Soul Sacrifice Costumes Unlock Guide – Noble, Intellectual and Sand Dweller

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If you own a PS Vita, then you must have your eyes on Soul Sacrifice. There is plenty to do in the game and when it comes to costumes, there is a lot to choose from. Technically, these outfits are referred as Raiments in the game.

By default, there are three Raiments (one as pre-order bonus) to choose from but with the passage of time, more can be unlocked. Overall, there are 26 costumes that can be made available in the game both for male and female characters, including the DLC. Although the costumes primarily vary in color shade, they look cool and worthy to be unlocked.

By now, you must be wondering that how these costumes can be unlocked? Well, the following guide includes the different types of costumes and the requirement to unlock them.

Note: I will mention only the ones that can be unlocked fulfilling certain requirements. Most of the costumes are made available to players by default.

Soul Sacrifice Costumes – How To Unlock

Noble Costumes
You will start the game with different variants but to unlock new ones, following are the requirements:

  • You can unlock Color G costume by saving 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers. The outfit’s primary color is crystal white.
  • By killing 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers, you can unlock Color I ‘greenish black shade’ outfit.
  • To unlock a Color I ‘pure golden’ outfit, there are multiple ways. If you aren’t using any of the above mentioned costumes already, you will have to Save/Sacrifice a total of 500 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers. If you are using any of the first two Raiments, you will only have to sacrifice/save 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers.

Sand Dewller Costumes
Apart from the costumes that you will receive initially, more can be unlocked by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Save 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers to unlock Color G outfit.
  • Kill 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers to unlock Color H outfit.
  • If you are using any of the above mentioned outfits, you will only need to kill/save 100 Archfiends or Sorcerers to unlock the golden beauty costume. If not, you will kill or save 500 of them to unlock Color I outfit.

Intellectual Costumes
To unlock these costumes, requirements aren’t any different than the other two categories.

  • Save 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers to unlock Color G costume.
  • Or Kill 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers to unlock Color H costume.
  • To unlock Color I costume, you will have to kill or save 500 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers. But, if you have any of the above to costumes in the category, the number will be cut short to 100 to unlock the it.

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