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If you wish to gain three stars in every mission on the battlefields of Gears of War: Judgment, then one set of special missions you’ll really want to play are the ‘Declassifiedified Missions’.

This is a brand new addition in the series – a collection of optional missions in every chapter that not only give you a small idea of what’s up (or at least was) on the battlefield, but also aid in obtaining three stars for every mission.

In fact, if you skip a Declassified mission, you won’t get three stars. Three stars are essential for players looking to unlock various characters and skin in the game. For more help on Gears of War: Judgment, read our COG Tags Locations Guide.

Gears of War: Judgment Declassified Missions

Gears of War Judgment Declassified Missions are generally available at the start of every mission, and will ask you to do certain things and/or amp up the difficulty. Let’s start with Chapter 1’s Declassified Missions:

Chapter #1 – The Museum of Military Glory

Old Town
“Kilo Squad claimed to encounter unknown Locust variant.

Dark Wretches Replace Normal Wretches”
The first Declassified mission is located in Old Town. You should arrive in a market with a burning tree. Once you pass the market, you should spot the Gears of War stamp logo on the wall to the right. Go to the logo to accept the mission, and continue to the marked area.

This is something you’ll have to do in every classified mission, so let’s keep it simple and indicate the position of each.

Riverwalk District

“Lt. Baird claimed unauthorized Hammer of Dawn strikes took place in Old Town.

Finish Them Before hammer of Dawn Strike in 5:00 – Failure Will Result in Death!”

This is located next to a dead soldier with a sniper rifle.

Museum Gardens
“Kilo Squad utilized prohibited Locust weapon and claimed it was effective.

Use Hammerbursts, Sawed-Off Shotguns and One-Shots Only”

Found in the corridor after breaking the door.

Great Hall

“Kilo Squad alleged that Onyx Guard units had improperly set up defenses and that Nemacysts infiltrated the Museum.

Nemacyst Will Join The Ground Attack”

Behind the statue in the Great Hall. Start this mission before the first wave of enemies, otherwise it will disappear.

Kashkur Wing

“Kilo Squad observed Locust equipped with the new COG Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle.

Lancer Wielding Cyclops Drones in the Area”

Check the wall on your left immediately after entering the Kashkur Wing area.

East Wing

“Lt. Baird claimed Kilo Squad defended Nassar Embry’s armor with no additional Onyx support.

Stop Locus From Destroying Nassar Embry’s Armor”

The logo is right in front of view when you enter. Make sure to activate before the first wave of enemies, or it will disappear.


“Kilo Squad claimed to have found and destroyed Locust eggs of unknown origin.

Serapede Eggs Left Intact Will Hatch, Spawning More Serapedes To Fight.”

When going down the stairs of the archives, you should be able to spot the mission. Do note that the egg positions are mostly random.


“Kilo Squad alleged that dust in Archives reduced its combat efficacy.

Heavy Dust Will Reduce Visibility.”

Check the wall to the right after entering the final section of the mission.

Chapter #2 – Halvo Bay Military Academy

Enfield Bridge

“Kilo Squad claimed to take Enfield Bridge, and defeat several Reavers, without additional support and despite lack of supplies.

Reduced Ammo, No Longshots and Additional Reavers To Fight”

When you are going down the stairs, there is an archway at the end. Inside the archway is the GoW logo for the Declassifiedified mission.


“Cadet Hendrick alleged that Academy’s proximal defense system was activated during Locust attack.

Finish Before Poison Gas Deploys 5:20 – Failure Will Result in Death!”

When you go inside the building, check the corners of the second room to find the GoW logo.

R&D Labs

“Kilo Squad claimed that poorly maintained fire suppression equipment resulted in its disorientation.

Toxic Fumes Affect Vision”

Immediately after entering the lab, check the right side for the logo.

Monroe Commons

“Cadet Hendrick alleged that Kilo’s support bot was attacked repeatedly by Nemacysts.

Nemacysts Attack Beacon”

After freeing the bot, you will go up a set of stairs. Look to the right after getting to the top.


“Kilo Squad claimed to have successfully defended support bot using only pistols.

Fight With Pistols Only”

Located right in front of you when you enter the Atrium.

Crash Site

“Kilo Squad claimed it fought off unusual, tougher Locust at Raven crash site.

Serapedes And Corpsers Added To The Attack”

There is a pillar next to some wreckage. Check it to find the logo.

Chapter #3 – Seahorse Hills

Amador Park

“Pvt. Paduk claimed that Kilo Squad subdued armored enemies using only shotguns.

Use Gnasher and Sawed-off Shotguns Only”

Located behind the fountain just across the courtyard

Magadha Village

“Kilo Squad reported unlikely tactical use of smoke grenades by Locust forces.

Locust Use Smoke Grenades To Reduce Visibility”

On the crates in the alleyway

Soleno Village

“Pvt. Paduk alleged that military-grade explosives had somehow been made to wealthy civilians.

Finish Before Explosives Detonate in 5:35 – Failure Will Result in Death!”

Located to the left after entering the Soleno Village.

Windward Way

“Kilo Squad’s testimony on enemy behavior contradicts COG estimates concerning the Locust ability to flank, think strategically.

Extra Locust Will Attack From Behind”

Located on the lower side of a car on the right

Risea Estate

“Kilo Squad claimed to witness sophisticated defense tactics, despite COG intel to the contrary.

Locust Use Oneshots To Protect Mortars”

Check the right side of the room with the broken wall.

Guest Bungalows

“Kilo Squad alleged that COG hardware was being used by residents of Seahorse Hills area for personal defense.

Sentry Guns and Laser Fences Guarding The Area”

In the cutscene, a new weapon will be shown. The crates next to is will have the mission.

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