attachment of a wizard with you will be of great benefit.

Well, dog is a good companion for single target damage. This companion can work with any class so it’s just a matter of priority whether you like dogs to be your companion or not.

Neverwinter – Companions for Sale Via Merchant

If you are looking to purchase new companions then you can find a merchant at Grand Emporium. The merchant will offer you Common or Exotic companions. You can proceed with your liking and ofcourse, considering the currency at your disposal.

Sellsword (Common Companion)
Price. 2 Gold
She is a AoE melee fighter. So, if you want someone other than a wizard with AoE , you can choose to buy the Sellsword. This companion is also a great choice if you are looking to increase your DPS.

Ioun Stone of Might (Exotic)
Price. 1000 Tarmalune Trade Bars

If you manage to purchase it, some magical stones will revolve around you that will contribute towards the attribute bonuses.

Dancing Shield (Exotic)
Price. 850,000 Astral Diamonds

So, if you are looking for a shield that can protect you better than any other living creature, this one can be a good choice. It will revolve around you and absorb the extra damage. Sometimes, you may also be able to deal damage with it to the enemies.

Dancing Blade (Exotic)
Price. 900,000 Astral Diamonds

The sword will revolve around you and deal single target damage like the pets. If you can afford it, it can be a good source to enhance your DPS.

Cat (Exotic)
Price. 980,000 Astral Diamonds
If you are going with a build that gives you high critical strike chance then this cat can supplement you well. It will not only increase your Crit strike but also increase your recovery process.

Wererat Thief (Exotic)
Price. 200 Seals of the Drake

It can be a good companion if you are looking for AoE attacks to push enemies back and the poison damage.

Jagged Dancing Blade (Exotic)
Price. 14,000 Glory

The Blade has the same effect as the Dancing Blade. So if you don’t that currency, you can opt for Jagged Dancing Blade.

Angel of Protection (Exotic)
Price. 360 Ardent Coins
A great source of heal and buff. It will intercept the incoming damage that will keep you safe. If you are wondering that how Ardent coins can be earned then you can earn them by invoking the gods at the campsites. You will be only getting one coin per day that means that attaining this companion is almost a year’s work.

Fire Archon (Exotic)
Price. 1000 Tarmalune Trade Bars
This companion will produce fireballs damaging enemies in front. This sort of striker can work with any class.

Neverwinter Zen Market Companions

If the merchant is not good enough for you or it’s hard for you to find the appropriate currency, then the Zen market also has some companions you might be interested in. 1 zen will cost you $0.01. So at maximum, a pet can cost you upto $35 in the Zen Market.

Ioun Stone of Allure
Price. 2000 Zen
The stone gives the owner a buff that enhances his/her attributes.

Galeb Duhr
Price. 3000 Zen
The rocky creature can serve the purpose of tank for you. They can also taunt enemies in the battle ground.

Acolyte of Kelemvor
Price. 2000 Zen
The companion will grant life steal to the owner. So characters with high DPS and low HP can benefit from it.

Price. 1500 Zen
With its fierce claws, it will take out the eyes of enemies. With its shrill cry, Wise Sharmans can benefited a lot.

Honey Badger
Price. 3500 Zen
The beast has a one target strike dealing massive damage. Apparently, this pet can be associated with any character.

Slyblade Kobold
Price. 2000 Zen
Much of the acts of this companion resembles that of a rogue. So, if you can spare 2000 Zen and want a rogue form along you, the skyblade won’t disappoint you.

Price. 1500 Zen
Just like the other beast pets, the wolf can be a good companion of any character type.

Apart from the companions mentioned above, one can find some rare ones that are usually sold in the Auction house for huge prices. If you come across any of these creatures in the lockboxes, share with us in the comments below.

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