Poker Night 2 PC Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

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Poker Night 2 undoubtedly is a feast for the Poker fans and addicts. Apart from the fact that it’s a poker game, things like crossover characters from different franchise and various unlockable items make it more attractive for gamers.

The game got released on Steam along with other platforms recently and already, a healthy community is excited about playing this title by Telltale. However, there are some game breaking issues that are annoying everyone but don’t worry, these bugs can be fixed by simple workarounds found in this guide.

#1 Poker Night 2 Crashes – The game has Stopped Working
If you are encountering this issues every time, you should try unplugging any additional peripherals attached to your system like the USB controller or any mic. Also, try running the game as administrator.

#2 Poker Night 2 Error – Missing a “D3DX9_41.dll”
The error is frequently observed in Telltale games. So, if you are getting this, you should try updating your directx. This link will be useful.

#3 Poker Night 2 – The Game Stuck at Loading Screen
Try running the game as administrator and make sure that your firewall is not blocking the game.

#4 Poker Night 2 Error – Can’t Install the Game
Sometimes, the installer doesn’t work as your machine or Steam needs to be restarted. So do a quick restart and it should work fine.

#5 Poker Night 2 – The Game Does Not Start
If you nothing is happening after you double-click the launch icon, following things might help:

  • Try running the game as administrator.
  • Verify the integrity of game files.
  • Make sure that you have an updated directx.
  • Also, try running the redistributable package setup which can fix the issue.

#6 Poker Night 2 Error – ‘Could not Initialize Direct3D’
Well, the error is usually related to directx or your graphics card driver are outdated. So the recommended stuff to do is update both your directx (follow the link mentioned in point 2) and GPU drivers.

#7 Poker Night 2 Bug – Mouse Cursor Missing
If you are having this problem, try adding “-sw” command in the launch options to fix the issue. The fix may work for other small bugs but nothing is for sure.

If you come across any other issue, just comment and we will try to help you out!

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12 responses to “Poker Night 2 PC Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes”

  1. Kevin Haugh says:

    hey could you please respond to this everytime i lanch pokernight 2 it goes to the click to start but then crashes

  2. Luis says:

    I’ve downloaded and installed the game, but every time I click “Play”, nothing happens. I get a small pop up for a brief second, like it’s gonna boot up the game or some such. But it never does, and none of the steps are working. If there anything else I could do?

  3. ILSB says:

    When I enable my gamepad – game don’t work. How-to fix it? I want play with gamepad.

  4. rattlesnake_906 says:

    Have you tried installing redistributables as mentioned in #5?

    • Jay says:

      I have. The package installed, and I tried to run the game again. It didn’t work, and so I had also figured to restart the computer to see if that would fix anything as well.

      One thing I can’t do, however, now that I think about it, is get the game started in windowed mode — or how I would come to do that through the Steam console within the start up commands option. I heard that the game runs for a lot of people in windowed mode, and while I’m not sure that that is a direct fix or any kind or another, it is one thing I have not tried simply because I don’t know how to get it that way in the advanced commands.

  5. rattlesnake_906 says:

    What are your system specs and what OS you are using?

  6. sekretguy777 says:

    I always crash after the TTG logo during the second screen. I’ve tried changing its compataibilities and running it as admin; none of these work for me.

  7. Matt says:

    I found a solution for my crashing on loading error. I went into the properties of the Steam executable and found that it was running in compatibility mode for Windows Vista. I removed that and it works perfectly now.

  8. Toaster says:

    For other users who hav eproblems regarding the client crashing after on “loading…”, go to the .exe and run the application compability, and follow the steps described.

    • meowmers says:

      What are the steps described!??!?!?!?

      • Toaster says:

        It’s showed when you run the command. Since I don’t have the english version of windows, I can just assume the names. But, run the compability thing in the dropdown menu you get when you right-click the .exe file in the Poker Night 2 directory. In the window that shows up, follow the steps in that window(which for me was to first wait, and then a question showed up saying if I wanted recommended or search for errors mode, I chose the first option). In the next step in the thingy, let it run Poker Night 2 to search for the errors(there’s a button right there), and when it’s done click next and so on. Done!
        Although at the time I’m writing this, telltale games updated it, so my explanation might have been unneccesary.

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