Mewtwo’s New Form Confirmed in Pokemon X and Y

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Pokemon X and Y
For a few days there’s been a picture of a mysterious new Pokémon floating around on the Internet. This creature has no name, but it does share quite a few similarities with a first-generation favorite: Mewtwo. What is it? Just what does it do? Why is its tail coming out of its head?

These are questions that we want to know the answers to, meanwhile Nintendo and GameFreak are winking at us like we’re missing some giant cosmic hint. For the first few days, I assumed that they were trying to pull the wool over our eyes by pretending that this mysterious monster was indeed Mewtwo.

For a while, I even thought that this might mean that we would be seeing redesigns of some older Pocket Monsters. Admittedly, I was probably a ship without an anchor, or some other metaphor that might suit this situation.

Well, it turns out that Nintendo weren’t trying to pull the rug from underneath us, and all my fears that there was some greater mystery at hand also turned out to be wrong. This new monster? It’s Mewtwo. Just Mewtwo. A new form of Mewtwo.

The video above shows the original end-game monster in a transformation sequence that changes the psychic feline abomination into this new, sleeker model. The clip is from the upcoming movie Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens which marks the next movie in the animated series as well as the longest movie title I’ve seen in a while. 

ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens will debut in Japan in a couple of months, so hopefully the film will explain Mewtwo’s metamorphosis into this sleeker form.

The new monster shares similarities with it’s predecessor: The feline attributes, the grey and purple colour scheme, the glowing red eyes that suggest it wants to kill me and everyone I know, the ‘horns’. The changes however include the fact that his tail has moved from the usual place you’d find a tail and now protrudes instead from the back of his cranium.

There’s also a new band of skin/flesh/bone connecting his sharper horns that quite resembles a car spoiler. This new form also appears to be quite the bit shorter.

Several people are toting that this new Mewtwo is some sort of evolution for the legendary creature. Nintendos, on the other hand, are saying that it’s a new form of Mewtwo, which suggests to me that this strange little creature might be similar to the multiple forms that another legendary Pokemon, Deoxys, takes.

Since the movie is presumably about a Genesect that knows the move ExtremeSpeed, perhaps this is how Mewtwo battles that faster Genesect; by changing into a sleeker, faster form. This could be Mewtwo’s “Speed” form.

This is speculation of course, so I could still be wrong and this new Mewtwo could actually be the fabled MewThree that we’ve heard rumours about ever since his introduction in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Whatever it is, this is only the sixth Pocket Monster revealed to be in the upcoming sixth generation games, Pokémon X and Y. With the usual additions numbering over 100, there’s plenty more for Nintendo to reveal in the months to come.

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