Dead Island Riptide Collectibles Locations Guide – The Hoarder Achievement/Trophy

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The secrets of the zombie infested land of Palanai holds within itself many secrets. While slaying zombies will always remain your primary concern, finding the collectables located across the different maps of this island is activity that is rewarding in more than one way.

You’ll gain vital information, some told from the experience of survivors, while others being in-depth details from formal researches and experiments on the virus. And like always, you’ll be obtaining some trophies/achievements while you’re at it.

There are a total of 61 collectables in the game, divided into various categories. Let’s have a look at each type, and where they can be found in each map.

Dead Island Riptide Collectibles – Flooded Jungle


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Diary #1
Location. The first diary is found in the Paradise Camp. Go up to the second story via the ladder near the entrance, and you’ll find the diary after entering the door to the right.

Diary #2
Location. The second diary is found in Halai, there area where the survivors group together by Rose.

Diary #3
Location. In the northeast of Halai Village is the Marik’s Marina. There’s a ladder that leads to a building near the gates there. Go up them and deal with the zombies, then find the diary on the workbench.

Diary #4
Location. While doing the House of God quest, you’ll reach the Santa Maria mission. On the second floor you’ll find a couple of balconies and a crate with the diary on top.

Diary #5
Location. Enter Kessler’s Lab, and go straight across to the window. Check the desk on the left side for the diary.

Diary #6
Location. During the tunnel areas in Chapter 6, you’ll eventually reach a large area with a satellite dish in the center. Go to the top and find a room filled with zombies. Clear the area and look for the diary on the metal shelf.

Island Guide Books

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Guide #1
Location. Look in the booth located near the east exit of Paradise Survival Camp. A car is parked nearby.

Guide #2
Location. There’s a wooden walkway located south of the Kiwi Grounds. Search the wooden walkway for the guide.

Guide #3
Location. There’s a building east of the Halai Village called the Hoyahoya Bar. North of the bar is a set of fruit stands, of which the first has the guide.

Guide #4
Location. At the Crossroad Bungalows is a shelter with a bench, on top of which the guide is located.

Guide #5
Location. Head west to the wrecked helicopter crash. There is a camper here, where you need to save Alfred. You’ll find the guide on the ground.

Guide #6
Location. You can find the guide in Marika’s Marina. Go south of the gas station there and you’ll spot it on a table.

Guide #7
Location. You’ll find this guide on the side of the road southwest of the biosphere lab. There is a workbench which it is located on, so keep your eyes peeled.

Guide #8
Location. Go east of the three tree-house walkway. There is a small island there with a wrecked car, a corpse and a set of water containers, which has the guide next to it.

Guide #9
Location. This is located in the Dead Zone in Halai while carring out the “Where the Dead Live” quest for Marcus Villa. The place where Marcus’s supplies are located also has the guide.

Guide #10
In Chapter 6, you will be exploring some underground tunnels. During that time you’ll come across the smuggler’s den. You can find the guide book on the bed.


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Postcard #1
Location. In the Paradise Survival Camp is bar. The first postcard is located here.

Postcard #2
Location. There’s another drink bar at the Kiwi Campground. Enter the bar by jumping on a set of boxes, and look on the table.

Postcard #3
Location. Near the infirmary in Halai is a two-story building with an NPC named Makaylian. The postcard can be found there.

Postcard #4
Location. North of the Hanging Joe is an area in the swamp with a camp site. The postcard can be found on the mattress there.

Postcard #5
Location. During the quest ‘Ritual’, you’ll need to visit Mataka Village for a map. Look for the postcard inside Marcus’s hut after finding the tree bark to enter it.

Postcard #6
Location. Check the south region of Halai Village for one of the buildings over the water. The building required is painted blue. Circle around its walkway to find a table with a yellow plate. Alongside it is the postcard.

Audio Recordings

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Recording #1
Location. At the beginning of the game, go west and you’ll come across a shack that is locked. To enter it, follow the path up the hill and jump to the roof. Drop down and you should find the recording on the table.

Recording #2
Location. Check the southern building in Mataka Village for some shelves with tires. A recording can be found amidst them.

Recording #3
Location. There is an encampment with a women named Maya just east of the helicopter crash site. You can find the recording in her camp.

Recording #4
Location. There’s a workbench with Kingston’s Shack located east of the Vagaria’s Waterfall. Check it to find the recording.

Recording #5
Location. Once you have obtained the ‘Way of Science’ quest from Harlow, you’ll have to go to the Biosphere facility. Go through the minefield on the left instead and enter the bunker. Go to the upper floor for the recording.

Recording #6
Location. In the tunnels, you’ll have to turn on the lights, and then pass through an eerie pathway. Look to the left for a doorway that can be broken. Inside are a few zombies, and towards the end is the recording.

Secret Files

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File #1
Location. You’ll find this one during the quest Where the Dead Live, while obtaining Villa’s supplies. It’s in the same room where the supplies are located.

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