Dead Island Riptide Diaries Locations Guide

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Diaries are a special kind of collectible found scattered throughout the maps of Dead Island: Riptide. The diaries belong to John Morgan. Collect them to learn of his past misadventures on the island of Palanai.

Collecting all of the diaries also contributes towards completion of ‘The Collector’ and ‘The Hoarder’ achievements that are worth 15 and 30 gamerscore respectively. The diaries can be pretty hard to find, as there are a small number and it’s a pretty big island.

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Dead Island Riptide Diaries Locations

Here are the locations for the diaries:

Diary #1 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Found in Paradise Survival Camp. Search the room inside the large building to the west, with the recliner chair outside the door.

Diary #2 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Check out the second floor of the boathouse in the camp of Halai village. There is a small table in the back corner where you can find the Diary.

Diary #3 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Go to Marik’s Marina, northeast of Halai. Get to the interior courtyard using a ladder and you will find the diary on a workbench inside.

Diary #4 – Flooded Jungle
Location: During the Santa Maria Mission in the ‘House of God’ quest, go to the top floor and on the right side will be the diary on a crate.

Diary #5 – Flooded Jungle
Location: In ‘Way of Science’ you’ll meet Dr. Kessler. The Diary is found on his computer desk.

Diary #6 – Flooded Jungle
Location: During the tunnels section, enter the room with the large radar, head on down the ramp on the right and then up the stairs on the left. You will find the diary against the far wall to the left of a fenced room.

Diary #7 – Henderson
Location: Look for a makeshift hospital south of concert plaza. Take the alley south from the Church and turn west to find it. You’ll find the diary on a desk to the left as you enter the hospital.

Diary #8 – Henderson
Location: There’s a small warehouse full of the undead south of the Cinema. Look on the tables outside in the courtyard full of restaurants. The diary is found on one of the tables.

Diary #9 – Henderson
Location: From the Dead Zone entrance to Franki O’Hara’s apartment, look west to find a watery corner with a crate containing a Diary.

Diary #10 – Henderson
Location: This diary is found northwest of the Sea Market, in a small courtyard where you’ll find a woman named Gianna. You’ll find the diary behind some barrels and crates in an alcove on the eastern side of this courtyard

If you find something confusing, let us know in the comments and we will try to help you out!

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