MLB 2K13 My Player Guide – Tips and Strategy

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2K has released its simulation of baseball, MLB 2K13 on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Like any 2K sports simulation game, MLB 2K13 also has a fun and addictive ‘My Player’ career mode.

In this game mode, players are charged with the responsibility of guiding their created players from the substitute benches into the Hall of Fame. It is safe to say that this is a daunting task indeed. However, with the aid of this guide, we aim to help you during this journey.

MLB 2K13 My Player

The best thing about My Player mode is its replay-ability value. Each position on the diamond requires a player with a unique play style and attitude towards the game. Of course, your own choices in this regard matter too. In other words, My Player mode is thoroughly addictive, and once you are hooked on it; you will never be able to get enough.

Creating Your Player

First of all, you will be given a choice between being a pitcher or a fielder. Both options are then further divided into nine categories. Each of these nine categories has their own positives and negatives.

Keep in mind that this choice will highly affect the degree of difficulty through the rest of the My Player Career mode.

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Furthermore, if you decide to make your player a fielder; he will have the distinct advantage of having a ‘secondary position.’ This means your player can easily play at two spots on the diamond. For example, your player can be a catcher and have a secondary position of first base.

Just don’t make a player whose primary position is a catcher, and secondary position is the center field.

Overview of the Classes

Think of these roles as nine different classes you can choose for the fielder. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. You will have to pick very carefully from these nine choices if you want to create a player that reflects what you want him to be on the field.

The choices and their perks are listed below:

  • All Around: This is the best choice by far. It offers up good all-around ability for your player.
  • Contact: You can expect to get more than a few hits out of him but he has little less to offer besides that.
  • Lead Off: This class has tremendous acceleration which means it has excellent base stealing potential. However, it falls flat on all other counts.
  • Speedster: This class offers up the speed. Sadly, it is the only thing it offers.
  • Slugger: Similar to the ‘Contact’ class but it offers more power. Expect to hit homeruns or nothing at all. This is the ‘go big or go home’ type of class.
  • Utility: Don’t know why they even bothered to make this class. It is utterly useless.
  • Gold Glover: Nothing falls through his hands. Unfortunately, that is all there is to this class.
  • Clutch: Extremely good clutch rating but his other ratings are not as stellar.
  • Team Leader: Literally a copy of ‘All Around’ class.

The clear out of this lot is the ‘All Around’ class. However, if you still want to change some things up a bit, then go for the ‘Slugger’ or ‘Contact’ class. If you pick something else you are in for a bad time.

Like the fielders, pitchers also have nine classes to choose from. You will be glad to know that unlike the fielder classes, most of the pitcher classes have far more functionality and practicality on the field.

Keep in mind that the class you choose will also affect the type of individual pitches you will have at your disposal in the game.

  • All Around: This class is for the jack of all trades. This isn’t really good at something nor is it really bad at something.
  • Strike Out: It is really has to hit this guy for a hit as he has good velocity and movement. Since he also has low stamina, it is best to choose this class if you are going to make a change in the middle of the innings.
  • Ground Ball: This guy won’t get hit for homeruns ever but they will score ground hits off of him.
  • Fly Ball: Has decent pick-off, but fairly below average in other attributes. Average pitch statistics.
  • Work Horse: As the name suggests this class has high stamina and also fair stats to go along with it. This class is best suited for starting pitchers.
  • Finisher: Excellent to play at the last few innings of the match. This class has very good velocity and movement but extremely low stamina too.
  • Clutch: Has a good clutch rating, but offers little else. Average pitches.
  • Control: Quite like the ‘All Around’ class. However it offers more control over your pitches then speed or movement.
  • Team Leader: Like in the case of fielder this class is indistinguishable from the ‘All Around’ class.

After all this, you will get the chance of picking your three pitches to start your career. Remember, that it is obligatory to pick a fast ball of some sort to for your first choice. For some reasons, slider pitch can only be selected in the second slot. Furthermore, your speed, control, and movement are all based off of your player role thus they won’t get affected by the type of pitches you choose.

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