Dead Island Riptide Audio Recordings Locations Guide

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The audio recordings that can be found scattered throughout the world of Dead Island: Riptide are interesting little collectibles that offer some extra story exposition to the player.

The detail the adventures of Angela Guerra, a survivor. They can be pretty tough to find but once you have managed to collect all of them you are awarded the ‘News Junkie’ achievement as well as 30 gamerscore.

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Dead Island Riptide Audio Recordings Locations

Here’s where you can find the recordings:

Audio Recording #1 – Flooded Jungle
Location: In the beginning of the game, head to the west to find a locked up shack. Head up the hill along the path and then jump off to the roof. Drop through the opening and check the small table in the corner to find the recording.

Audio Recording #2 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Go to Mataka Village and enter the building to the south. Check the shelves with the tires on it on the left to find another recording.

Audio Recording #3 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Go northeast of the heli crash site to find an encampment and a woman named Miya who gives you a quest. There is a recording on the bench at the far side of the camp, near a bright yellow tent.

Audio Recording #4 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Search for a bench and Kingston’s shack east of Vagaria’s Waterfall. The recording can be found on the platform where the workbench is.

Audio Recording #5 – Flooded Jungle
Location: Not found at the moment

Audio Recording #6 – Flooded Jungle
Location: During the Surplus Quest for Miya, check the supply bunker near the bio-dome. Reach the second floor using the ladder and you will find the recording on the table to the left.

Audio Recording #7 – Ferry Station
Location: Enter the garage at the Pinai Ferry Docks once it is opened and you can find the recording inside.

Audio Recording #8 – Henderson
Location: This recording is located on a table near the ladder leading up to the bench east of the Geoffrey Napes Dead Zone.

Audio Recording #9 – Henderson
Location: Search the patio in the central-south section of Henderson, just below the Ogio Moke’s Laundry Dead zone.

Audio Recording #10 – Henderson
Location: Search the military base for a tower and a white tent to the Southwestern corner. The recording is inside the tent.

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