Dead Island Riptide Dead Zones Locations For Rare Items Farming

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Dead Island: Riptide includes these optional dungeons scattered throughout sections of the various areas called Dead Zones. The Dead Zones are rather similar to the Abandoned House maps from the first game. The basically consist of a small map filled with zombies as well as a ‘boss’ zombie that the players must defeat in order to clear the zone.

There are a great number of Dead Zones in Dead Island: Riptide, and they can sometimes be hard to find. Therefore, we have decided to compile this guide that will provide you with the locations of the entrances of the Dead Zones as well as the names of the boss zombies that they contain.

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Dead Island Riptide Dead Zones – Rare Items Farming

Dead Zone #1James Nisira’s Bungalow in Flooded Jungle
Location. You’ll find this Dead Zone near the Paradise Survival Camp. Head to the Oil Storage location where you find Brian and look for the entrance behind the gas pumps. The Boss of this Zone is called Killer.

Dead Zone #2Halai Survivor’s Camp in Flooded Jungle
Location. When you run across Joe the Butcher on your way to save Marcus you’ll find this Dead Zone. The Boss of this Zone is called Ogre.

Dead Zone #3Ocean View Bungalows in Flooded Jungle
Location. In the southeast corner of Halai Village are a bunch of bungalows. The dungeon is inside one of them. The Boss of this Zone is called Quickdeath.

Dead Zone #4Tuluga Cave in Flooded Jungle
Location. Head to the northern section of the map, and explore the jungle path between the bridge and the helicopter crash site. You’ll find the entrance when you see the zombies tied to posts. The Boss of this Zone is called Deathtrap.

Dead Zone #5Peter Spicer’s Fort in Flooded Jungle
Location. Go east from Tuluga Cave and you should be able to find the Dead Zone shack in Breri Outpost. The Boss of this Zone is called Undying.

Dead Zone #6 Olivier Wenge’s Hideout in Flooded Jungle
Location. Cross the water northeast of Breri Outpost and head up a dirt path. You’ll find the entrance a few yards to the right of Kingston’s Shack. The Boss of this Zone is called Deathbone.

Dead Zone #7Frank O’Hara’s Apartment in Henderson
Location. Head north from the Old Town Cinema to find the entrance of this dungeon. Travel through a dark flooded alley just after arriving in Henderson, cross the bridge south and you should see it. The Boss of this Zone is called The Scourge.

Dead Zone #8Metzger Sloat’s Hideout in Henderson
Location. You’ll find this one just south of the Cinema, one building down the block. Look for the blue door before reaching the Church plaza. The Boss of this Zone is called Skullcrusher.

Dead Zone #9Goffrey Nape’s Warehouse in Henderson
Location. From the bridge leading into the Military Base, located in the northwestern section of Henderson, head down the alley hugging the western coast. The entrance is located right next to Alex, an NPC players can rescue. The Boss of this Zone is called Walking Carcass.

Dead Zone #10Dr. JJ Evan’s Clinic in Henderson
Location. Head south from the last Dead Zone and stick to the western coast of the city. The entrance is located south of Henderson Villa. The Boss of this Zone is called Scar.

Dead Zone #11George Serero’s Apartment in Henderson
Location. Go even further south of the Henderson Villa and check out the building northwest of the Sea Market. Stay on the western edge of the city while exploring the south, and before long you should see a pair of blue doors. The Boss of this Zone is called Flesh Eater.

Dead Zone #12Joel Chubalba’s Motel in Henderson
Location. Explore the motel west of the Sea Market. The door is right next to Sylvia’s apartment. The Boss of this Zone is called Black Heart.

Dead Zone #13Ogio Moke’s Laundry in Henderson
Location. This Dead Zone entrance is just north of the bridge leading into Fort Henderson. The fort itself can be found in the southeastern corner of the map. Start from the bridge, and stick to the east edge of the city as you move north. It should be in the first building you hit. The Boss of this Zone is called Blindspot.

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  • alienzerox .

    I wanted to share my secret to farm suicider meat, While at the very first camp you get a quest from Zoey to obtain 4 pieces of it, while this quest is active any suicider you encounter and kill will drop it … so all you have to do is not turn in the quest until you are satisfied that you have enough in your inventory. I know of 2 weapon mods that require 2 pieces of it, so bear that in mind, now on with the technique.

    My favorite method is not to waste ammo, so use the nail gun you got from a previous quest, you may want to invest in upgrading it fully first. At the camp there are 2 burnt out bridges and they will also spawn there so just run back and forth jumping the gap to reach them (they respawn very fast, as soon as you are the done with one the other will be waiting for you!) The one bt Zoey is always alone, the one in the back by the truck has the static bodies that reanimates when you get near so get into a rhythm and you can probably use the suicider to take them out for you!

    I was able to get 20 pieces in about 20 minutes give or take, meh

  • SupeRad

    All the monsters are in the DR.s log, but i didnt get the trophy. Could i have missed killing one?

    • Lovey

      I went back through the dead zones just to make sure that I got them all. The Dr.’s log listed them all, but I still found two that were not killed.

  • Oor Wullie

    Could you update and tell us whats in the Dead Zones to collect?

    • alienzerox .

      It might be easier to tell you what you can only find in Henderson.

      Blanket, CynoGlue, H I Tape, Hi C Wire & Lt Frame can only be found in Henderson DZs [for the team quests]

      Water Purifier Pills & Diamonds … altho I think I may have found some of the pills in the jungle but I may be wrong … these are the blues that I recall.

      • alienzerox .

        forgot to add that I was able to complete all but two team quests in the jungle on the first play thru … during the second I did all of them while still in the first camp since inventory carries over that goes for storage also