Lego City Undercover Red Bricks Locations Guide

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Red Brick #20: Nitrous for All – Blackwell Bridge
Location. This brick makes it so that every vehicle in the game has nitrous. You can find it on one of the support legs under the bridge.

Red Brick #21: Police Siren Hat – Albatross Island
Location. Allows Chase to wear a hat with a police siren. To find it you need to smash through the door at the bottom of the prison tower on this island.

Red Brick #22: Ring Tone: Gas – Paradise Sands
Location. This brick basically just changes the ring tone of Chase’s communicator. You can find it at the top of the Herbert Hotel.

Red Brick #23: Ring Tone: Pig – Grand Canal
Location. This brick basically just changes the ring tone of Chase’s communicator to that of a pig. You’ll find it behind a locked door along the canal walkway.

Red Brick #24: Studs x2 – Special Assignment 2: “Trouble in Stir”
Location. This brick multiplies the value of every stud you find from now on by two. To find it, get up to the second floor, open a cell door and break through the left wall.

Red Brick #25: Studs x4 – Special Assignment 5: “Dirty Work”
Location. This brick multiplies the value of every stud you find from now on by four. Found behind the locked door near the red color swapper.

Red Brick #26: Studs x6 – Special Assignment 12: “High Steal”
Location. This brick multiplies the value of every stud you find from now on by four. To find it, go past the first gate, then locate a small shack in the left foreground corner. The brick is inside.

Red Brick #27: Studs x8 – Special Assignment 13: “Disruptive Behavior”
Location. This brick multiplies the value of every stud you find from now on by eight. To obtain it, you must use Rex Fury and smash the super-strength crate near to the security lasers. After that, activate the space crate and pull the lever nearby.

Red Brick #28: Studs x10 – Special Assignment 15: “Fly Me to the Moon”
Location. This brick multiplies the value of every stud you find from now on by ten. To locate this one you must destroy the last strength crate, then blast the switch you uncover. Now enter the dome and you will find it.

Red Brick #29: Super Astro Crate – Special Assignment 6: “Astronaughty”
Location. Obtaining this brick makes it so that you don’t need to input color sequences to open space crates. You can get it by fixing the background fuse box in the hangar. Get some dynamite and use it to blow open the silver floor hatch. Now beam to another room, chop through the door and crack the safe.

Red Brick #30: Super Axe Smash – Pagoda
Location. This brick will allow Chase to chop open blocked door faster. You’ll find the collectible on top of the roof of the red building.

Red Brick #31: Super Break and Enter – Special Assignment 8: “The Colossal Fossil Hustle”
Location. This brick upgrade allows Chase to pry open doors and skylights open faster. You can find it my using Rex Fury to rip apart the super-strength crate in the incomplete exhibit upstairs.

Bring the object you find down to the triceratops exhibit. Now, pull the strength handles near the stairs and bring two other objects to the triceratops to finish it and get the brick.

Red Brick #32: Super Color Gun – Uptown
Location. This brick allows Chase’s color gun to fire all colors. It’s hidden behind a wall on top of the toy store.

Red Brick #33: Super Drill Ride – Crosstown Tunnel
Location. With this brick Chase moves twice as fast on the pneumatic drill. Its hidden behind a door you can open as Rex Fury, on the maintenance walkway.

Red Brick #34: Super Fast Travel – Lego City Airport
Location. This brick allows Chase to fast travel at anytime, anywhere. You’ll find the brick in the southern hangars, behind a door that can be opened as Rex Fury. You’ll recognize it by orange handle.

Red Brick #35: Super Ram – Crescent Park
Location. This brink results in vehicular collisions sending cars flying. You’ll find this brick in a small cave along the ocean.

Red Brick #36: Super Ray Gun – Apollo Island
Location. This brick upgrades the astronaut gun which can now destroy objects with a single blast. To get it you need to activate the four switches around the small island bunker.

Red Brick #37: Super Safe Crack – Special Assignment 7: “Scrapyard Scrap”
Location. This brick will allow Chase to open safes without going through the minigame. You can use Rex Fury to obtain it by destroying the super-strength crate, then launching off the catapult pad.

Red Brick #38: Super Throw – Special Assignment 4: “Kung Fool”
Location. This brick upgrades your quick-throw. You can obtain it by rotating the dojo balcony crates to match their symbols up with the disguise portraits on the lower balcony.

Red Brick #39: Unlimited Dynamite – Special Assignment 3: “Miner Altercation”
Location. This brick makes it so that chase always has dynamite with him. You can get it by chicken-gliding from the final platform, and then climbing up to the brick.

Red Brick #40: Wonder Whistle – Downtown
Location. This brick makes Chase’s police whistle make random sounds. You can find it behind a locked door in the Y building.

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