Bioshock Infinite Infusion Upgrades Location Guide

By   /   Mar 26, 2013

Scattered throughout Columbia you will find special bottles of potent passive upgrade granting brew called infusions. You can choose to upgrade shields, health or salts. Make sure you know what you want, because once you upgrade, you can’t take it back.

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Bioshock Infinite Infusion Upgrades Locations

Following is the location guide for the infusions spread throughout Columbia:

Comstock Center Rooftops

Infusion Upgrade #1
At the main chapel of the Fraternal Order of Raven, head straight for the altar. You will find the bottle on the altar besides a key to the Lansdowne Residence.

Infusion Upgrade #2
Go back to the Lansdowne Residence with the recently acquired key from the chapel. Use the key to open the locked chest and inside you will find the Infusion bottle.

Monument Island Gateway Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #3
During the skyrail tutorial, you will come across the Monument Tower Maintenance room. It is on the lowest part of the skyrail. Inside the room, upon a desk, you will find the third Infusion bottle.

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Battleship Bay Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #4
This Infusion bottle is found in the ticket master’s office. The office has an entrance from the back. When in the hallway behind it, you will find the door before you approach the Tesla coil and the trolley.

Soldier’s Field Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #5
There is a locked door in the welcome hall. You will need to find Elizabeth some lockpicks to open the door. Once you find them, return to the door and open it. The bottle is on a table in the room.

Hall of Heroes (en route) Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #6
Once you locate the Code Book for the Hall of Heroes, proceed to open the secret room on The Fellow Traveler. The bottle is in the secret room.

Hall of Heroes Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #7
In the Comstock Statue room where you are ambushed, follow the workshop where the enemies came from. In the back of the workshop, upon a workbench, you will find the bottle.

Hall of Heroes (return) Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #8
Before you take off to Paris with Elizabeth, head inside the First Lady Zeppelin. Inside, you will find the bottle on a desk.

Beggar’s Wharf Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade Upgrade #9
Look for the door next to the gallows. The door leads to the lower holding cells. Check the cells for the bottle.

Worker Induction Center Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #10
There is a locked office on the upper level of the train station. It requires 5 lockpicks to open but once inside, you can grab the bottle. Have Elizabeth open the basement where you can find more lockpicks.

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Good Time Club Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #11
At the lowest level of the night club, you can access a private bar past some doors near a Dollar Bill vending machine. The bottle is next to a “Free Sample” sign.

Plaza of Zeal (Return) Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #12
After acquiring the Code Book from the Good Time Club, you can solve the puzzle in the Plaza of Zeal. Head on towards the big clock safe on the wall and change the time. The safe is revealed and contains the bottle of Infusion.

Shanty Town Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #13
While walking down the street in Shanty Town, you will find two goons roughing up some homeless people. After you kill both of them, look for the bottle in the crate behind them.

Bull House Impound Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #14
On the second floor of the Impound Building, there is a room just past the med kit tears. In the room there is a chest containing the bottle of Infusion. However, the key to the chest is in the Graveyard Shift cellar.

Infusion Upgrade #15
There is another room on the second floor of the Impound Building. This, evidence room, is locked and requires 5 lockpicks. Inside you will find the bottle.

Factory Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #16
Unlock the locked rooms by completing the story between Elizabeth and Daisy Fitzroy. The bottle is in one of the rooms.

Emporia Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #17
After opening the hairpin lock in Prosperity Plaza, you will come across a locked door requiring 3 lockpicks. The bottle of Infusion is beyond the gate. The bottle is in the washtub in the room with the optional locked door.

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Prot Prosperity Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #18
To get this one you must have the voxophone found in the basement room of the Founder’s Bookstore. At the port, activate the button under the cash register and you will open the secret room where you will find the bottle.

Memorial Garden Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #19
The bottle is in the Wilson Bros. and Company Bottling Works past the Hudson clothing boutique. The bottle is behind the window in the store. You will need 3 lockpicks.

Memorial Garden (Emporia) Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #20
The bottle is in the second floor bedroom of the Lutece Lab.

Bank of the Prophet Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #21
After getting the Code Book from Downtown Emporia, head to the bank and the vault room with the word “Hoarder” painted across the wall. Use the Code Book to open a secret room where you will find the Infusion bottle.

Operating Theater Infusion Upgrades

Infusion Upgrade #22
After rescuing Elizabeth, open the locked door in the stairway that leads to the torture machine. Inside the doctor’s office you will find the final Infusion bottle.

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